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Pikmin 2/Unused Floor Layouts

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This is a sub-page of Pikmin 2.

About 30% of the game's layout files are unused.

Note: The layouts here are just samples. Due to the game's random layout system, some parts of the level can be rearranged. The layouts are using the minimum number of rooms necessary to place all of the random elements on the floor.

Concrete Floors

2 Room Floors
Pikmin22 MAT a b conc.png Pikmin22 MAT f k conc.png Pikmin22 MAT manp manq conc.png
2_MAT_a_b_conc 2_MAT_f_k_conc 2_MAT_manp_manq_conc
3 Room Floors
Pikmin23 units f g l conc.png Pikmin23 units f k pypes conc.png
3_units_f_g_l_conc 3_units_f_k_pypes_conc
4 Room Floors
Pikmin24 ABE a b c dani conc.png Pikmin24 ABE d pypeo pypen dani conc.png Pikmin24 NARI 4x4eg hitm manp conc.png Pikmin24 NARI danh norjk pypn conc.png
4_ABE_a_b_c_dani_conc 4_ABE_d_pypeo_pypen_dani_conc 4_NARI_4x4eg_hitm_manp_conc 4_NARI_danh_norjk_pypn_conc
5 Room Floors
Pikmin25 ABE a b c f dani conc.png Pikmin25 ABE a d g h j conc.png
5_ABE_a_b_c_f_dani_conc 5_ABE_a_d_g_h_j_conc
6 Room Floors
This is the only 6 room floor set in the entire game. Still isn't used, though.
Pikmin26 ABE a d g h j o conc.png
7 Room Floors
This giant 7 room floor layout is, like the above set, the only one of its type in the game.
Pikmin27 ABE b c f g i l pypn conc.png

Metallic Floors

1 Room Floors
Pikmin21 ABE mid1 metal.png Pikmin21 MAT h446 metal.png Pikmin21 MAT hit224 cap icap metal.png Identical to
1_ABE_mid1_metal 1_MAT_h446_metal 1_MAT_hit224_cap_icap_metal 1_MAT_mid2_metal
2 Room Floors
Pikmin22 ABE nor1 hit43 metal.png Pikmin22 MAT ari cent metal.png Pikmin22 MAT hit4 north metal.png Pikmin22 MAT mid2 h443 tekiF metal.png
2_ABE_nor1_hit43_metal 2_MAT_ari_cent_metal 2_MAT_hit4_north_metal 2_MAT_mid2_h443_tekiF_metal
Pikmin22 units ari hit443 metal.png Pikmin22 units mid2 north metal.png
2_units_ari_hit443_metal 2_units_mid2_north_metal
3 Room Floors
Pikmin23 ABE mid2 hit34 hit43 metal.png Pikmin23 units ari hit446 447metal.png
3_ABE_mid2_hit34_hit43_metal 3_units_ari_hit446_447metal
4 Room Floors
Pikmin24 ABE mid1 h443 h447 h335 metal.png Pikmin24 units mid1 cent hit3 hit4 metal.png Pikmin24 units mid2 north hit3 hit5 metal.png Pikmin24 units nobo hit224 235 344 metal.png
4_ABE_mid1_h443_h447_h335_metal 4_units_mid1_cent_hit3_hit4_metal 4_units_mid2_north_hit3_hit5_metal 4_units_nobo_hit224_235_344_metal
5 Room Floors
Pikmin25 units mid1 ari1 hit5 hit3 cent metal.png

Playroom Floors

1 Room Floors
Pikmin21 NARI hit6x7 toy.png Pikmin21 units sara toy.png
1_NARI_hit6x7_toy 1_units_sara_toy
2 Room Floors
Pikmin22 NARI hit4x7 small toy.png Pikmin22 units 473 663 toy.png
2_NARI_hit4x7_small_toy 2_units_473_663_toy
3 Room Floors
Pikmin23 units small mid large toy.png
4 Room Floors
Pikmin24 ABE hit6x6 hit4x7 mid8 sml5 toy.png

Plaza Floors

1 Room Floors
Pikmin21 MIYA big kusachi.png Pikmin21 units mid kusachi.png
1_MIYA_big_kusachi 1_units_mid_kusachi
2 Room Floors
Pikmin22 ABE mid big kusachi.png Pikmin22 ABE units 5x5a mid kusachi.png Identical to
Pikmin22 units mid ike kusachi.png
2_ABE_mid_big_kusachi 2_ABE_units_5x5a_mid_kusachi 2_MAT_5x5_mid_kusachi 2_units_mid_ike_kusachi
3 Room Floors
Pikmin23 ABE 5X5a ike mid kusachi.png

Snowy Floors

1 Room Floors
Pikmin21 units mid2 snow.png Pikmin21 units north snow.png
1_units_mid2_snow 1_units_north_snow
2 Room Floors
Pikmin22 ABE north snow manh2.png
4 Room Floors
Pikmin24 MAT mid1 mid2 sak2 uzu1 snow.png

Soil Floors

1 Room Floors
Pikmin21 ABE mid1 tsuchi.png Pikmin21 units mid2 tsuchi.png
1_ABE_mid1_tsuchi 1_units_mid2_tsuchi
2 Room Floors
Pikmin22 ABE hit1 hit3 tsuchi.png Pikmin22 MAT hit3 nor4 tsuchi.png Pikmin22 NARI hit3 nor3 tsuchi.png Pikmin22 units cent mid1 tsuchi.png
2_ABE_hit1_hit3_tsuchi 2_MAT_hit3_nor4_tsuchi 2_NARI_hit3_nor3_tsuchi 2_units_cent_mid1_tsuchi
Pikmin22 units ike2 ike4 tsuchi.png
3 Room Floors
Pikmin23 ABE blk uzu1 mid2 tsuchi.png Pikmin23 ABE hit3 ike1 blk1.png Pikmin23 ABE mid1 blk1 nor3 tsuchi.png Pikmin23 units mid1 hit1 ike2 tsuchi.png
3_ABE_blk_uzu1_mid2_tsuchi 3_ABE_hit3_ike1_blk1 3_ABE_mid1_blk1_nor3_tsuchi 3_units_mid1_hit1_ike2_tsuchi
Pikmin23 units north ike2 hitode tsuchi.png Pikmin23 units north mid1 mid2 tsuchi.png
3_units_north_ike2_hitode_tsuchi.png 3_units_north_mid1_mid2_tsuchi
4 Room Floors
Pikmin24 ABE ike1 ike2 blk1 cnt tsuchi.png Pikmin24 MAT hit4 nor4 ike2 blk1 tsuchi.png Pikmin24 MAT mid1 mid2 ike1 ike3 tsuchi.png Pikmin24 MAT mid2 nor4 ike1 sak2 tsuchi.png
4_ABE_ike1_ike2_blk1_cnt_tsuchi 4_MAT_hit4_nor4_ike2_blk1_tsuchi 4_MAT_mid1_mid2_ike1_ike3_tsuchi 4_MAT_mid2_nor4_ike1_sak2_tsuchi
Pikmin24 MAT nor3 mid1 hit3 sak1 tsuchi.png Pikmin24 MAT nor3 nor4 ike2 blk1 tsuchi.png Pikmin24 MAT nor4 hit4 ike2 blk1 tsuchi.png Pikmin24 MAT sak2 cen1 blk1 nor4 tsuchi.png
4_MAT_nor3_mid1_hit3_sak1_tsuchi 4_MAT_nor3_nor4_ike2_blk1_tsuchi 4_MAT_nor4_hit4_ike2_blk1_tsuchi 4_MAT_sak2_cen1_blk1_nor4_tsuchi
Pikmin24 units cent north mid1 mid2 tsuchi.png Pikmin24 units mid1 blk1 sak2 uzu1 tsuchi.png Pikmin24 units mid1 mid2 hit1 sak1 tsuchi.png Pikmin24 units sak1 ike2 blk1 nor4 tsuchi.png
4_units_cent_north_mid1_mid2_tsuchi 4_units_mid1_blk1_sak2_uzu1_tsuchi 4_units_mid1_mid2_hit1_sak1_tsuchi 4_units_sak1_ike2_blk1_nor4_tsuchi
5 Room Floors
Pikmin25 ABE nor3 hit1 sak1 blk1 mid2 tsuchi.png Pikmin25 NARI sak1 sak2 nor1 uzu hit1 tsuchi.png Pikmin25 units hit2 hit3 hit4 nor2 nor3 tsuchi.png
5_ABE_nor3_hit1_sak1_blk1_mid2_tsuchi 5_NARI_sak1_sak2_nor1_uzu_hit1_tsuchi 5_units_hit2_hit3_hit4_nor2_nor3_tsuchi

Tiled Floors

1 Room Floors
Pikmin21 NARI ud tile.png Pikmin21 units bunki tile.png
1_NARI_ud_tile 1_units_bunki_tile
2 Room Floors
Pikmin22 ABE bunki manp tile.png Pikmin22 units north dry tile.png Pikmin22 units north ud tile.png Pikmin22 units pool dry tile.png
2_ABE_bunki_manp_tile 2_units_north_dry_tile 2_units_north_ud_tile 2_units_pool_dry_tile
3 Room Floors
Pikmin23 ABE dpool nor ud tile.png Pikmin23 units north ud pool tile.png
3_ABE_dpool_nor_ud_tile 3_units_north_ud_pool_tile
4 Room Floors
Pikmin24 units north ud pool dry tile.png

Test Layouts

Pikmin2All NARI-ike-north tsuchi.png
File: All_NARI-ike-north_tsuchi
This tests the Plaza floor rooms.
Pikmin2All units hitode toy.png
File: All_units_hitode_toy
Tests the Playroom floor rooms.
Pikmin2Units test tsuchi.png
File: Units_test_tsuchi
This tests three of the Soil-type rooms.
Pikmin2Units test tsuchi conc.png
File: Units_test_tsuchi_conc
This tests a combination of concrete and soil room elements.