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Plants vs. Zombies (NES)

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Title Screen

Plants vs. Zombies

Developer: Nice Code
Platforms: Unlicensed NES
Released in CN: March 23, 2012

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

The NES Plants vs. Zombies is a truly terrible bootleg port of the Windows game. The only part of it that could ever be considered decent is the graphics on the title screen.

Unused Levels

The game normally ends by returning to the title screen after Level 5, but Levels 6-9 can be played by setting 0x600 to a value from 06 to 09. Beating any of these levels will return the game to the title screen, with the exception of Level 9, which sends the player to another unused level - Level 0, which can also be accessed by setting 0x600 to 00.

Unused Graphics

Plants vs. Zombies (NES)-unusedlevelnumbers.png

As the aforementioned Levels 0 and 6-9 are unused, the corresponding numbers are never displayed normally in-game.

Plants vs. Zombies (NES)-pause.png

Impressively, Nice Code had rushed this game out so quickly that they forgot to implement a pause feature, something even their terrible port of Angry Birds had, making this graphic unused.

Plants vs. Zombies (NES)-walnutdecay.png Plants vs. Zombies (NES)-squashanimation.png Plants vs. Zombies (NES)-unusedsunframe.png Plants vs. Zombies (NES)-unusedsunframe.gif

Due to lazy programming, decay sprites for the Wall-nut, the squashing animation for the Squash, and an extra frame of animation for the sun all go unused.

Plants vs. Zombies (NES)-puffshroom.png

Despite the game being loosely based on the first five levels of Plants vs. Zombies, there is an unused graphic of what appears to be a Puff-shroom. No palette has been found.