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Plants vs. Zombies (Windows, Mac OS X)/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of Plants vs. Zombies (Windows, Mac OS X).

Most of the text is stored in main.pak/properites/LawnStrings.txt.

Gameplay Text

These strings of text would've likely shown up during gameplay, and were meant to be shown to the player.

Unused Zombie Almanac Entries

Dog Walking Zombie

Dog Zombie

Propeller Zombie

Names of cut zombies.

Dog Walking Zombie description

Dog Zombie description

Propeller Zombie description

Placeholder description text for cut zombies.

Unused Advice Messages

TEMP - Dave put more vases on your lawn!
The shovel needs time to refresh before digging again

In the final game, the shovel can always be used instantly and never needs to refresh. This may have been cut to make the game easier.

More vases incoming!
{STREAK} of 3 waves cleared

These lines were probably used in Level 4-5 (Vasebreaker) before Crazy Dave's proper dialog was implemented.

Do not be alarmed
Plants are not real

This text was probably used in I, Zombie puzzles before Crazy Dave's proper introductions were implemented.

{COUNT} more squirrel to go!
{COUNT} more squirrels to go!
Oh no! Find all the squirrels before 
the zombie makes it to your house!

Leftovers from the cut Squirrel minigame.

Fill in all the outlined spaces with wall-nuts!
Are you sure you want to play this level without wall-nuts?

Leftover from the cut Art Challenge Wall-nut minigame.

Fill in all the outlined spaces!
Are you sure you want to play this level without starfruit, umbrella leaf, and wall-nut seeds??

Leftover from the cut Art Challenge Sunflower minigame.

Unused Unlock Messages

Survival mode unlocked!
Play it from the main menu!

This suggests that Survival mode was once unlocked from a present like some other modes. Its not unlocked from a present in the final game, so this text goes unused.

Mysterious Vase
You found a Mysterious Vase!
Now you can play
Vasebreaker Mode!

In the final game, unlocking puzzle mode also unlocks I, Zombie and vasebreaker mode.

You have defeated the Boss Zombie!

Congratulations!  You have most triumphantly fended off the zombie attack!  Your lawn is safe... for now!

This message was used in the pre-GOTY version, but became unused in the GOTY version; when you beat the final boss, the "achievements unlocked" screen will appear, but this message is not displayed.

Demo Leftovers

Do you wish to replay level 3-4?

Shown when the demo is completed, as it ends on 3-4.

Full version only
Full Version Only
This item is only available in the 
full version of the game!

Text for features that are only in the full version.

Get Full Version
Would you like the purchase the full version?
Get Full Version
Maybe Later

A prompt asking the player if they would like to purchase the full version.



May be a placeholder.

More seeds?
Would you like to be able to plant more kinds of seeds?

These lines were probably used when the player was offered to increase the amount of their seed slots before Crazy Dave's dialog was introduced.


Another warning, but this time related to the Zombatar feature.

Vasebreaker Facebreaker

An unused Vasebreaker level.

Limbo Page

Button for the Limbo page.


Leftover from the cut Squirrel minigame.

I, Zombie

A duplicate string of the I, Zombie title, which indicates that I, Zombie may have once been a minigame instead of its own puzzle mode.

I, Zombie 2

An early name of I, Zombie Too.

Can You Dig It?
Grave Danger
Dark Stormy Night
Air Raid
Bungee Blitz
Art Challenge Wall-nut
Sunny Day
Big Time
Art Challenge Sunflower
Ice Level
High Gravity

Names of cut minigames. These appear on the Limbo page.

Survival: Day (Endless)
Survival: Night (Endless)
Survival: Fog (Endless)
Survival: Roof (Endless)

Names of cut Survival Endless levels. These appear on the Limbo page.

{NO_SOUND}{NO_CLICK}This extra mower will give you another line of defense after a lawn mower is used!

May be text that suggests it would've been possible to buy an extra Lawn Mower to replace a used one, this was most likely cut due to making the game easier but remnants remain in the executable. It would've costed 2000 (if none are owned by the user) or 5000 coins and also has code to add one to the player info if the user has less than two.

Build Specific

These strings would've shown up at the corner of the main menu for partner and beta builds


Text displayed on the main menu to identify partner and beta builds.

Debug Strings

These strings are associated with debugging and the game's development, and were likely never meant to show up in the final game.

Free Planting Cheat

Free Planting Cheat

Appears to be related to a planting cheat, granting the ability to plant anything, including upgrade plants nearly anywhere (dependent on the level) with no cooldown. The string can only be properly loaded on the Steam GOTY release by using a memory editor to change the function at 00412D1F with one that does nothing, doing that however, doesn't activate it, trying on other releases makes the game display the string ID.

Level Select Cheat

To do:
Is it possible to use both of these on retail builds of the game with modifications?
Invalid Level. Do 'number' or 'area-subarea' or 'Cnumber' or 'Farea-subarea'.
Enter Level

Related to a level selection cheat, text is partially removed from retail builds of the game executable. C is Challenge name, F is finished Adventure.

Debug Play

(Debug Play)

Related to a hidden button choosing random seeds in seed selection. Present in game executable.