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Pocket Mortys

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Title Screen

Pocket Mortys

Developer: Big Pixel Studios
Publisher: Adult Swim Games
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released internationally: January 13, 2016

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

<Sanky> please suggest an unused sprite with a clock or something
This game is still under active development.
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The Ricks came up with the genius idea to abduct a rickdiculous amount of Mortys to make them fight each other in Morty Battles. After Rick's Portal Gun was taken away from him by the Council of Ricks, he goes on an adventure to become the very best, like no Rick ever was.

Revisional Differences

App Icon

They really like to change the app icon.

1.0.5 1.1.1 1.2.3
Pocket Mortys-icon-1-0-5.png Pocket Mortys-icon-1-1-1.png Pocket Mortys-icon-1-2-3.png
1.2.5 1.3.2 1.4.1
Pocket Mortys-icon-1-2-5.png Pocket Mortys-icon-1-3-2.png Pocket Mortys-icon-1-4-1.png
1.6.1 1.7.1 1.8.0
Pocket Mortys-icon-1-6-1.png Pocket Mortys-icon-1-7-1.png Pocket Mortys-icon-1-8-0.png
1.9.4 1.10.4 2.0.3, 2.2.9
Pocket Mortys-icon-1-9-4.png Pocket Mortys-icon-1-10-4.png Pocket Mortys-icon-2-0-3.png
Pocket Mortys-icon-2-2-2.png

Customizable Rick

The 1.7.1 update introduced a customization feature for the playable Rick. The appearance of Rick can now be changed at Salesman Rick's store. Many of the now playable Ricks were previously unable to walk around and thus they required new movement sprites and a back sprite for battles.

Alien Rick

Alien Rick grew two additional arms in the 1.2.3 update. When will he grow the next set?

Two Arms Four Arms
Pocket Mortys-Alien Rick-2 Arms-Front.png Pocket Mortys-Alien Rick-4 Arms-Front.png
Two Arms Four Arms
Pocket Mortys-Alien Rick-2 Arms-Move.png Pocket Mortys-Alien Rick-4 Arms-Move.png

Cyclops Rick

Cyclops Rick's sideways facing sprite was missing some of his essential features, like his tooth, his ear, and his eye was in a weird position. His other sprites were updated as well, although there are only minor differences that are hard to spot unless zoomed in.

Unfinished Sprite Finished Sprite
Pocket Mortys-Cyclops Rick-side1-1.6.1.png Pocket Mortys-Cyclops Rick-side1-1.7.1.png

Robot Rick

Robot Rick usually wears nothing but a lab coat. But after the 1.7.1 update he is now fully clothed when he faces sideways. All of his other sprites still show him wearing only a lab coat. So he is dressed differently depending on which way he faces.

Lab Coat only Fully Clothed
Pocket Mortys-Robot Rick-side1-1.6.1.png Pocket Mortys-Robot Rick-side1-1.7.1.png

Super Fan Rick

Super Fan Rick's facial expression on his movement sprites were changed from frowning to smiling in 1.7.1 to better match his battle sprite.

Frowning Smiling
Pocket Mortys-Super Fan Rick-side1-1.6.1.png Pocket Mortys-Super Fan Rick-side1-1.7.1.png

The Scientist Known As Rick

Several things were changed on the side facing sprite of The Scientist Known As Rick in the 1.7.1 update. Most notable his haircut.

Old Haircut New Haircut
Pocket Mortys-Scientist Rick-side1-1.6.1.png Pocket Mortys-Scientist Rick-side1-1.7.1.png