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This is a sub-page of Poptropica.

To do:
Module Group Test and Scene Object Test from Mission Atlantis Episode 3. More coverage on examples and more videos.

This is a sub-page for Poptropica. It covers all sorts of normally-inaccessible scenes. Dancing zombies, placeholder NPCs, and 24 Carrot Island doors, oh my!

Test Island

Test Island is exactly what you'd expect. Lots of testing areas.


This area lets you record videos of your character's movement and play them back at different framerates. That door leads to 24 Carrot Island's Main Street.


Clicking on the red box lets you read a snippet of Who Was Albert Einstein? This book is also included with the "Einstein" costume. You can flip through the pages and zoom in. Exiting the menu gives you the "Renegade Robot" costume for some reason.


One of the more interesting Test Island rooms. You have a magnet that toggles between blue, orange, and off. Blue will pull objects towards you, and orange will repel them. You can be repelled or attracted to a platform and push a ball around.


This room uses the same layout as characterReplay, but without the replay buttons. As soon as you spawn in, you fall through the floor and into the blackness.


rickTest is just the One-of-a-Kind Talent Agency from Back Lot Island, but in AS3 format. All the dialog and NPCs are identical to the ones on the AS2 variant.


This room contains an NPC that doesn't talk and two holes that do nothing.


Unlike scottTest, the NPC in this room actually talks. This room was made to test out the Daily Spin for Home Island, but the wheel never actually ends up loading.


This minigame involves flinging trash bags at Zomberries. Although more items appear on the conveyor belt, you can only throw trash bags from the catapult. If a Zomberry touches you, you get infected as well. This may have been intended for Game Jam Island.


Examples contains even more testing scenes.


This area features a door leading to 24 Carrot Island's main street and five people in different color afros who do random emotes.


audioExample has midair buttons that play different sounds, and an NPC who you can ask to do different sound-related things.


This room has an NPC who says placeholder dialog.


This room has an NPC who says creates a popup after you talk to him. The popup features a ball that moves to random locations around the screen. There's a counter that counts how many times the ball passes over the circles, but it's only visible after you close the popup.


An AS3 version of the top-down boat area from Ghost Story Island. All the areas are there, and there is fog around the prison. Another boat follows you around and repeats your movements.


This room has an NPC with placeholder dialog. He follows you around. Pressing the "start game" button will cause balls to gradually fall from the sky, and you or the NPC can bounce them back. The game ends when all balls hit the ground.


The balls and counter work the same as in bounceMaster, but you now control a Breakout paddle.


This area features lots of wavy lines in the air, a windmill in the background, and another placeholder NPC. You can press buttons to make the camera either zoom in or shake.


This area gives you any store card you want. You can get all cards in a certain range, or just get a single one.


The scene is broken. It's just an endless loading screen.


This is another area with buttons and afro NPCs. You can press buttons to make the NPCs do different animations.

  • The red afro guy does the "victory" jumping animation.
  • The orange and green guys use crowbars, but the orange one has labels above him.
  • The blue one runs or dances while kicking up dust.
  • The purple one shrinks down and stretches out.
  • The white afro guy hammers something, can be stopped mid-animation, or can do his animation backwards.
  • The black afro guy can either sit or hammer, and you can press "Play" to make him move if you press "Set & Stop."


This area has a guy who can move to each of eight different points in order. You can also make him move to a certain spot on the map.


This scene has more test characters and buttons.

  • The red-haired guy changes his shirt.
  • The orange one changes his skin color.
  • The green one can wear a completely different outfit.
  • The blue one's hair overlaps their face.
  • The purple one gets a different hairstyle and shirt and holds a spear.


This bizarre scene was presumably made to test popups. There's the popup-fetching NPC from basicPopup, who now gives you a popup with three example characters (and you) on it. There's also a keyboard that doesn't work very well, "BLANK" and "CHAR MESSAGE" buttons, and different styles of popups. One popup makes you wait, one can be closed with an X, and the other one has a "complete" button.


This scene contains a lot of dialog.

  • The NPC who asks if you like his shirt will have different responses depending on what you say. If you say "I find it pretentious," he'll respond "I hate you!" and say "You really ruined my day" when you talk to him again. If you say "Why yes, it's quite fetching," he'll respond "Thanks!" and say "I'm so happy I could scream!"
  • The NPC who gives you crowbars will say "Take this!" when you first talk to him, then "I'm sure it will come in handy!" If you have it in your inventory, he says "Hey, that crowbar looks awesome!"
  • The NPC who wants a crowbar will say "Let me take that crowbar off your hands" if you have one. If you don't, he says "I wish I had a crowbar... they're so cool!" If you've obtained a crowbar but don't have it in your inventory, he says "I wish I had another crowbar. You can never have enough!" He also has an unused line saying "This is a test...."
  • The wizard says "Hi there! I can change your size!" Saying "I want to be big!" causes him to say "Prepare thyself!" Saying "I want to be small!" causes him to respond "If you say so." Saying "I want to be normal!" makes him say "Suit yourself."
  • The onlooker will say different things depending on your size. If you're big, "Akkk! Don't hurt me you giant lummox!" If you're small, "Hah! I could crush you if I so choose!" If you're normal-size after being grown or shrunk, "I see you dabble in the dark art of size-changing." If you haven't changed, he says "I've heard tell that handsome blue-haired fellow over there can change your size!" The wizard then responds "Indeed I can, my friend." The onlooker comments "He's also quite nosy."
  • The blue box has an unused line: "Hello friends!" All he says is "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."
  • The guy up on the top platform has a conversation with you.
    • "How did you get up here?"
      • "It took some careful jumps and daring do, but nothing I can't handle."
    • "Wow, I wish I was more like on the edge like that sounds awesome."
      • "It is, bro."
    • "Any advice for a super-hero in training?"
      • "Just remember this : 'The obstacle is the path.'"
    • "Whoa...dude."
  • The guy at the end will either say three positive or negative things.
    • If he's negative: "Ugh, I hate the fog." "What's the point?" "I can't go on like this..."
    • If he's positive: "Beautiful day, isn't it?" "Not a cloud in the sky." "Yep, doesn't get much better than this."


This scene contains a placeholder afro guy with default dialog, a mini Bucket Bot who follows you around and doesn't talk, and Timmy Failure. There's also a pool of water on the right.


This is just a shortened version of the Survival: Episode 1 intro cutscene, with no pilot in the blimp. You're then dropped onto the island like normal.


More buttons. Pressing "crash for stack" or "stop for breakpoint" doesn't do anything, and pressing "variable/scope bug," "trace signal object," and "trace signal arcs" will cause your character to say something. Pressing "tweenmax bug!" will teleport you to the drewTest scene in Test Island, and going back to debugExample will make you say "So, tweenmax moved me here... from a different scene! I need an adult..." There's also an NPC and a house on the right side.


Similar to boatSceneExample, this has you controlling the Ghost Story Island boat. However, this time, the water is blue and the map is much larger. If you do come across an island, you can't actually visit it; it just brings you to 24 Carrot Island.


More buttons and counters. Another default NPC.


This area has bouncing boxes you can spawn, a default NPC, and a bunch of midair platforms. You can change the room's FPS.


A green background with Pac-Man at the bottom-left. Why this exists is anyone's guess.


An informative area that lets you play with different colors of hit detection.

  • Green is a normal platform.
  • Sky blue is ice.
  • Red is bouncy.
  • Orange is a wall.
  • Dark yellow is a ceiling.
  • Yellow is climbing.
  • Blue is water.
  • Dark blue is diving water.
  • Light blue is an air current.


This scene has a button that locks your input, eyes that follow your cursor, and a draggable box.


The screen goes black as soon as you spawn.


This scene contains a few platforms, both moving and non-moving. There's also a very powerful air current and a Pac-Man lookalike.


This area features a menu that lets you do five different actions, and an "Earthquake!" button that does nothing when you press it.


Draggable crates and a ball.


This scene seems to be broken.


Two different kinds of crates. The orange ones float, and the gray ones sink.

Crisis Caverns

Poptropica had scenes for Crisis Caverns Island, which was later released on Poptropica Worlds. They are listed as "cavern2," and all take place underground. This means that Crisis Caverns was originally meant to be an episodic island, a-la PoptropiCon Island or Mission Atlantis Island. While the files for episode 1 have been removed, episode 2's files are still intact.


Nearly the same as its Worlds counterpart, aside from some strange collision and a placeholder NPC.


You'll probably fall through the floor in this one. It has another placeholder NPC.


This scene is the biggest of cavern2 scenes. There isn't much that's different from the Worlds equivalent, besides the big floating J, the magnetic circles around some rocks, and the placeholder NPC.


Not much going on here. More circles and another placeholder NPC.


Another floating J, and a placeholder NPC who's hanging out inside of a hill.

Game Jam Island

Game Jam Island contains two Zomberry Island-themed minigames.


In this game, you control five random characters who hold instruments and stand on the bottom row of a grid of squares. You can click on them to light up squares: the leftmost and rightmost ones light the squares straight up, the left and right ones light up the squares in an L shape, and the middle one lights the squares in an upside-down T shape. You have to light up the squares with Zomberries, which damages them. The color of a Zomberry indicates how much health they have. If enough Zomberries hit your characters, you can choose to start over. This game is available as both a popup and a scene.


This is a round-based defense game. There's supposed to be a cash system, but it doesn't work, so you can place all the traps you want. The traps include a spring boxing glove, a bucket, ice, oil, and a bear trap. They all seem to function identically, though.