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Title Screen


Developers: Jeff Kinney Group, StoryArc Media
Publishers: Pearson Education, Sandbox Networks
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: September 2007

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Poptropica is a point-and-click adventure game originally created in Adobe Flash. In it, the player can explore various islands, collect items and outfits, and compete with others in multiplayer games.


Early Poptropica Island

Ship Scene

Poptropica's first island, Early Poptropica Island, has a scene intended for when the player completes the island. It shows the player sailing the same ship that anchors at the island's dock, now in the middle of the ocean during nighttime with fireworks shooting off the deck. Below the ship are two buttons: "Start Over", which loads the Poptropica website's homepage when clicked, and "Keep Playing", which returns the player to the Jonestown scene when clicked. The scene also has the unique property of resizing the game's screen to 700x700, which is the only use of that screen size in the entire game. There is no evidence that this scene was ever used.

Poptropica sceneShip.png

Skin Color Picker

Early Poptropica's city scene has an unused variant of its skin color picker. It consists of a 3x3 grid of colored squares that set the player's skin color to the color of whichever square the mouse hovers over. The color picker cannot be seen because its animation stops at its first frame, in which it's invisible, but if the first frame is deleted while keeping the code intact then the color picker will fall from the top right corner of the red city building. Clicking a square within the color picker will then send it back up to the top of the building, after which it will disappear.

Poptropica Early Skin Colors.png

Monster Adventure


It appears that Time Tangled Island was originally planned to be more reliant on the Fact Monster website. If the game loads an island named "FactMonster" or a scene named "HomeFM", the following will occur:

  • The loading screen's Poptropica logo will change to a Monster Adventure logo (see below).
  • No island dropdown menu will appear in the inventory popup.
  • Time Tangled Island's time machine button will appear if the player has obtained the time machine item.

Notably, the AS2 login scene is named "Home", which is spelled similarly to the name "HomeFM". This may indicate that Monster Adventure was going to have a different login scene. Given that the inventory menu's dropdown menu is hidden while in the island, Monster Adventure may have been completely separate from the rest of the game, similarly to Our Discovery Island (also known as Poptropica English).

Poptropica Monster Adventure Logo.png


Quite a few character parts were created for monster NPCs, but they went unused until years later when they were repackaged as eight "Furry Monster" costumes purchaseable in the store. The game's character file also contains a function that randomly generates a monstrous outfit using the monster character parts and neon skintones.

Nabooti Island


Two additional jewels were planned for Nabooti Island. Item files exist for them, but nothing more. In addition, the asset for the White Jewel is actually colored dark yellow and then recolored to white with a color filter. Interestingly, the yellow color matches the item's background color, suggesting that the jewel's color was changed to white before the island's release.

Kaya Forest Music

Background music exists for the island's Kaya Forest scene. The file exists in the AS3 game folder, meaning it was intended to be used in an AS3 port of the island which never came to fruition. This music is used in Poptropica Worlds, but that game uses a different file.

Reality T.V. Island

Reality T.V. Island went through a decent amount of development and then was completely remade from the ground up. It's unknown at what exact stage of development the original version was scrapped, but many scenes were fully drawn and the island was teased on the Creators' Blog and the island map. Additionally, most of the television backgrounds used in the island are from its prerelease version. The backgrounds are listed below and most of their full scene art was posted on the Creators' Blog. The original images posted on the blog didn't get archived before their deletion, but copies were uploaded on fan sites like the Poptropica Help Blog.

Astro-Knights Island

Poptropica Astro Rocket.png


The Astro-Knights Island space popup has a default rocket asset that is never visible to the player. However, it replaces the player's rocket if the popup's file is loaded directly with an Adobe Flash Player. This was shown in-use in a screenshot posted on the Creators' Blog as well. Its design is also similar to the Pewter Moon's AstroZone building, and even moreso in a prerelease image posted on the Creators' Blog, which seems to have been located on a planet with an atmosphere similar to Planet Poptropica's.

Prerelease Final
Poptropica AstroZone Prerelease.jpg Poptropica AstroZone Final.png

Weapons of Arturus Pages

The Weapons of Arturus book includes a couple additional pages that are obscured by the second ice arrow page. Here they are, extracted from the book popup file.

Spy Island

Poptropica Spy Computer Fuse.png

Teleporter Fuse

An unused item for a teleporter fuse exists that was presumably intended to be used with the B.A.D. headquarters' satellite teleporter. The asset for the fuse also exists in the teleporter's computer password popup, sliding into the computer at the same moment the computer turns on. Unfortunately the asset is fully transparent in the popup, making it invisible.

Poptropica Teleporter Fuse.png

Main Theme Music

Spy Island has a "main theme" audio file that is not used. As with the Nabooti Island Kaya Forest music, this was intended for an AS3 port of the island, not the island's AS2 version.

Counterfeit Island

This island seems to have gone through a few major revisions during its development, and there's a good amount of content to show for it.

Museum Cutscene

The Starry Night X-Ray popup contains assets and code for scanning a fake copy of The Scream, which triggers an unused cutscene in the Museum Fantastisque's main hall when completed. Unique dialog is used in the cutscene, but otherwise it's the exact same as the cutscene in which the player discovers The Scream in the Black Widow's cottage. All of this suggests that the island's story was originally intended to be structed quite a bit differently.

Unused Dialog Final Dialog
Wait... The Scream was
painted in 1893. That's
an airplane! Its a fake!
Hmmm, the painting is
slightly peeled back.
It's the Scream!!!

Here's the drawing contained under the painting:

Poptropica Crepe.png

Snoozing Crepe

The Snoozing Crepe item has the most content left over than anything else in the island. It was hinted at in a Creators' Blog post, a screenshot of its item file exists (see below), the screenshot of the item file was confirmed to be real in a game artist's portfolio, and a more simplistic asset for it exists in the Black Widow's lair's guard room scene (see above). Oddly, the scene asset is made invisible at runtime even though it's placed beyond the camera's limits. The item file was later overwritten by the French-to-English dictionary page, but its codename remains.

Poptropica Snoozing Crepe.jpg

Paint Palette Watch

An item file exists for a wrist watch that uses paintbrushes for hands and splotches of paint for numbers. It's unknown how this may have been obtained or used.

Poptropica Paint Palette Watch.png

X-ray Device

The X-ray device itself is used in the island, but this standalone item is never added to the player's inventory. Instead the device is provided automatically when needed.

Poptropica X-ray Device.png

Secret Ingredient

This item's file has been overwritten by the supply room key's, so the only thing left of it is its codename.

Uprooted Flowers

Poptropica Counterfeit Flower Pot.png
The flowers in the Black Widow's cottage have a second frame of them uprooted. The sprite for the flowers has a name within the scene, meaning that it may have been intended to be referenced in the scene's code. Alas, it is not.

Lair Dog

The scene for the Black Widow's lair's guard room has two unused sprites relating to a dog NPC: "dog" and "dogLimit". The "dog" sprite is located in between the room's entrance and the barrel next to it, and the "dogLimit" sprite is in the same location at the cardboard box nearest to the room's entrance. Given that the dog is made invisible along with the guards when the island is completed, it seems like it may have acted as a guard dog, walking from its spawn point (the "dog" sprite) to the "dogLimit" sprite and back. Because the Snoozing Crepe is located directly under the "dogLimit" sprite, the two may have been related.


The island manifest's permanent events list contains two unused events: "talkedToBaker" and "talkedToParrot". The island does not have a baker, nor does it have a parrot, so the exact details of these events are anyone's guess.

Steamworks Island

Steam Pipe Game

First of all, this minigame has some menu screens that appear to be placeholders.

There are also some unused pipe variations that have working code. The thin pipes move steam through them faster and the twisty pipes move steam through them slower.

Spin Lock Game

Some more placeholder-esque screens exist, this time for the Captain's Quarters' spin lock.

Sprocket Pose

Poptropica Ball Sprocket.png
An unused pose for Sprocket exists, depicting him curled up into a ball and frozen still. Poor thing!

Great Pumpkin Island

Leaf Lander Game

Simplistic minigame screens have returned! There's not much to say about these ones, really.

Piano Game

This minigame has a few unused screens as well, but strangely enough, they're for a nonexistent minigame named "Dogfight".

Pumpkin Face

Poptropica Great Pumpkin Face.png
The pumpkin carving minigame contains this premade face. It's kind of creepy.

Cryptids Island

Windsurfing Lose Screen

Cryptids Island's lose screen file contains every line of text that can be used in it, including this:

Windsurfing is harder than it looks!

The windsurfing scene basically acts as a cutscene, not a loseable or winnable minigame, so this text goes unused.

DNA Extraction Game

Careful, you'll lose an eye.
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Specifically: Add a GIF of the bubble asset.

Poptropica Cryptids Tooth.png
Many different items get their DNA analyzed in this minigame, but not the Chupacabra tooth. There's also a bubble asset with an oddly high amount of detail. The minigame does have bubbles, but those use a more simplistic asset.

Shrink Ray Island


Just a pencil. Its code is copied from Red Dragon Island's mortar item.

Poptropica Pencil.png


A "Sock-o-Taco" branded shoebox. Its code is also copied from Red Dragon Island's mortar item.

Poptropica Shoe Box.png

Game Show Island

An alternate version of the trivia file for Brainiacs and Money Ladder exists. The most notable change is that single-quoted names are instead italicized in the unused version. Some other differences are present too, though most are just spelling and grammar mistakes.

Unused Final
George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and this president, are all featured on Mt. Rushmore. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and this president are all featured on Mt. Rushmore.
If a boxer is knocked down, they have this amount of time to get back to his feet. If a boxer is knocked down, they have this amount of time to get back to their feet.
Master, Doc Hudson, Lightning McQueen Mater, Doc Hudson, Lightning McQueen
Alladin Aladdin
Gwen Stegani: The Sweet ... Gwen Stefani: The Sweet ...
Led Zeppelin: Starway to ... Led Zeppelin: Stairway to ...
Jabba the Hut Jabba the Hutt
When he's not busy capturing Princess Peach, this spikey-shelled villain finds time to race go-karts against Mario and his friends. When he's not busy capturing Princess Peach, this spiky-shelled villain finds time to race go-karts against Mario and his friends.
Wearing a grass skirt will make you look like a native islander on this island. Wearing a grass skirt will make you look like a native on this island.
Wimpy Kid Wonderland Wimpy Wonderland
Asto-Knights Island Astro-Knights Island

One question was completely replaced:

Unused Final
Q: The song "Crank Dat Soulja Boy" mentions this superhero. Q: What recent fad involves people lying down in unusual locations?
A: Batman A: Boarding
B: Spiderman B: Flattening
C: Aquaman C: Timbering
D: Superman D: Planking

Additionally, all of the questions and answer choices in the "Homophones" category have a space after each ellipsis in the final version, unlike their counterparts in the unused version.

Vampire's Curse Island

Poptropica Amulet Clothing.png

Vampire Amulet

This item adds the vampire amulet to the player's outfit, and the amulet actually works! Its green crystal will start flashing to black when the player gets within 600 pixels of Count Bram. Because the player should already be aware of Count Bram's presence by the time the amulet starts flashing, it makes sense why this was cut.

Poptropica Amulet Card.png

Wolfsbane Alternate Design

Careful, you'll lose an eye.
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A different design for the laboratory's wolfsbane plant is located out of bounds to the right of the scene.

Wimpy Wonderland Island

Mr. Jefferson Animations

Poptropica Mr. Jefferson Click.gif Poptropica Mr. Jefferson Walk.gif
A couple unused animations exist for Mr. Jefferson.

Rodrick Square

Poptropica Rodrick black square.png
Rodrick's file has an unused black square.

Twisted Wizard

Greg has some unused dialog related to Twisted Wizard.

Maybe playing some video games will inspire me.

I'm playing Twisted Wizard... if you can help me beat this level, I'll start looking for Manny again!

I was playing Twisted Wizard when Manny escaped!

Wimpy Boardwalk Island

The boardwalk's funhouse interior contains 41 unused rectangles of various colors, each as a 46x50 JPEG image. It's possible that these were accidentally added or forgotten by an artist.

Lunar Colony Island

Radio Headset

An item file exists for the radio headset that's used to communicate with Mission Control. It can't be used in any way, and the player talks to Mission Control as soon as they get the radio headset after being asked to, so it's completely pointless. Some items are just destined for failure, it seems.

Poptropica Radio Headset.png

Gravity Boots

These boots may look cool, but clicking the "Use" button just adds the Vampire Amulet to the player's outfit. The boots are not referenced anywhere else.

Poptropica Gravity Boots.png

Poptropolis Games Island

A few popups (mainly scoreboards) contain placeholder text for tribe names. Some of the placeholder text references a nonexistent tribe named "Cherry Bombs", which believe it or not, actually has its own jersey and pants! The color is slightly more vibrant than that of the most visually similar tribe, Nanobots. Disappointingly, there is no logo for the Cherry Bombs tribe, and it cannot be selected as the player's tribe because it does not exist in the game's database.

Poptropica Cherry Bombs Jersey.png

Zomberry Island

Energy Blaster

During some point in development, it seems that this Energy Boost Blaster took the place of the infected blueberries item. Instead of being found in a shipping container, this drink would've been obtained in the Berry Delicious Smoothie Shop. The smoothie shop's scene has an unused function that makes a nonexistent sprite named "blastersHit" clickable. When clicked, the player runs to the sprite and then collects the Energy Boost Blaster item. This item can be used in Dr. Romero's bunker to begin the lab's boarding up sequence regardless of the player's progress in the island. In addition, the code that removes the blueberries from the player's inventory also removes the Energy Boost Blaster item and marks an event named "zombie_usedBlaster" as complete.

Poptropica Energy Boost Blaster.png

Battery Meter

Poptropica Zomberry Battery Meter.png
The island's flashlight was originally intended to have a battery life. This meter is programmed to appear in the bottom left corner of the screen, and clicking it will toggle the flashlight on or off. The meter will not appear if the flashlight is not equipped. The flashlight's battery life will decrease while the flashlight is on, and it will increase six times faster than it decreases while the flashlight is turned off. Once the battery life decreases to a low level, the battery meter will turn red and begin flashing between 0% and 50% transparency. The brightness of the flashlight's light will begin to slowly decrease as well. When the battery life has completely drained, the flashlight will turn off. This feature was shown in a screenshot posted on the Creators' Blog.

Wharf Crate

The wharf scene has a floating crate accidentally left by the artists. This can actually be seen in-game by jumping off the crate nearest to the top left corner of the scene, but it's obscured by the scene's darkness filter.

Filter No Filter
Poptropica Wharf Crate.png Poptropica Wharf Crate Lit.png

Virus Hunter Island

An AS2 scene file exists for Virus Hunter Island's main street scene, even though it was developed as an AS3 island. The file has no visual assets and just loads the island map when accessed.

PoptropiCon Island

Episode 1 Cheetah Bandit Dialog

After taking the Cheetah Bandit's magic amulet, she was originally intended to go to the roof of the convention building's backside, facing its left edge and cycling through a thinking animation and a wail of grief. She'd say this line of dialog to the player before turning back to the ledge:

Without my super powers, I'm too scared to climb down!

However, the Cheetah Bandit's NPC data is commented out of the scene's NPC file, so she doesn't ever appear.

Episode 2 Dialog

You may be able to find more cards around the con.

The Mighty Action Force Card Game instructor in the Demo Hall has this unused hint. Most people already find a few cards before meeting her, though.

Episode 3 Ending

A low-quality cactus is a sad cactus.
This image needs to be replaced.
Please read the image guidelines for more information.

Poptropica PoptropiCon 3 Unused Popup.png
A popup was originally intended to appear at the end of episode 3 congratulating the player for defeating Omegon. It shows the player standing on the rubble of Omegon's lair, surrounded by other characters from the island.

Card Game Opponent

Data for an unused Mighty Action Force Card Game opponent exists named "scott". His AI acts the same as the Demo Hall lady and the expert opponent that gives the player the Omegon card. Scott's card deck includes the Omegon Card, Elf Archer, World Guy, Gold Face, Mutton Chops, Pony Girl, Dirt Claude, Trash Collector, Fashion Ninja, and Teen Arachnid, making him very difficult to beat. Card game opponents are only displayed as heads, so his outfit only consists of Omegon's helmet and the eyelidded eye type. Dialog exists for him, too.

Event Dialog
Start glhf lol.
Scott draws haha, just what i needed.
Player draws take it. your gonna need it.
Scott uses two cards can't deal with this!
Player uses two cards ruh roh raggy.
Scott is skipped skip op!
Player is skipped how do you like that!
Scott is blocked fff.
Player is blocked whatcha gonna do now.
Scott steals i'll take that, thank you very much!
Player steals hey! that was mine!
Scott runs out of cards how you made it this far is beyond me.
Scott has advantage GG.
Player has advantage >:(
Tie wat.
Scott wins 2 ez.
Player wins hakz.

Scott can be played against anywhere in episodes two or three by using exploits to trigger an event named "play_scott". Episode 3 also has an unused copy of the hippie opponent named "survivor1", but the copy can't be played against because her outfit data is commented out.

Monkey Wrench Island

Monkey Dialog

Crusoe's monkeys only speak in gibberish, but their dialog codenames serve as English translations. Neat!

Codename Dialog
r_u_ok Ooo eee?
she_is_over_there Ooo e ah ah!
come_on Eee eee !
there_it_is Aaa aaa!
good_job Ooo ooo!
look_up_here oo e eee!
come_on oo a aaa!
you_can_do_it aa a aaa!
try_this oo o ooo!
follow_me ee e eee!
hello hoo hoo haa ahh!
plans eeeek eeeeek!

Shipwreck Scene

Door data exists for an exit on the right side of Crusoe's resort scene that leads to a nonexistent scene named "shipWreck". Its clickable region is located out of bounds below the scene, but no sprite for it exists, so no clickable region is actually created. This is the only evidence left of this scene's existence.

Artist Assets in Scenes

Many AS2 islands contain assets intended for use by the game's artists.


Poptropica Character Size Guide.png
One commonly used asset is this generic character, which usually acts as a size guide for the artists and sometimes indicates where each character should be located in each scene. Interestingly, the character wears sneakers and a wrist watch, neither of which actually exist as clothing parts.


Some more often-used assets exist, this time in the form of instructions on how to create a scene. The numbering of each instruction doesn't seem to follow any logical order, considering that backdrops are placed at the very back of the scene and foregrounds are placed at the front.

Misc. Dialog

Mocktropica Island

One line of fearful dialog was commented out of the island's main street scene:

What's happening!? The world is changing and transforming! Have we angered the Gods!?

Monster Carnival Island

A conversation with Edgar was removed. It seems like it would've taken place soon after the carnies turned into monsters.

Speaker Dialog
Edgar We've got to do something! All my friends have turned into monsters!
Player What should we do?
Edgar Ringmaster Raven said there's a chemical mixture to turn them back into humans. Unfortunately the Ferris Wheel Worker was carrying a scrap of paper with the formula, and he's a monster!

Mission Atlantis Island

Episode 1

Can't let you have this key. The safety of the crew is at stake.

What do you want? You already got the key from me.

Some lines of dialog from the sailor that has (or for one line, had) the submarine key.

Episode 2

What does that button do? Try pressing it.

Those fish will just keep swimming no matter where the pipes lead.

Trapping the fish in that container has activated something.

Cam has some pieces of advice for the pipe room. Too bad they aren't used.

Episode 3

Perhaps they are memories from the past?

Woah... I feel strange.

Thoughts from the player regarding the alien flashbacks.

Galactic Hot Dogs Island

I can't eat this, it's like rubber!

This line of dialog would've been said by the player after trying to use the gelatin salad item, but the item is equippable rather than usable, so it's never said.

Mystery of the Map Island

Speaker Dialog
Mya You won't get away with this!
Octavian Oh, my dear Mya... I already have!

An unused conversation between Octavian and Mya when the group gets captured.

Speaker Dialog
Jorge I wish I still had some candy.
Oliver Wait! We can't just walk past the Vikings. They'll throw us back in this cage.

Two unused lines of dialog for after everyone's been freed from Octavian's trap.