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Prerelease:Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge/Story

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Banjo-Kazooie GBC


What's the story?:

Re-create the end of Banjo in a scene or in text conversation.

A few years have passed & . . .

The calm of a holiday on a farm was just what Banjo, Kazooie, Bottles, and Mumbo needed as they reflect on their battle with the wicked hag Gruntilda. Tooty is away having an adventure of her own elsewhere. Kazooie wondered how much Gruntilda was enjoying herself under the rock. I don't think old warty whiskers is having this much fun! As our friends relax things are afoot on spiral Mountain.

Klungo has returned form the lair in the flying cauldron and he's got something to save Grunty. Klungo drops the metal Mecha-Grunty from the flying cauldron. 'A-ha' shouts Grunty, and her ghost leaves the pit under he rock and seeps into the metal monster. The camera moves to a close-up on the metal Grunty as its eyes flash to life and Grunty cackles with delight. Thank you Klungo, ... I was tired of eating worms.

The scene changes back to our friends relax at the farm. A shadow looms over them and they feel a chill. Looking like a twisted device of torture it's the metal MechaGrunty Grunty freezes the group to the spot and greets them with a curse. 'Beating me, it was a first, your just reward, will be my curse!' 'Mumbo, Since you help this pair, the worst of luck will be your share.' Bottles is transformed into a funny creature and is unable to help Banjo. 'Your wormy breath I know too well, I'll give you four eyes with this spell." Grunty hypnotises Kazooie and changes her into her new partner. 'Kazooie come to Grunty's roost, to be my wings you'll need a boost!' Banjo will be forced to fight his friend if he is to save Bottles. 'Stupid bear to save your friend, you'll have to fight us to the end!'

Mumbo breaks loose from Mecha-Grunty's gaze and chases after her as she and the monster Kazooie make their exit. Mumbo tries in vain to stop them but with every step he takes his luck gets worse. Out of thin air his bad luck rains down on him, first a black cat covers his face, then, blinded, he runs straight under a ladder, and as the cat jumps away a mirror lands on him and lays him out in the broken glass. Mumbo gets up with a bandage on his head. He can't remember his spells All he knows is Banjo will have to find a few magic ingredients to return bottles to normal.

In the years since they first fought Banjo has forgotten all of his moves, how will he learn them again with Bottles in his condition. Banjo will have to find Bottles old man. He may be as blind as a bat but the old curmudgeon taught Bottles everything he knew.

At the end of the game Banjo catches up with Grunty again back at Spiral Mountain. They have their big face off and the improved Mecha-Grunty is destroyed. As the others rejoice, Grunty's ghost sinks back into the hole under the rock, only this tim her body has turned to a pile of bones.The End?