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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Banjo-Tooie.

This article is a work in progress.
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SpaceWorld 2000

A Japanese demo that was playable at SpaceWorld 2000 which doesn't appear to be much different from the final game. Banjo-Tooie footage starts at 43:34 in the video.

Early Final
BanjoTooie-earlytitle.png Banjo-Tooie-jptitle.png
  • The 2 in the game's logo is slightly different.
  • More copyright info is shown.


  • A level select not present in the final game.


  • A rotating Rare logo is always shown at the bottom right during gameplay.


Early Final
BanjoTooie-earlywarppad.jpg BanjoTooie-finalwarppad.png
  • The warp pads originally had B-T on them. In the final game, they were changed to a blue swirl.


An early screenshot of Kazooie on top of the Dive of Death. In the final game, Kazooie can't get up here alone since she can't climb ladders and there are no flight pads in this area of the level.

Grunty Industries

Early Final
BanjoTooie-earlygiplatform.jpg BanjoTooie-finalgiplatform.png
  • In the first room of Grunty Industries, there was originally a worker enemy on one of the metal walkways. In the final game, there are no enemies up there.
  • The light from the elevator shaft is yellow. The light was changed to blue in the final game.
  • The elevator door and platform are also slightly narrower in the final game, and a floor gauge and light were added to the wall.

Cloud Cuckooland

Early Final
BanjoTooie-earlytrashcan.jpg BanjoTooie-finaltrashcan.png
  • The brown bottle inside of the trashcan was originally called Dud. In the final game, it was changed to Jolly's Juice.
    • Oddly, this picture is used for one of the framed pictures in Banjoland, in Nuts and Bolts.


Early Final
BanjoTooie-earlyhumba.jpg BanjoTooie-finalhumba.png
  • Humba originally wore a red dress. In the final game, she wears a yellow dress. She also has simpler eyes and seemingly no mouth.
  • In her dialogue icon, she appears to be wearing a mask.
  • The Mumbo token icon from Banjo-Kazooie can be seen. This was likely a placeholder until the Glowbos were implemented.