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Prerelease:Bendy and the Ink Machine

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This page details one or more prerelease versions of Bendy and the Ink Machine.
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There is a CH1 screenshot of the mini workroom's view where they originally intend to add Bendy's "expression" model sheet to the desk before reverting the idea.

BatIM-prerelease Utility Shaft 9.png

An early screenshot of Utility Shaft 9. In place of the Utility Shaft 9 sign board, there is a Bendy face cutout. There's also a decal that says "IT'S TIME TO BELIEVE" on the left wall.

Bendy's Animation

At one point during development of the Chapter 1 remake, the physical-formed Bendy would slowly tear down boards separating him from the player. As soon as the boards were cleared, a door would slam down in front of him.