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This page details one or more prerelease versions of Deltarune.
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Early/Concept Dialogue

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*notices your chaos* OwO??

Early Final
Hee hee hee! UEE HEE HEE!
We'll play a harmless numbers game. OH, IT'S JUST A SIMPLE NUMBERS GAME.
When your HP drops to 0, you lose. WHEN YOUR HP DROPS TO 0, YOU LOSE!

For the parts of the dialogue that do not have an in-game equivalent, there is not an entry in the table.

Judging by this concept dialogue, Jevil was meant to talk with proper grammar, instead of talking in all capital letters. He is also lacking his usual clown-like dialogue, save for the "how banal, how trite" part.

Hey! Listen!

Ralsei was also meant to be more talkative and explain everything. Another thing to note is the fact that Kris/the player was supposed to make more choices than in the final game. There is no in-game equivalent for this dialogue.

C'mon, Toby, this isn't 1995 anymore. I mean, really? BMPs? Are you using MS Paint or something? Oh, wait...

In the screenshots Toby took of the dialogue shown above, a folder is seen listing quite a few files that have not been shown yet, as of now. Notably, the dialogue is written in text files, the dates are from April 2012 (which is, coincidentally, when the song April 2012 is assumed to have been made) to August 2013. All of the script files have been edited last on the exact same day at the exact same time: May 2nd, 2012, at 1:21 PM.

Early Music


This track, uploaded by Toby to his website on July 12th, 2015, appears to have served as the basis of the track "THE HOLY", which plays during the fountain cutscene near the end of Chapter 1.


Concept Art

Toby Fox


Guys, look, it's Sans Real!

Early concept art of Kris. Being the player character, Kris never has any direct dialogue in Chapter 1, and as such is never given a portrait like the other protagonists, which begs the question as to where this would have been used. The second portrait also shows Kris smiling, with one of their eyes glowing, which only happens at the end of Chapter 1.


i TOLD you about ACT, bro
Smol bean arrives.
What a nerd.

Some goofy and not-so-goofy concept art of Ralsei. According to Toby, Ralsei was originally supposed to remain with his hat off during the entire game, instead of just at the end of the game. Another notable difference is the symbol on Ralsei's robe; it appears to be a flame here, instead of the heart seen in the final game.


Feat. Long Susie
Feat. Slightly-Less-Long Susie
True bully culture.

Goofier concept art of Susie. It seems that Susie was supposed to show her eyes far more often than she does in the actual game, and even have a ponytail. Again, according to Toby, the removal of Susie's ponytail was a rather recent change.


Can you imagine the sheer amount of... er... "fanart" she would get if this appeared in the final game?

Concept art of Noelle, along with a comment about her fashion choices.

(Source: @tobyfox)

Temmie Chang

Ralsei and Susie

The power of fluffy boys and good art shines within you.
The power of mean girls and great art shines within you.

Concept art for Ralsei and Susie’s overworld sprites. Some extra expressions can be seen for both, such as multiple drawings of Susie laughing, instead of just one.

Empty Town

The power of... um... town. Cool town.

Concept art for the desolate castle town just south of Ralsei’s castle. The well was eventually replaced by a save point later in development.

(Source: @tuyoki (temmie))