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Undertale/Unused Rooms

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This is a sub-page of Undertale.

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Undertale has a number of unused rooms, ranging from simple testing rooms, to just plain creepy stuff. Most of these rooms require Debug Mode or disabling Dogcheck, otherwise the Annoying Dog error screen will appear.

Room 123 (room_water_prebird)

A room found between room_water_farm and room_water_shop. Its name suggests that Toby Fox may have planned to place it between room_water_friendlyhub and room_water_bird. The room has a thin stretch of land surrounded by water on two sides. Grass covers the path, and the protagonist can talk to four NPCs hidden within it. Most of them talk about catching bugs, but one of them asks the protagonist to do something about their friend, who the NPC says has a creepy smile. If the protagonist speaks to them again, the NPC asks them where their friend went. Exiting the area on the left crashes the game, and exiting to the right softlocks the game at a black screen. Given the frequent mention of catching bugs, this could be the bug catching spot Toriel mentions when talking to her in her home.

Room water prebird.png
[Speaking to the NPC on the far left end of the grass]
*Excuse me...
*Yes, you, with the striped shirt.
*Can you do something about your friend...?
*Yes, your friend...
*The one behind you, with the creepy smile.

[Speaking to the far left NPC again]
*Where'd your friend go?

[Inspecting the NPC second to the left end of the grass]
*(Whenever the girl moves her net, this bug scurries straight into it.)

[Speaking to the NPC second to the right end of the grass]
*I'm catching bugs.
*But the underground doesn't have many...
*I keep catching the same one.

[Speaking to the far right NPC]
*Tried to catch a bug, but I just caught a cold...
(Source: Multiplo on YouTube & The Undertale Fandom Wiki)

Room 264 (room_gaster)

The room displays a message in the Wingdings font, while the sound "mus_smile" (a chopped and screwed variant of Muffet's laugh, slowed down to resemble a dial-up modem) is played; the text's associated typing sound consists of random snippets from abc_123_a.ogg. The decoded message reads:


(Source: Reddit User Mirrawrs in /r/Underminers, Vylet Pony on YouTube, & The Undertale Fandom Wiki)

Room 267 (room2)

UT Room2.png

A room that is just pitch red, unless obj_vaporized in the Create event of the three objects in the room are replaced by obj_vaporized_old. When this is done, it is revealed that there are actually several sprites of the Froggit in the room, and the sprites are actually vaporized before we can even see them.

(Source: Mir Rawrs on YouTube & Daanyaal A)

Room 271 (TESTROOM)

A grey room most likely used to test out the dialogue boxes in the game. In the Undertale Demo, this room replaces room 326 (the Dog Check screen) if the SAVE file is invalid. Along with the three battle dialogue boxes, some text appears 'in' the left dialogue box that reads:

La, la. Time to wake up and smell the pain.
* Though.... It's still a little shaky.

In-game, the word "smell" is displayed in red text. In at least some earlier versions of the game, the first line can occasionally appear elsewhere due to a glitch.

Additionally, it would be quoted almost verbatim in the 'Check' text for Spamton NEO's regular fight in the later released Deltarune Chapter 2, only with "smell" being replaced with "taste" and the red coloring being given to the word "pain".


In the middle dialogue box, another message appears:

* TestMonster and its cohorts draw near!

It should be noted that the text is not correctly formatted for the boxes, as the left text goes out of the right side of the box, and the middle text goes straight down out of the box.

(Source: Mir Rawrs on YouTube, The Undertale Fandom Wiki, & The Deltarune Fandom Wiki)

Room 272 (room_water_redacted)

Undertale-Room water redacted.png

An empty, black room with nothing but an NPC in the center, who only appears when you get close. Speaking to the NPC shows the following dialogue in the Wingdings font, with the aforementioned abc_123_a.ogg dialogue sound:


The track "Premonition" plays in this room, which is known in the game files as "mus_mysteriousroom2". The south exit of the room leads to the "Sound Test" room.

(Source: Mir Rawrs on YouTube & The Undertale Fandom Wiki)

Room 273 (room_water13)

Undertale-room water13.png

A room that uses many of Waterfall's overworld assets, presumably for testing. It has a long narrow pathway that leads to a large area of land covered in tall grass, with bridge seeds hidden inside. The exit on the right side of the room connects to room_overworld, whereas the bottom exit crashes the game. Based on its name and layout, it may have been intended to connect room_water12 and room_water14, before the role was delegated to Onionsan's room.

(Source: Multiplo on YouTube)

Room 274 (room_overworld) and Room 275 (room_overworld3)

Undertale-room overworld.png

A black room with strange NPCs that move around the room. The NPCs appear to be falling lava streams with faces. This room also has collision boxes, a Flowey dialogue trigger, and a door to room_overworld3. The Game Over theme, "Determination", plays in the background, but triggering the Flowey dialogue will cause extra music to overlap with it, often many times over. Entering the room via room_water13 places the protagonist directly on the dialogue trigger.

Upon activating Flowey's dialogue, the game attempts to play Flowey's opening dialogue, resulting in a glitched 'battle' that ends immediately, leading to a strange state in which the SOUL can be moved, but with reversed controls. If Flowey was killed in a previous Neutral Route, it skips to Toriel's following dialogue.

The NPCs are programmed to speak dialogue written in testlines.txt when you interact with them. If that file doesn't exist, the game crashes.

room_overworld3, on the other hand, is a very interesting room with... nothing in it, except for a door back to room_overworld.

(Source: Original TCRF research)
(Source: Mir Rawrs on YouTube, Josh M on YouTube, & The Undertale Fandom Wiki)

Room 276 (bullettest)


A battle against a Froggit that seems to be used to test the bullets sent by enemies in the game. A strange red and green laser effect is also placed near the SOUL. Many pellets will spawn at the bottom of the screen, before rising up to the top.

Despite appearances, the menu options can still be selected, and the Froggit can be fought, spared, or fled from, with varying effects. If the Froggit is killed or the screen is not exited fast enough, the game crashes. If the Froggit is spared or otherwise not attacked or fled from, then Toriel appears and scares the Froggit away. The game then returns to the previous room (if the SAVE file is edited then launched, there is no previous room, so it restarts).

(Source: Multiplo on YouTube & The Undertale Fandom Wiki)

Room 277 (room_water16A)

Another Empty room. Probably meant to appear in Waterfall.

(Source: Josh M on YouTube)

Room 287 (room_spritecheck)

A grey room that was, obviously, used to check the sprites used in-game. The game will display every single sprite in the game in rapid succession. Strangely, a sprite for the head of Undyne the Undying loads on the screen, but never changes, moves, or disappears. A lone, blue zero is present near the bottom of the screen, which begins counting up once all of the sprites have been checked. Pressing Space while in Debug Mode allows the player to change to the next room, the Joystick Config room.

(Source: Mir Rawrs on YouTube & Alireza on YouTube)

Room 296 (room_fire4)

Undertale-room fire4.png

A room that was presumably meant to be used as an area for Hotland. The room even plays the Hotland overworld theme, "Another Medium". The room seems to use floor tiles from Waterfall, though, so it may have been intended as a transition between the two areas. The room contains a path lined with directional vents that carry the player to the right. Attempting to leave the room via the right exit crashes the game, while going below loads room 294, a part of Photoshop Flowey's battle. This also crashes the game.

The most interesting thing about this room, however, is the presence of a very strange trigger, located directly above the entrance to the room. If flag 367 (the flag which determines if Alphys calls Frisk throughout Hotland and disables her calls if the player is on a genocide route) is enabled, it will cause the game to crash, but if the flag is disabled, then it will result in a phone call with the intro dialogue, culminating in a battle with Mettaton.

(Source: Mir Rawrs on YouTube, Multiplo on YouTube, Josh M on YouTube, & The Undertale Fandom Wiki)

Room 297 (room_fire10_old) and Room 298 (room_fire10A_old)

Undertale-room fire10 old.png

Another room that tests assets exclusive to Hotland, while still using some of Waterfall's assets. The room contains a wave-shaped conveyor belt path that leads to another section of floor. Falling off the conveyer or entering the doorway on the right side will take the player to room_fire10A_old. Aside from falling, the leftmost exit crashes the game, and the rightmost exit results in a black screen.

Undertale-room fire10A old.png

This room contains a wide, straight conveyor belt path leading to the right and a bowl of dry dog food. Along with these are an Echo Flower next to the conveyor path, and a door on the other side that takes the player back up to room_fire10_old.

[Interacting with the dog food bowl]
*(Unfortunately, it's just dry food.)

[Interacting with the Echo Flower]
(Source: Josh M on YouTube & The Undertale Fandom Wiki)

Room 299 (room_tundra_placeholder)

Undertale-room tundra placeholder.png

A room that appears to be used to test assets in Snowdin. The room is filled with tiles of ice and snow. Some tiles do nothing, others are slippery, and some slide the protagonist upwards. There is nothing of particular note here, and there are no exits.

(Source: Mir Rawrs on YouTube)

Room 300 (room_ruins12B_old)

A simple, non-detailed purple room with a bowl on a pedestal that dispenses Rock Candy, an item which can't be obtained anywhere else. Given the room's layout and name, it's likely this room was replaced with the Spider Bake Sale after Muffet was implemented into the game (apparently, rather early on). Unlike the Monster Candy bowl, the amount of 'candies' taken does not seem to affect anything.

Undertale Ruins12B-Old.png
[Interacting with the bowl]
*It says 'Take them all.'
*Take a candy? (Yes/No)

[If you don't take a candy]
*You decided not to take some.

[If you do take a candy]
*You took a piece.
*Boy, that's heavy.

[Attempting to take a candy when already carrying one]
*You can't carry more.
*It's just too heavy.

Attempting to leave the room crashes the game, to the surprise of no-one.

(Source: Mir Rawrs on YouTube)

Room 301 (room_tundra_rollsnow)

Undertale room tundra rollsnow.png

A room that uses Snowdin's assets and contains a unique snowball object that can be made larger by rolling it, unlike the one that is used in-game. Presumably used for testing the snowball physics.

(Source: Mir Rawrs on YouTube)

Room 302 (room_water7_older)

Undertale-room water7 older.png

An old(er?) version of room_water7. If entered without editing or removing the file "obj_waterpushrockgen", this room crashes the game. This room appears to use many assets from Waterfall such as lanterns, an Echo Flower, and... well... water. Among these though, are a few poorly-drawn torches that can light up and make a sound effect when interacted with, similar to the mushrooms found in Waterfall. Lighting all the torches triggers an invisible path with poorly-drawn guiding lights. Judging by the low quality of these entities, it's likely that these were either used as placeholders, or for testing purposes.

The sign on the north wall has no dialogue assigned to it, so it will do nothing except create a text box that immediately closes. Leaving the room crashes the game.

(Source: Mir Rawrs on YouTube & The Undertale Fandom Wiki)

Room 303 (room_meetundyne_old)

An older version of the room where the player is introduced to Undyne for the first time. There are various Waterfall assets scattered around; as well as the bunny guy and devil NPCs from Snowdin. The right exit connects to room_water_mushroom, while the left exit crashes the game. The player can talk to the two NPCs, and their dialogue is as follows:

[Talking to the rabbit]
*We're about to visit Snowdin for the first time.
*You just came from there, right?
*How is it...?

[Talking to the devil]
*Hey, I haven't seen you around before.
*It's nice to meet new people, isn't it?
UT room meetundyne old.png

Reading the sign repeats the last thing that was said (including cutscene dialogue), implying it may be a placeholder for an echo flower. Walking further right into the boards triggers the final version of the cutscene where the player first meets Undyne, which looks pretty weird, as the layout is entirely different. Monster Kid's dialogue can be triggered, too, and the dialogue of the two NPCs will change after the whole scene is finished.

[Talking to the rabbit after Undyne disappears]
*You should go back to Snowdin.

[Talking to the devil after Undyne disappears]
*I... I don't know you.

An early version of said cutscene (named obj_undyne1_old) exists, which fits in this room, as shown below.

(Source: Multiplo on YouTube)

Room 304 (room_water_mushroom)

Room water mushroom.png

A small room that uses Waterfall's assets. It is connected to room_water_mushroom and room_monsteralign_test via the bottom and right exits respectively. The only entities in the room are a crystal and an NPC that uses unique dialogue. The dialogue in the room is as follows:

[Interacting with the crystal]
*It's a crystal.
*You've never seen one like this before.

[Talking to the 'mushroom']
*You came from outside, didn't you?
*People like you are so rare...
*Please!* Stranger! [sic]
*Tell me about outside...? (Yes/No)

[If you don't tell them]
*Is everyone out there like you?
*How terrible.

[If you do tell them]
*What do you mean?
*I just meant outside this room.
*If you haven't noticed, my mycelium have bound me to the ground.
*I'll make this simple.
*I've spent my whole life in the same spot, in the same room.
*But I've long wondered what lies inside the room to the right.
*Long I've fantasized about entering, and changing my scenery...
*Changing my LIFE!
*Go and tell me what's inside.

[Speaking to them again, without leaving the room]
*Well, what are you waiting for?

[Upon returning to the room from Room 305 (not possible, Room 305 has no exits)]
*Oh! You're back!
*How's the room? (Different/Same)

[If you say it's different]
*Oh, that's a relief!
*That's all I need to continue my fantasies.
*Thank you, stranger.

[Talking again after saying it's different]
*My mind is running wild!
*I haven't felt this way in a long time...

[If you say it's the same]
*So it's the same.
*The same...

[Talking again after saying it's the same]
*Please leave.

Presumably, the dancing mushroom in Temmie village was originally planned to be used here.

(Source: The Undertale Fandom Wiki)

Room 305 (room_monsteralign_test)

A black room with a Memoryhead enemy that disappears. Likely used to test the alignment for the distortion used for that enemy.

(Source: The Undertale Fandom Wiki)

Room 321 (room_empty)

Another empty, black room.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Room 326 (room_of_dog)

This is the Annoying Dog error screen.

room_of_dog (Sleeping Dog) room_of_dog (Hyper Dog)
UT RoomOfDogSleep.png UT RoomOfDogHyper.png
(Source: The Undertale Fandom Wiki)

Room 327 (room_quizholder)

UT room Quizholder.png

A black screen with Mettaton and Alphys, as seen in Mettaton's quiz show. The player can't do anything here.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Room 328 (room_friendtest) and Room 329 (room_bringitinguys)

room_friendtest is a test of the scene in the True Pacifist route in which Toriel and friends interrupt the protagonist's battle with Asgore. The background is a pure gray color. The game crashes when Flowey attempts to bring up the protagonist's SOUL.

room_bringitinguys is a test of a part of the same scene, where various monsters come to the protagonist's aid. Unlike the previous, this room's background color is the regular black color, and the main cast is absent. The scene does not progress past the leftmost monster's dialogue.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Room 333 (room_asrieltest) and Room 334 (room_afinaltest)

room_asrieltest is black and was likely used to test Asriel's idle animation in his fight. The SOUL is a placeholder sprite and there is no bullet board; the SOUL can move freely around and behind Asriel's battle sprite.

Asriel floats up and down for roughly 20 seconds (corresponding to the opening segment before the drop in "Hopes and Dreams"), before beginning to move from side to side in an arc pattern as his rainbow sprites display. This is identical to what happens in the final version of the fight. This fight's debug commands work fairly normally, but attempting to make him attack crashes the game.

room_afinaltest is pretty much the same: The SOUL is the same placeholder sprite seen in room 333, and can move freely. The main difference is that Asriel is in his final form. Nothing of note happens here.

room_asrieltest 01 room_asrieltest 02 room_afinaltest
Room asrieltest.png Room asrieltest2.png Room afinaltest.png
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Room 335 (room_dogshrine, since v1.05)

Since v1.05, room 335 is a broken version of the Dog Shrine, a PlayStation 4 exclusive content.

(Source: The Undertale Fandom Wiki)