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Undertale/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Undertale.

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Completely Unused Characters/Objects



wow such test monstr

A test monster that was also unused in the demo, by the name of "Doge". In the artbook for the game, Toby points out how this design went unused because it "didn't look crappy enough".

Lava Test Creature

This odd lava....thing has "test" in its name. Presumably, it is a test NPC. It also has no consistency in its animations. ...Fun.

Crudely-drawn Test NPC

Another test NPC.

Monster Test #1

Undertale - spr monstertest 0.png

This... "nice" thing is a test.

Monster Test #2

Undertale-Spr monstertest2 0.png

This "nice" thing is also a test.

Robot NPC

Undertale - Spr 98robot 0.png Undertale - Spr 98robot 1.png

An unused NPC who isn't a test NPC. It was to be used in Hotland with a lot of robots, but ultimately didn't fit in with Mettaton being there as well.

Tile Guy

If this isn't the most creative NPC in all of gaming, then i don't know what is.

A very generic-looking stick figure that goes by the name of 'tile guy'... despite not having anything in the slightest to do with tiles.

RG03 and RG04

Undertale-Spr barafist bug 0.png Undertale-Spr barafist cat 0.png Undertale-Spr barahead3 0.png Undertale-Spr barahead4 0.png

Undertale-Spr barafist 0.png

Unique head and arm sprites for the unused RG03 and RG04 enemies. Most of their other assets are shared with RG01 and RG02.

Undyne Placeholder's

Tile Spear Old

Undertale-spr tilespear old.gif

An ugly old version of the spear that pops out of the ground.


Undertale-Spr bullet testx 0.png Undertale-Spr bullet testx 1.png Undertale-Spr bullet testx 2.png Undertale-Spr bullet testx 3.png

Circles with arrows on them. Their file name suggests they are early versions of Undyne's attacks, which are under spr_bullet_test and spr_bullet_testx_arrow.

Regular Spear

Undertale-Spr undynespear l 0.png Undertale-Spr undynespear l 1.png Undertale-Spr undynespear l 2.png Undertale-Spr undynespear l 4.png Undertale-Spr undynespear l 5.png

A animation of Undyne's old spear sticking out of a wall.

Unused Graphics

Ballet Shoes

Undertale - Spr balletshoes 0.png

An overworld sprite for the ballet shoes. While the ballet shoes are obtainable items in-game, they are located in a pile of grass, leaving this sprite unused.

Candy Dish

Undertale-Spr candydish bad 0.png

This sprite actually is used in the unused room room_ruins12B_old, in which it dispenses the otherwise unused item Rock Candy. It was likely replaced with the Spider Bake Sale or the Hard Mode Monster Candy.

Spider Table and Chairs

Undertale-Spr spiderchair 0.pngUndertale-Spr spidertable 0.pngUndertale-Spr spiderchair 1.png

A table and two chairs. Based on the name, they were likely meant for Muffet's room.

Grillby's Chair

UT Spr rchair grill 0.png

Unused chair meant to be used in Grillby's. The difference is that this chair has legs.

Lone Bone

Undertale-Spr lonebone 0.png

A lone bone.


Undertale-Spr pole 0.png

A pole that uses the same sprite as the body of the lava test creature above, only this sprite does not have a face like the test creature.

Unused Hearts


This is quite possibly the most terribly-drawn heart I've ever seen...

Exactly what it says on the tin. A heart placeholder that goes unused.


Undertale-Spr creditsheart 0.png

A sloppy heart that was supposedly used for the credits, but even if it was, it definitely isn't used for them now.


This is quite possibly the most terribly-drawn heart I've ever seen...

A purple heart placeholder.

Confused Heart

Undertale-Spr confuseheart 0.png Undertale-spr confuseheart 1.png

A duplicate of spr_heart, which based on the filename, was going to be used when the heart turns yellow in the pre-EX Mettaton fight.


Undertale-Spr bluedontmove 0.png

Some blue, sloppy text that says "DON'T MOVE". Probably used in-place of the hints telling you not to move.


Undertale-Spr flychara placeholder 0.png

A placeholder sprite most likely used for Mettaton's cooking show, during the jetpack section.


Undertale-Spr quiztouch 0.png

A crude drawing of the word "touch".


Undertale-spr quizanswer 0.png Undertale-spr quizanswer 1.png Undertale-spr quizanswer 2.png Undertale-spr quizanswer 3.png

Old letters used for Mettaton's quiz show.


Undertale-Spr sanssteps 0.png

Steps drawn like Papyrus' steps.

Papyrus Arrow

UT Spr papcarrow1 0.png UT Spr papcarrow2 0.png

Arrow signs that, based on their file names, were related to Papyrus' date, or the True Pacifist ending screen where Papyrus rides a car on a street.


Undertale-Spr wordtest full 0.png

Mettaton's explosive vocabulary, fully assembled and marked as a test.

Chaos Bomb


This cluster of friendliness pellets was meant to be in the Photoshop Flowey fight. Judging from its file name, it probably would've functioned similarly to Asriel's star attack.

Big Bob

Undertale-Spr bigbob 0.png

Nothing is known about this image, aside from the fact that it's Big Bob. Jokes aside, Big Bob was used for testing bullet patterns.

Debug Sprites

Undertale-Spr doorA 0.png Undertale-Spr doorX 0.png

These are used to show door locations in debug mode.

Egg Carton

Undertale-Spr eggcarton pl 0.pngUndertale-Spr eggcarton pl 1.pngUndertale-Spr eggcarton pl 2.png

Sprites of an egg carton breaking, apparently to be used in battle. Likely related to Mettaton's cooking show.



Crudely drawn white and black smiley faces. Based on the name, they may have been placeholders for something in a Mettaton battle.


Undertale-spr stable 0.png Undertale-spr stable 1.png

A crudely drawn stable likely related to this unused text.

Area Maps

Undertale Spr nospear 0.png Undertale Spr shockblock 0.png

Maps that show the second area where Frisk is attacked by Undyne in Waterfall and the electricity maze in Snowdin.

Rusted Fridge

Undertale Spr rustfridge 0.png

A fridge that was meant to appear in the trash area of Waterfall.

Ground Torch

Brown scribbles dot jpeg Won't last long, however.

A torch that appears in the unused room_water7_older. It acts similarly to the mushrooms present in Waterfall. Interacting with it will light the torch and then interacting with it again will put it out.

Unused Sprite Variations

Old Frisk

Undertale-Spr maincharad b.gif Undertale-Spr maincharal b.gif Undertale-Spr maincharau b 0.gif

Frisk with black hair. Most have pink stripes instead of purple and the back sprite has grey skin instead of yellow.

Toriel Handhold Old

Undertale-Spr toriel handhold l old.gif

This uses the older Frisk sprite.

Toriel Walking with Phone

Undertale Spr toriel d phone.gif

Toriel never walks while using the phone in-game.


hOI!! im temmie!!! Hi. I'm Bob.

Unused moving sprites for the Temmies. Like most NPCs in the game, they never move.

White-eyed Sans

Undertale-Spr sans dangerous 0.png

An overworld sprite for Sans with white dots in his eyes.

Sans Nice Cream


An overworld sprite of Sans eating Nice Cream.

Confused Papyrus


A date sprite of a confused Papyrus, drawn by Guzusuru. Like the unused Doge enemy, this animation was instead replaced with a more simple version because it looked "too good".

Overworld Ice

I think you looked better with the hat on!

An overworld sprite of Ice, likely meant to appear during the True Pacifist epilogue. Ice can be encountered in battle by stealing Ice Cap's hat; however, they never show up outside of battle.

Happy Woshua

Green means clean

A battle sprite of Woshua with a happy expression, likely meant for asking him to clean you.

Gyftrot Presents

Undertale Spr gyftbullet old 0.png

Undertale Spr gyftbullet old 1.png

Older versions of the presents used in Gyftrot's attack.

Undyne "Stark" Test Animation

Early Final
Undertale undyne stark test.gif Undertale Undyne stark used.gif

A test animation for Undyne's armoured form. The shading is different from the final and it uses the old pants from below.

Undyne Pants Test

Early Final
Undertale-Spr undyne pantstest.gif Undertale Spr undyne armor r.gif

An old test animation for Undyne. Involving pants!

Unshaded Undyne

Undertale-spr undynea u.gif Undertale-spr undynea dt 0.png

Some more Undyne, this time without the shading and still with her old spear and pants.

Unused Snowman

Undertale-Spr fashionsnowman 0.png Undertale-spr regsnowman 0.png

A snowman wearing a hat, scarf, and mittens, and another wearing just a hat. Interestingly, the snowman on the left would later be translated into cross stitch form for the Undertale Cross Stitch Book.

Napstablook Adjust

Undertale-Spr napstablook adjust 0.png

An overworld sprite of Napstablook adjusting a snail.

Broken SOUL

Undertale Spr mettb upperbodyheartbreak 0.png

Mettaton EX's broken SOUL.


Undertale Spr astigmatism anim 0.gif

Sprites for Astigmatism that have a red background and lack an outline like the final sprites have. The red background indicates this sprite is very old, as the only sprites which use colored backgrounds are all from early development.


Undertale-Spr torielboss suicide 0.png

Another face of Toriel's "hurt" image with a... spooky file name. It's extremely similar to the used sprite, except Toriel is smiling instead of grimacing. This file was present in the demo as well. While Toriel never commits suicide in any version of the game, the concept was ultimately recycled for Asgore if the player attempts to spare him after "killing" Flowey in a previous playthrough.

Unused Monster Dialogue Portraits

Sans (Tired) Asriel (Serious) Alphys (Flustered) Undyne (Flustered) Undyne (Sincere) Flowey (Uh.... 1) Flowey (Uh.... 2) Flowey (Congrats!) Flowey (Maniacal) Toriel (Unimpressed) Toriel (Informative)
On days like these, kids like you should let me sleep Spr asrielhead 4.png Undertale Sprite1099 0.png Must be intensely daydreaming Oh you poor innocent soul Watch the sky. Hey. Don't stare like that. It's even ruder. Hey. Don't stare. It's rude. I knew you had it in you! I'm ambivalent about the rest of the underground. Undertale Sprite65 0.png
Toriel (Ecstatic) Mettaton Ex (Death 1) Mettaton Ex (Death 2) Mettaton Ex (Death 3) Mettaton Ex (Death 4)
Spr face toriellaugh 1.png Undertale - spr mettface defeated 3.png Undertale - spr mettface defeated 9.png Undertale - spr mettface defeated 10.png Undertale - spr mettface defeated 11.png

Unused portraits of the main characters with various emotions.

Blushing Papyrus

Undertale Spr papyrushead blush 0.png

An alternate version of Papyrus blushing during his date/hangout.

Assembled Monsters

Final Froggit Final Knight Whimsalot Madjick Asriel Dreemurr Undyne the Undying Temmie
Undertale - spr finalfroggit 0.png Undertale - spr finalknight 0.png Undertale - spr whimsalot 0.png Undertale - spr wizard full 0.png Undertale - spr afinal ref 0.png Undertale - spr undynex example 0.png Undertale - spr 5 temexampl 0.png

Fully assembled sprites for Final Froggit, Knight Knight, Whimsalot, Madjick, Asriel's final form, and the Temmie shopkeeper. Sprites in Undertale are split into several parts to be able to move, rendering these sprites unused. Notably, Madjick has 3 unused hands, Whimsalot is missing a wing, and the Temmie has blue ears and no shading on its hair. While Undyne the Undying and Asriel's first form have fully-assembled sprites, they are used.

Asriel's sprite is a Reference Sheet, and Temmie's is a example of the sprites put together, judging by their file names.

Asriel Dreemurr (God of Hyperdeath)

Asriel's Sword

Definitely doesn't look as godly as the final version. It almost looks as if Asriel was going to be a skeleton with that hand. ...or maybe not.

Older versions of Asriel's sword. Asriel's arm also seems to be slightly different.

Asriel's Gun

Undertale - Spr asriel gunarm 0.png Undertale - Spr asriel gunarm shot old 1.png Undertale - Spr asriel gunarm shot old 2.png

Just like above, but for Asriel's Gun. There are also sprites for the gun shooting.

Asriel's Gun's Charge Meter

To do:


Undertale-Spr heartaqua 0.png

An aqua-colored version of the soul used in battle. This is not the sprite used in the Photoshop Flowey battle, as that sprite is known as the first frame of spr_allsoul in the game's files.


Undertale-Spr heartorange 0.png Undertale-Spr heartorange 1.png

Same as above, but it's in orange this time and has two sprites. This is also not the sprite used in the Photoshop Flowey battle. The sprite used is the second frame of spr_allsoul.

Lab Concept Art

Looks like it hasn't changed much at all!

Looks like it hasn't changed much at all!

This mockup of the Lab's layout is made of two sprites in the game's files. Amusingly enough, the bed with the laptop on it was replaced with an "easy-to-draw" cube in the final version.

Undyne's House Concept Art

Concept Art Final
Concept Art Final

This concept art sprite for Undyne's house shows some graphical elements that were never added:

  • A pet fish (in a bowl, duh) on a table in the bottom right corner.
  • A window in the bottom right corner.
  • A second chair behind the main table.
  • A drawer to the left of the sink.
  • Cabinets above the sink.
  • Cabinets above the cutting board.
  • An unknown object to the right of the cutting board.

The used version does have a couple of aspects that the concept art is missing, however: There's no drawer below the cutting board in the concept art, and the oversized sword is missing.

Photoshop Flowey (Omega Flowey)

Photoshop Flowey Concept Art

You...IDIOT! Did you really think you could rip concept art of ME, upload it online, and get away with it?

The original concept art/mock-up of Photoshop Flowey that was given to Everdraed remains as an unnamed sprite in the game's files. Oddly, one of the 4 souls that appears in the canisters is colored pink, which isn't found in the final version. In fact, a pink soul never appears anywhere in the game.

(Source: varkarrus from r/Undertale/)

Photoshop Flowey Finger Gun

Undertale Spr f handgun 0.png Undertale Spr f handgun 1.png

Two unused frames of Photoshop Flowey's "Finger Gun" attack still have the hand connected to an arm, as opposed to being photoshopped together with vines. The second frame's flowers lack the Flowey-esque faces on them.

Photoshop Flowey Dentata

Undertale-spr dentata none 0.png Undertale-spr dentata none old 0.png Undertale-spr halfdentata none 0.png Undertale-spr halfdentata none old 0.png

Some unused alternate versions of the mouth sprites from Photoshop Flowey's "Mouthball" attack, featuring fuller lips, reduced or absent teeth, and (in the case of the non-"old" sprites) an odd greenish tint.

Photoshop Flowey Frying Pan

Undertale-spr 6pan 1.png

The frying pan attack from the green soul's segment of the Photoshop Flowey battle has an unused second frame where it's been flipped upwards. Even though this was removed, the hitboxes corresponding to where it would've been are still present during the battle in the final game!


Undertale-Spr floweyx flame 0.png

Presumably an earlier version of Photoshop Flowey's flames.

Splash Image

Undertale- Splash.png

This splash image was used in the demo while the game was loading, but wasn't used in 1.00. This was brought back in 1.001, however. This file used to only be in the Mac OS X version of 1.00, and is now in all versions of 1.001.

(Source: Dr. Yay)

Flowey's Message

spr_19_2, spr_19_3, and spr_19_4

In the demo, Flowey had the ability to edit the instruction manual depending on your progress in the game. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), when the project was ported to GameMaker: Studio, this became impossible due of the file system "sandbox". These sprite files are still left over from the demo.


I've been looking at the word "spell" so much it doesn't mean anything anymore. Sp-ell? Ess-pell? Mettaton would've loved to have this for his essay. Then he could berate you for your poor spelling!

Two placeholder icons for a "Spell" command, which can be seen in an early screenshot of the game. Magic commands would later make their way into Deltarune.

Asriel Fight Background


This is the background used for when you fight Asriel. It is not seen in-game because it rotates colors.

Snowdin Shop Background

UT Spr shop1 bgorange 0.png

Unused background for Snowdin Shop; however, it's styled like a battle/date background. It's also smaller compared to the final version. It may be intended to be an overlay of the background.

Unused Character Walking Cycle

Left Right

In Waterfall, if debug mode is on, you can see the flipped version in your reflection. This sprite bears a strong resemblance to Kris’ overworld sprite in the later released Deltarune. Hmm...

Crying Bird

Undertale-Bird cry.gif

An animation of the small yellow bird from Waterfall crying. Was set to be used near a echo flower where you would hear its wish to leave the underground so it can fly in the big blue sky.

Faceless Gaster Blaster


A Gaster Blaster with no face that was possibly meant to be an NPC.

Unfinished Scene

Mettaton's News Show

Undertale mettaton news off camera.png



Mettaton's News Show has a partially obscured placeholder sprite visible during the MTT News Segment.


How would anyone know what channel they're watching without this? Oh...right.

Underneath the top paneling is an overlapped logo of MTT News, likely erroneously given the unfinished nature of the scene. The letter 'M' can be briefly seen during the stage collapse. As of v1.08, the logo isn't unused anymore.

Unused Tilesets

As most of the tilesets in the game were drawn by other people, many of them have elements in them that aren't present in the final game.

Evolution of the Ruins Tileset

Early Lab Entrance and Exit Tileset

An unused tileset for the entrance and exit of Alphys's Lab. The final game uses a one image each for the entrance and exit, and the final exit has some remnants of this in its sprite. This early lab can be seen if you remove the final lab sprite.

Undertale bg alphyslaboutside.png

Placeholder New Home Tileset

An early version of the New Home Ruins tileset, being a gray version of the early Ruins tileset.

Undertale bg greyruinsplaceholder.png