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Prerelease:Undertale/Concept Art

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Sketch of Frisk in the doorway of the Ruins. Judging by the artstyle, this seems to have been drawn by Temmie.


Concepts by Toby for the first few rooms of the Ruins. Interestingly, the Flowey sprite in the corner seems to be more detailed, perhaps even 16-bit.

UNDERTALE-GAMETEST4 0.png UNDERTALE-GAMETEST4 1.png UNDERTALE-itshappening.png UNDERTALE-roommerrigo.png

Various screengrabs of early versions of the Ruins, using various early tilesets.

According to Toby, the demo was finished with the tilesets used in all except the last of these screenshots. The EN stat in the first one was intended to be used for magic before it was cut, and the third screenshot showcases one of the first working rooms, which Toby was proud of.


Various concepts for the first proper room of the Ruins, along with a cute doodle of Frisk. The barren tree was moved to just before Toriel's house in the final game.


Temmie's concept for Toriel's house. Nobody drew her house in-game, so Toby just used already existing tiles for it. The waterwheel was supposed to power her electricity, which is why water appears earlier in the area.


Concept for Asriel's former room by Temmie. The astronomy-themed decorations would be reused for Asriel's side of the bedroom in Deltarune.

UNDERTALE-objects misc.png

Various unused or alternate objects seen throughout the Ruins.


Very rough sketch by Toby of what he wanted Temmie to flesh out in Toriel's living room.

UNDERTALE-Livingroom-and-kitchen.png UNDERTALE-Toriel Room Asriel Room.png UNDERTALE-Dining Room and Kitchen.png

Drawings by Temmie of potential layouts of various rooms in Toriel's house. Of note is a separate room for the dining table, and a bathroom which, while not appearing in the final, would later be revisited for Deltarune.

(Source: UNDERTALE Art Book)



Concept art by Temmie of Sans' first appearance.

UNDERTALE-bridge obj.png

Various unused traps for the bridge right before Snowdin Town. Presumably removed because they wouldn't fit properly with everything else.

UNDERTALE-Snowdin House Concepts.png

A couple potential designs for houses in Snowdin Town, drawn by Temmie. The top drawing shows Flowey staring at a barn with a garage and a corn field from a distance (with stagalmites from the cave ceiling visible), while the bottom drawing shows a much more vast design for Snowdin Town, where each house was more spaced apart and built into a hill that the player would have to traverse to get to each house.


Drawn by Temmie. There was planned to be an ice cave halfway through Snowdin which would've had fireflies reflecting light off the walls in a manner similar to this. This was scrapped as Toby couldn't figure out how to do it, and it wouldn't have fit in with Papyrus and Sans' shenanigans.

UNDERTALE-ice cave and Grillby.png

Another drawing of the aformentioned ice cave, along with a doodle of Grillby. Hi, Grillby!


Apparently after the final X and O puzzle, the player would enter an ice cave that would have a bevy of random events inside, such as these. Of note is the diagram on the wall of what seems to be Asriel's GOD of Hyperdeath form, various statues, a museum with a couple of Loox-es, Temmie, and chill snowmen.

This was removed by Temmie's suggestion as it would've been way too much work for something that would only show up for a few seconds.


Preliminary layout for Grillby's restaurant.

UNDERTALE-Papyrus room and enemy.png

The page on the left consists of concepts for Papyrus' room. Of note are the descriptors of him and his belongings, and the fact that a skull in his spare attacks is probably not actually a skull. Hmm...

On the right are early designs for monsters in Snowdin. Here's a description of each of them:

  • At the top left is the "annoying horn enemy" that "MAKES LOUD ANNOYING SOUNDS". The horn enemy is literally just a small horn with stick legs. This is likely a joke, but it's possible that its concept might've evolved into Jerry, who is found in the same area and is generally quite unlikeable and annoying.
  • An monster with a dark, wispy body with a very long human skull for a face. There are two designs that show it with either a cloudy, cut-up ghost tail or alternatively, two bird-like legs and with a long tail.
  • An small humanoid monster on the left that has a completely dark body and a vaguely-skull shaped head, with two long horns resembling pinchers.
  • Three tornado monsters with an eye in the eye of the storm at the top right.
  • A monster that looks like a giant bald elder head with hands, with a massive beard. The comment "what LOL" is written above it.
  • On the right are two drawings of a sea-serpent monster that has massive frills. The leftmost doodle is it taking an imposing position with its mouth flared, and the rightmost doodle is an alternate, shorter design with a tail that splits into two and a more dopey looking expression.
  • Between the above two monsters is a three (or six?) legged monster resembling a duck seen from the side that has six spikes, a hummingbird like head, an eye staring vacantly at the viewer, and a spiral ahoge.
  • A seal-like monster with fish fins for limbs.
  • A fire-spirit monster, resembling a platypus with a head covered in a fireball.
  • A chicken monster with eyelashes standing in an feminine pose.
  • Several early Looxes. One has no mouth, one has no mouth or horns and 13 arms around the central eyeball like a wheel, and the last one is humanoid, closer to a cyclops, has two hands dangling off their head like dreadlocks, and is holding a spear.
  • A small snail monster that has a dragon head.
  • A puddle with a face.

The one-eyed monster on the bottom-left and the face of the fire spirit would be reused in the Ruins for Loox and the face of Vegetoid, respectively.


Concepts for what seems to be the ice dog sculpture that Lesser Dog builds.


Earlier, much bigger Snowdin Town concept by Temmie. The plan was to have the town be one huge area that could scroll in all four directions. However the design was too complicated to direct the player to Papyrus, and Toby couldn't come up with enough house ideas, so it was scrapped. This concept would later be partially reused in Deltarune's Hometown.

UNDERTALE-town 2.png

Later design for the town, much closer to what ended up in the final. The librarby and the store would swap places in the final.

UNDERTALE-paproom2.png UNDERTALE-papyrusroom1.png

Very very rough concepts and notes for Papyrus' house.


UNDERTALE-Water Area sketch.png

Temmie's (frankly gorgeous) concept art of what seems to specifically be the marsh.

UNDERTALE-Water Area sketch 2.png

Sketches of various background objects in Waterfall.


Seems to be concept sketches of how Waterfall could potentially look. The 1st one seems to be what was chosen for the final.


Rather humorous concept art by Toby, featuring italicized captions and an unknown character at the top. According to him, this is just him "figuring it out"...

Apparently "cyan" is another word for "brown". Who knew?

part 2 - marsh

water should be black because cyan
would just look like Shit (italicized, fancy font)

...And yet more, this time for Waterfall's marsh with some choice words for cyan-lovers (the art book hastily censors it to say "shaving cream", so the Twitter upload is provided instead). The final version of this area has cyan water anyway.

(Source: @tobyfox)


More beautiful concept art by Temmie of the marsh.

UNDERTALE-beast drawing.png

Unused drawing of Photoshop Flowey meant for one of the walls, presumably the text that describes a diagram of an unknown being. Was removed as it doesn't really make sense.


Concept art by Gigi D.G. of Mettaton's old house. According to Toby, this room was added late into development.


Temmie's concepts for Napstablook's house, with some possibilities ranging from a small hut, a mound, or even just a door on the ground. The house shape that ultimately got used (a tall, P-shaped house) can be seen in the center. In Toby's description, he muses about making the inside of Napstablook's house and Papyrus' shed the same, and never changing it.


Yet more Temmie concept art, this time of a room design.


Gigi's concept for Undyne's fish house. Toby liked all of these, but scrapped them simply because they wouldn't fit on screen.


Gigi's (and drak for the tail) final sketch for Undyne's house.

Concept Art Final
UNDERTALE-undynehouse.png FinalUndyne s House.png

Crude sketch by Toby of the interior of Undyne's house. The pet fish in the corner was supposedly removed for being "too weird though. It'd be like a bunny walking a bunny."

UNDERTALE-crag mockup.png

Crude mockup of Undyne's crag by Toby. This background would later be improved by Merrigo.


Really rough sketch of the view of Asgore's castle by Toby.

UNDERTALE-waterfall obj.png

Rough sketches of various Waterfall objects, most notably the Bridge Seeds.


UNDERTALE-core top sketch.png

Top view of the CORE from a distance, drawn by Merrigo. According to Toby, the second floor of Hotland was supposed to have this, but he just didn't put it in.

UNDERTALE-FireAREA Color sketch.png

Temmie's concept art for Hotland, showing off some of the more mechanical elements that were eventually scrapped.


Temmie's sketch of what the tileset of Hotland should look like, which Kenj used as a base for the in-game version.


Despite Toby's confused commentary, this seems to be concept art of the giant ice cubes from Snowdin cooling down the CORE, although specifically in Hotland here.

UNDERTALE-Alphys Lab Colors concept.png

Temmie's concept art for both floors of Alphys' lab. Notable points of interest include an actual bed, Undyne's spear next to the bed, and what seems to be a big indoor garage door.

According to Toby, Temmie was in school by the time they started work on Waterfall, so she only had time to sketch things that Toby or one of his other friends would have to sprite. This explains why Alphys' bed is seen only as an extremely easy-to-draw cube in-game, as Toby couldn't draw a bed.

UNDERTALE-mewmewpostersketch1.png UNDERTALE-mewmewsketch2.png

Humorous placeholders for the Mew Mew Kissy Cutie posters in Alphys' lab. Toby apparently only put these in so the final artist, Gigi D.G., would see it while playtesting.

UNDERTALE-mtt news.png

Toby's extremely crude placeholder for the MTT News Show, on which he laments why he even tries.


One of several attempts to figure out the front of the MTT Resort, by Toby.


Sketch by Toby of the inside of the MTT Resort. The pillars were removed because they would've obscured too much of the screen.

UNDERTALE-mtresort 2.png

Yet more concepts of the MTT Resort's various rooms. In the PDF version of the art book, Toby explains a scenario that was cut from this location: while sleeping in your hotel room, a white round ball next to the bed would uncurl to reveal the Annoying Dog, who would then eat the snacks from the nearby snack bowl and scurry out. This was presumably removed as it isn't that humorous of a concept.


Crude concept art of Muffet's room by Toby, of course. She was supposed to have her own little "parlor" with a tea table and chairs; while the sprites for these still exist in the final game, they were ultimately unused.


UNDERTALE-core transistion concept.png

Concept art of the transition from the MTT Resort to the CORE, by Gigi D.G. According to them, Toby wanted them to "capture the feeling of leaving a party and heading into a dangerous area".

UNDERTALE-coresketch1.png UNDERTALE-CORE colors concept.png

Toby's rough sketch of the CORE's tileset, along with Temmie's cleaned up version of it.

UNDERTALE-mett core meetingplace.png

According to Toby, Gigi drew this after playtesting because they thought the original leadup to Mettaton EX's fight looked boring.

True Lab

UNDERTALE-walltest anim 1.png UNDERTALE-walltest anim 2.png UNDERTALE-walltest anim 3.png UNDERTALE-walltest anim 4.png UNDERTALE-walltest anim 5.png

According to Toby, this scenario in which the walls would laugh at the player would've been seen in the unnecessarily long hallway in the True Lab. Toby scrapped this because he thought some would find it too scary, and most would find it too cheesy.

New Home

UNDERTALE-castle sketch 1.png

Toby's sketch of the iconic Last Corridor, before Gigi made it look presentable.


UNDERTALE-ending area.png UNDERTALE-ending area2 usable.png

Rough and not-as-rough sketches of the ending view of the land above, by Toby before Merrigo made it look beautiful.




Frisk's original design, with black hair, slightly lighter stripes and no bobbing up when taking a step, compared with their final design on the top. According to Toby, their hair was changed so it wouldn't blend in with the many black backgrounds throughout the game. Toby also elaborates that Frisk's sprites are supposed to look somewhat lackluster to give the player a different expectation when starting it up blind.


UNDERTALE-flowey bigs.png

Various early Flowey faces by Toby. A couple are the same, some are only slightly different and most went outright unused. According to Toby, these were some of the first sprites he made for the game.



Very, VERY early (and creepy) rough design for Toriel in a mockup for the battle interface.

UNDERTALE-toriel sprites unused.png

Very early concept sprites of Toriel by Toby. Most interesting are the various face designs on top, which includes a very crude preliminary design for her head that moreso resembles a crocodile rather than her final design. Along with this, there's many early faces without horns (two of which were posted separately on Twitter in higher quality, and can be seen below), which were added as Toby realized she looked too similar to the Mimigas from Cave Story (a noted inspiration). Below all of that are early versions of her battle sprites, which include some which went completely unused, such as her holding a plate of food.

The death sprites are so early because, according to Toby, killing Toriel was originally mandatory. However, Toby felt like killing her was wrong, so he decided to make her sparable, which seemingly birthed the game's main selling point of murder or mercy.

All I said was "snails"...

Happy Toriel with no horns.

(Source: @tobyfox)

It's not like I killed anyone or anything.

Sad Toriel with no horns.

(Source: @tobyfox)


Humorous Toriel dialogue posted by Toby before the original demo released.

UNDERTALE-toriel redesign.png

Very early designs for Toriel in the overworld, all designed by Temmie, along with a couple unused sprites for her final design.

UNDERTALE-toriel spritevarious.png

Various other early Toriel overworld sprites, along with a very tiny Chairiel.


Early concept art by Temmie of Toriel and Frisk.

A cute lil creacher..

Sketches of Toriel, drawn by Temmie around the time the demo released. According to Toby, Temmie gave this to him the first time they met.

(Source: @tobyfox)

Don't forget to bring a towel!

More "concept art" for Toriel, supposedly intended for one of the borders in the console versions. It was not added due to it being "evil and cannot be used".

(Source: @tobyfox)

Hello, my child. I have brought you some MUSCLE MILK.

According to Toby, this is "concept art" for Toriel. In actuality, this was merely a joke drawing made for the Kickstarter. This did actually end up being used in an edited state in the "Beauty" border in the console releases, however.

(Source: @tobyfox)


UNDERTALE-early napstablook 1.png UNDERTALE-early napstablook 2.png UNDERTALE-early napstablook 3.png UNDERTALE-early napstablook 4.png

Apparently, Napstablook was just a placeholder character Toby made for his battle mockups, featured here. Playtesters loved them so much that Toby decided to make them an actual character. Along with this, Toby also explains that their battle theme was not made for Undertale, but was used as a reference to Pepper Steak from one of Toby's inspirations, OFF. These mockups also show the unused Energy stat in battle, and with the spell button also shown here, it suggests you were supposed to build up Energy for using spells on enemies. Undertale's sister game, Deltarune, would go on to utilize a similar mechanic in the form of Tension Points (TP).



Sans' original, uhh... different design. Despite the haunting look, apparently he was basically the same at this point, but told more skeleton puns.


A couple outfit designs for Sans by Temmie. Apparently he was supposed to run poker at a casino at one point, and wear a visor on his head. This casino and visor idea would later be reused in the Xbox port released in 2021.

Undertale unused sans pose.png

Sans doing a pose that isn't seen in the final game, pointing to the right. Toby mentions that he was actually supposed to do this at one point.


Humorous notes by Toby outlining the various aspects of the Sans date at Grillby's.


Toby explaining to Temmie how Sans playing trombone should look, complete with a helpful stock image with Sans' face drawn over it. The comedic usage of stock images would, oddly enough, be revisited for the healing attacks of K. Round and Sweet Cap'n Cakes in Deltarune.



2nd boss is a skeleton. Named ~~Times New Roman~~ (scratched out) Papyrus


wears a fedora when you date
-> [blacked out] Russ, we need to talk


~~it's ~~hard~~ totally uncooked~~ *crunches on it*

has a brother 
named comic sans
and a [blacked out] 
named [blacked out]

Likely the first concept art for Papyrus. He was originally supposed to be a typical "nice guy" who browses Reddit, wears a fedora, watches little kids shows like "My Little Boney", and crunches on raw, uncooked spaghetti noodles. This personality was completely flipped because Toby felt as though he'd be too unlikable otherwise. He apparently had another relative, but this was edited over in post (after the picture was taken). Though this is speculation, many have said this is most likely Gaster or Grandpa Semi.

(Source: @tobyfox, Undertale Art Book)


papyrus   sans

mettaton   mettaton (anime)

2nd date

I look



More concept art of Papyrus, Sans, and Mettaton, looking closer to how they appear in the final game; though Redditor Papyrus still had yet to be abandoned, an early version of his "COOL DUDE" dating wear has already been visualized. An early version of Mettaton EX's design is also present. This features the very infamous "brother killer" line from the final game, and is likely the first draft of said line.

(Source: @tobyfox)


Very early dialogue portrait for Papyrus' first neckbeard design.


Early Papyrus dialogue sprites, some of which notably lack his eyebrows.


Concept art of Papyrus' battle body by Temmie. Originally it was intended to be a Captain Falcon-esque design, but ended up "being something more like the miniboss from Sting Chameleon's stage".

UNDERTALE-papyrus progression.png

Toby's vain attempts at drawing Papyrus' battle sprite. In the end, he gave up and sketched the pose in the bottom-right for Temmie to draw instead.


Higher quality version of Toby's sketch of Papyrus's in-battle pose. According to Toby, the gray pixels are a result of resizing in Microsoft Paint, so this may not be what the original version actually looked like.

(Source: @tobyfox)

UNDERTALE-papyrus unused.png

Among the unused thinking sprites in the files of the final version, the art book includes this additional unused pose for the date/hangout with Papyrus.


Temmie Chang's first attempt at Papyrus's overworld sprites. Toby thought the outfit looked "too cool", so he toned it down a bit by changing the eyes and the scarf.

(Source: @tobyfox)




Posted by Everdraed on Twitter. Supposedly, this was made to be used in the borders on the console releases, similar to the "Towel" drawing.

Snowdin Shopkeeper


Various early potential designs for Snowdin's shopkeeper by Temmie, of which Toby laments not keeping the bonnet in the final design.


More early sketches of the shopkeeper, one notably showing her with two young bunny children.


Mockup by Temmie of the shop screen, featuring another early shopkeeper and some humorous item choices.


UNDERTALE-Betty Draw.png

Betty Kwong's original design for Temmie, drawn before Tem was attached to Undertale. This design was drawn by Betty in a livestream in which she drew what she thought her online friends looked like, and Temmie loved it so much that she adopted it as a mascot for her social media for a long while. Eventually, this design ended up in Undertale as Temmie's self-insert ala the Annoying Dog to Toby.

UNDERTALE-Tem Draw.png

A few of Temmie's sketches of herself, made before joining the Undertale dev team.


Temmie's early ideas for the Tem Shop, showcasing some slightly different box designs.

UNDERTALE-temsh 25.png

Toby's early sprites for the Tem Shop, heavily referenced from Temmie's concept art, along with some unused faces.

UNDERTALE-the tems no 2.png

Seemingly early versions of Temmie's overworld sprite.


Unknown sketch of Temmie, in both intended use and artist.



Early concepts of both Gerson and his shop. Toby drew his faces, and Temmie did everything else.



Toby's very first drawings of Undyne, with a very, very different design.

Very fishy.

Glub glub...

2 pieces of concept art for Undyne. This iteration of Undyne was far more fish-like than the final version. The design was based on an Axem Ranger from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

Toby also said in a later tweet that he considered Undyne's head being realistic, looking identical to a real fish's head. There is no art of this concept.

(Source: @tobyfox)

UNDERTALE-undyneD stark extramockup.png

Various overworld poses and notes for Undyne. According to Toby it took him a while to figure out her personality (she was originally more aggressive, had several different accents for a time, and at one point really into fashion and singing), and he only figured it out while writing her pre-battle monologue.

UNDERTALE-undyne oldsprites.png

Temmie's old design for Undyne in her armor, which Toby tweaked as she looked too much like a generic knight.

UNDERTALE-undyne main old.png

Early versions of Undyne's final overworld sprites, most notably without the longer lower wear and stark lighting of the final.

UNDERTALE-undyne faces.png

Various early Undyne faces by Toby, some showing some early designs.

UNDERTALE-undyne progress.png

Various early concepts for both Undyne's battle sprites with armor and without it, compared to Papyrus and Toriel's battle sprites.

UNDERTALE-spr undyne and alphys clothes.png

Toby's early designs for Undyne's date attire. The top ones were Toby's first design, which Gigi stated made her look like she's going for a jog instead. His friend Jones suggested that she wear a jacket on top of it, which ended up being the final design.

UNDERTALE-undyne maskless.png

Various unused overworld sprites of Undyne maskless in her armor, including her talking and her hair blowing in the wind. Interestingly, judging by the placement of these sprites in the art book, these were most likely some of the last regular sprites of her made.

UNDERTALE-undyne x.png

Early concepts for Undyne the Undying's appearance. She originally had completely vertical hair - which was only removed as it wouldn't fit on screen - and briefly had a mermaid tail.


UNDERTALE-alphys1.jpg UNDERTALE-alphysasgore.jpg

Toby's very first drawings of Alphys, who was originally a guy. Toby changed the gender (only by adding eyelashes) as he grew to dislike it.

UNDERTALE-proto alphys.png

Toby's first sprites of Alphys' original design.


Early concept art for Alphys, drawn by Temmie. The drawing on the left was based directly on her dialogue sprites, however was rejected as it was considered too smooth and round by Toby. The triangle on the right was drawn as Toby told her that Alphys "looks like a triangle".

UNDERTALE-alphy miscoverworld.png

Temmie's overworld sprites, some being placeholders, for Alphys (apparently drawn when she visited Toby at one point). Toby changed her eyes to make her look cuter.

UNDERTALE-alphys new mettsequence.png

Many, many early face sprites for Alphys, some with their final versions included as well. Along with this, there's a size comparison between her full battle sprite and Mettaton's old battle sprite, also seen below.



Toby's original drawing of Mettaton, who was inspired by the robot from the classic Wallace and Gromit short A Grand Day Out.


Concepts by Toby of Mettaton's battle sprite, especially his legs. Also a couple of... interesting side profile sketches.

UNDERTALE-mett appear.png

Storyboard by Temmie of Mettaton's first appearance.


Very very early attempt at coming up with Mettaton EX's battle sprite, by Toby. While completely scrapped in this game, elements of this design would be reused in Deltarune for the decrepit NEO robot in Queen's basement, which in-universe is designed by that universe's version of Mettaton.

UNDERTALE-mettatonidea 4.png

Many different battle sprite ideas for Mettaton EX (and a few for regular Mettaton). The "trail of sparkling tears" was going to be used when EX gets hit, however this was replaced with him enjoying it instead. The angle of the sprite in the top-right, alongside the basis of the fights against regular Mettaton (not being able to defeat a giant robot by normal means), was directly inspired by R7308 from Mother a.k.a. EarthBound Beginnings, another one of Toby's main inspirations. The angle was scrapped, as it would've looked weird next to Alphys' regular perspective.


Unused idea (drawn by Toby) for EX's battle, which was apparently programmed in at some point, but removed as the transition apparently didn't look good.

UNDERTALE-mtt Growth.png

Various stages of finalizing EX's appearance, by Toby. The bottom-middle design has hands and legs by Temmie.

UNDERTALE-mettaton arms evilalugh 1.png UNDERTALE-mettaton arms evilalugh 2.png UNDERTALE-mettaton arms romance 1.png UNDERTALE-mettaton arms romance 2.png

A couple of unused arm poses for Mettaton's first battle.

Bratty & Catty

UNDERTALE-bratty progression.png UNDERTALE-catty progression.png

Early designs and faces for Bratty and Catty. IPGD (ipunchgaydeer) redid the designs, and Toby touched up the eyes for both.



The very first concept art for Burgerpants, who apparently started out as a PaRappa the Rapper-inspired character but went "wrong".

Why do I look so....so.....BEAUTIFUL, little buddy?

i'll fucking
do it

Uncensored concept art for Burgerpants with some... colorful commentary. According to Toby, Burgerpants is the only character whose final design matches the concept art 1:1.

(Source: @tobyfox)


UNDERTALE-asgore1.jpg UNDERTALE-asgore2.jpg UNDERTALE-asgore.jpg

Toby's first sketches of Asgore, before his personality was figured out.

UNDERTALE-asgore earlyconcept.png

Very early art of Asgore by Toby, once again before his personality was figured out. The top-right sprite was actually used in the original Kickstarter trailer, and the sprite on the bottom-right was inspired by Sinistral and King Berebus from Brandish, yet another one of Toby's main inspirations.


Temmie's version of the early Asgore, with one notably lacking his facial hair.

UNDERTALE-asgore sprites.png

The progression of Asgore's overworld sprites. Asgore's hair was black/brown for most of development, and was changed near the end to make his sprite more readable. Apparently Toby hardly remembers his new hair color.


Many early and unused Asgore faces, one of which is an absolutely cursed shaven sprite. The sprites on the bottom were meant for his special attack, explained in Toby's own words: "His eyes were going to flash six times in a row alternately, followed by six spear swipes. Then both eyes would flash white and he would lift his spear above his head, roar, and slam his trident into the box, creating giant shockwaves." This was removed because it would've been too difficult, and his spear wouldn't have fit completely on-screen.

UNDERTALE-asgore spearhold.png UNDERTALE-asgore spearspin.png

According to Toby, Asgore originally had functionality where he could hold his spear at any angle, and even spin it. Toby didn't like the results, however, so in the final game his spear is at a set point.

UNDERTALE-spr mockup spearswingstrip12t 1.png UNDERTALE-spr mockup spearswingstrip12t 2.png

Toby's concept of Asgore's spear attack, which he sent to Temmie and 3 or 4 other unnamed artists for them to draw. In the end, Toby had to draw the final sprites himself instead.

Photoshop Flowey

UNDERTALE-iamflowey8 test.png

Early concept art by Toby of Photoshop Flowey. The left side is actually in the files of the final game still, however the right was cut out. This was redesigned a couple times until Everdraed had something comprehensible to work with, the concepts of which are shown next.

UNDERTALE-floweyidea9999 3.png UNDERTALE-floweyidea9999.png UNDERTALE-predraed.png

Various other designs for PF, in order of completion. By the first image Toby had actually already programmed all the moving parts of him, and by the second image he finally realized the souls could fit inside the 6 big petals at the top. The final image was the concept Toby gave to Everdraed to work off of.

UNDERTALE-faces insp.png

Many unused faces originally intended for the ending of PF's fight, one of which interestingly looks like a psychotic Asriel. These were cut as they were too comedic for the tone of the scene.

UNDERTALE-dk faces strip37.png

Sheet of the weird faces that show up on PF's TV screen, including some unused variants. By the wording in the art book, it seems Toby made these faces and heavily edited them to make them look creepy.

UNDERTALE-flowey tvfaces.png

PF's "normal" faces, including many unused ones, some of which are taken almost directly from the sketches earlier. Toby scrapped most of these as he hated how they looked.

UNDERTALE-draed mid 1.png

Everdraed's in-progress screenshot of PF's final design. Everdraed explains that he shot Toby an email after the demo came out asking if he could work on the game, not knowing Toby already had him in mind for this boss fight.

The messed up teeth were intended to be used after the SOULs dropped his defense to 0, specifically after he gets hit. The Giant Side Vines (as Draed puts it) were originally going to creepily undulate, but were most likely removed as it would've been too visually distracting and confusing to layer sprites behind it for Toby.

UNDERTALE-spr bgpipe.png

This background element was meant to give the boss an "animal, vegetable, mineral" vibe, and would've been animated as struggling against each other.

Yes, that's a worm.

UNDERTALE-draed BG.png

More moving vines for the background, which Toby once again removed as it made it too visually busy.


According to Draed, he was intending on suggesting a mechanic where PF's screen would display various bitcrushed atrocities depending on what was happening in the fight, such as attacks. These are only two of them, the first being of unknown origin and the second being of a house breaking down. These were scrapped over concerns over rights issues and content issues, which given something listed below, must've been pretty bad...

UNDERTALE-draed novacancy.png

A gag meant for the Venus Flytrap, where it would've had a "vacancy" sign that would change to "no vacancy" when full of flies. Toby removed this as he felt it was too lighthearted of a gag to be in this tense fight.

Everdraed imagined this less as a random lighthearted joke, and more-so "sort of a roach motel concept that at first seems playful but is actually kinda sinister and gross when you think about it." He also felt as though the flies could change direction when the plant is full and attack the player, but conceded that programming the fight was probably already hard enough for Toby without this rather unpleasant attack pattern change.

UNDERTALE-draed newnostril.png

Apparently not even Draed knows what this was supposed to be used for. This is also part of a gif where the nostrils would sniff very weirdly. Let us not think about this further.

UNDERTALE-HDBGvines.png UNDERTALE-HDtrap.png UNDERTALE-HDarm.png UNDERTALE-HDflyani5.png UNDERTALE-HDhandvine.png UNDERTALE-HDhandgunvine.png UNDERTALE-HDbombs.png

All of these are the original, high definition Photoshopped images that would later be downsized to fit in the final game, along with some differences.

The Venus Flytrap was originally going to walk around on the bottom with cactus arms and swat flies away, but these arms were removed and the trap was reworked into the final version as the arms weren't menacing.

The arms were going to be much beefier, and have retractable petals and swing around, the whole shebang.

Most interestingly are the bombs, which are photoshopped versions of the Little Boy and the Fat Man, the nukes that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively to end World War II, only with Flowey's grin on them. (No, this is not a joke.) This is a concept Everdraed loves to visit time and time again, as it brings to mind a child trying to come to grips with terrifying and traumatic experiences in life, something which ends up fitting this fight rather well. The Little Boy would end up being scrapped, presumably out of redundancy.


UNDERTALE-evil toriel.png UNDERTALE-wavetest.png

According to Toby, Asriel's adult God of Hyperdeath form was inspired by a program he made to test visual effects in-game (shown to the right), which for some reason he put Toriel with evil eyes into. Toby liked the idea so much that he made an entirely new character design based on this.


Toby's first concept of Asriel as a child, which was changed as he wasn't cute enough and he had horns for some reason. Toby originally also envisioned the player fighting him as a child as well, however he was aged up for the fight proper.

UNDERTALE-asriel boyband.png

Toby originally flirted with the idea of Asriel having "boyband hair" for about 5 seconds, according to him. Apparently the intention behind the God of Hyperdeath design was to evoke this feeling, and Toby's glad that fanart of him with this kind of hair exists.

UNDERTALE-asriel redesign.png

Toby originally wanted to give Asriel bigger horns, but shortened them as he thought they looked too stupid.

UNDERTALE-asriel progression.png

Progression of Asriel's battle sprite. Toby made him float as he thought he looked stupid just standing.

UNDERTALE-asriel body sketch.png

Various early sprites of Asriel's battle animations, including weaponry and many of which notably lack his tuft of hair. The weird eyeball was meant to be part of an unused (but programmed) attack where his head would spin so fast that it would turn into an eyeball that shoots out tons of beams. This was scrapped as the attack was too difficult to dodge.

UNDERTALE-eyebullet.png UNDERTALE-cross thunder.png

Two unused attacks: the first would have eyes appear randomly and fire lasers, and the second would have Asriel fire blue and orange thunder from his hands that would spin around.

UNDERTALE-big angel.png UNDERTALE-big angel b strip4.png

Very early, very rough sketches of Asriel's final form, complete with some creepy faces! Toby apparently designed these before he had even finished his first form.

UNDERTALE-hypergoner zero2.png

Early-to-final versions of the Hypergoner attack, which Toby is pleased ended up looking "happier".

UNDERTALE-asriel finalform.png

Many early or unused final form and child Asriel assets, including some unused faces and an absolutely massive Delta Rune. Toby wanted the boss to take up the whole screen as he felt final bosses always do that.

Misc. Monsters



Vegetoid started out as a pumpkin named Pumpunk (and later renamed Squashy), but was changed at some point in development. The Squashy overworld sprite can actually be seen in the GAMETEST_7 demo played on Fangamer's Twitch channel.



Whimsun's battle sprites, along with an unused variant with butterfly wings. This unused version was meant to be a harder variant of the enemy, but was removed as Toby didn't think the end result looked good.



The first concept art for Migosp, who originally had different moves for the "spared" bullet, and more arms.



Magnolia Porter's original sketch of Snowdrake, which seems to have been translated 1:1 in-game.

Ice Cap


Magnolia Porter's Ice Cap sketch, same deal as Snowdrake above.




Nice Cream Guy


Temmie's first design for the Nice Cream Guy, which Toby later tweaked, most notably changing the color of his fur and the umbrella.

Snowdin Canine Unit

UNDERTALE-husky1.png UNDERTALE-husky2.png UNDERTALE-marriage doge.png

Toby's absolutely stunning and beautiful origin sketches of Doggo, Dogamy and Dogaressa. Toby explains that Dogamy and Dogaressa were inspired by Brian Lee O'Malley's Trobblers.

UNDERTALE-dogsketch.png Tell him he's a good boy or you're dead. UNDERTALE-labnightdoodle.png UNDERTALE-huskydoge.png

Concept art for the various members of the Snowdin Canine Unit. Toby states the face on the spear and gauntlets on Greater Dog were all his idea. Toby felt they looked too real, so he (and Temmie) made them look shittier. Evidently, they only started on these redesigns after Toby made sprites for Doge, as she ended up going unused in the final game.

(Source: @tobyfox)


Toby's rough sprite sketch, along with the final sprites, for Doge before they went unused.


On the left are Toby's original battle sprites for Greater Dog, based directly on Temmie's concept art, which Temmie later helped change into what ended up in the final version. On the right is also an early version of his overworld sprite.


Goof by Temmie, which later was used for the cutscene before Greater Dog's fight.


While the original version of this Lesser Dog drawing isn't in Toby's hands anymore, he explains what exactly this is:

"I told Temmie to draw a smaller version of Greater Dog as a counterpart, so she did... but her sketch had this like, weirdly long and puffy neck. So every day after I told her that I had some important concept art to look at. And then every time it would just be her drawing of the dog, but with its neck badly extended in MS Paint. Until it just reached this point and its neck was really long."

This idea was later put in the final game as Lesser Dog's main gag.



Fuller version of the Grillby doodle seen in the Waterfall concept art above. He's pretty hot, right?


Higher quality version of the concept art doodle of Grillby from Sans' date as seen above. He was made less nerdy (and less Dilbert-esque) for the final design.


black skinny pants
and nice shoes HE 
(grillbert? ?? ?? )

(Source: @tobyfox)

Jimmy Hotpants


Toby's sketches of Jimmy Hotpants, apparently to explain to Temmie how to correctly draw them.

Monster Kid


Magnolia Porter's original drawings of Monster Kid, of which she states she's happy they got an expanded role.

UNDERTALE-Monster Kid.png

Temmie's first versions of Monster Kid's overworld sprites, which Toby later tweaked to make them look less angry.


Various ideas for Monster Kid's tripping animation, including a scrapped "victory" animation.



One of Toby's friends asked him to put a monster in that is "very muscular and strong", so he told Temmie to draw a muscular horse design because she hates muscles and horses.



The original versions of Shyren and her manager's battle sprites, featuring some weird looking eyes that, judging by the caption, Toby is glad he removed.

Royal Guards


Various early versions of the Royal Guards, including the later unused RG 03 and 04. Most interestingly, the bottom-right corner has an Amalgamate version of all four of them, apparently named ASURA, presumably removed for numerous logistical reasons.

Heats Flamesman


Heats Flamesman concept art, along with their final sprites. Apparently just walking by them would've shown that you supposedly knew their name, judging by the notes.


UNDERTALE-muffet001.png UNDERTALE-muffet002.png

Kickstarter backer Michelle Czajkowski's original uncolored and colored drawings of her character, Muffet. Toby states that he basically traced the design in-game for her battle sprite.

Final Froggit


Early design for Final Froggit, featuring a more haunted appearance and a croaking animation.

Knight Knight


Sketch of Knight Knight, along with an early battle sprite for her.


UNDERTALE-spr whimsun reaper.png

Original design for Whimsalot, with a different head.

Reaper Bird


The first designed Amalgamate, Reaper Bird was later given longer legs to make it creepier.


UNDERTALE-spr strangeman losinghead.png

Sprites for the Everyman attack, including an unused reverse-chomping head. He is described as "a good guy who shows up on occassion", if you're wondering.

Snowdrake's Mother

UNDERTALE-ice enemies.png

Original concept sketches for Snowdrake's Mother, along with sprites of various Snowdin enemies to use as inspiration.



Various concepts for Endogeny, along with various other dog enemies as inspiration.

Lemon Bread

UNDERTALE-water enemise.png

Yet more concepts and inspirations, this time for Lemon Bread. Toby confirms her name is a reference to Gunstar Heroes.


UNDERTALE-migospel 1.png

Early sprites of Hard Mode enemy, Migospel, including a variant with three legs. Toby had to downsize it, Moldessa and Parsnik later on as he made them too big originally.


UNDERTALE-moldess 0.png

Early Moldessa sprites, along with some shape ideas for its face.

Unnamed/Various Monsters


These lovely chaps were meant to be the characters who snore to the tune of "Determination" while the player sleeps in Snowed Inn. Originally, after sleeping, the player would be able to talk to them and they would exposit humorous dialogue. Toby forgot about this concept though and didn't care to go back and actually implement this.

UNDERTALE-Pirhana guy.png

Original versions of the teethy monster seen inside Grillby's, with a lower half not seen in-game.

UNDERTALE-anime octopus.png

A couple Waterfall characters, including an earlier, more professional-looking (and pink) version of Onion-san.

UNDERTALE-boatperson idea2.png

The riverperson was originally going to randomly wear this flowery muumuu, but Toby didn't implement this.


Unused cheerleader enemy for Hotland who was going to bring along Vulkin and, interestingly, Woshua with oversized football helmets.

UNDERTALE-larpy7 dbl - Copy.png

Another unused Hotland enemy, this LARPing Harpy (known as Larpy) would narrate every move as if it was an RPG, and to spare him you'd have to play an RPG, inside of this game's RPG interface. The concept of a nerdy, game-obsessed avian would be revisited in Deltarune's Berdly.


Unused lizard NPC for Hotland. Apparently Waterfall would have many fish NPCs, and Hotland would have many lizard NPCs.

UNDERTALE-fashionbomb.png UNDERTALE-present .png

A couple unique bomb battle screen designs intended for the bomb defusing encounters.


Apparently Hotland would've been full of robot NPCs, however they were all removed as it felt "wrong" to have any robots aside from Mettaton.


Toby's sketch of the harpy riding a hot dog, which was translated almost exactly to sprite form in the final.


Life's a process.


Various different versions of the Snowdin demon NPC, who at one point had a blue, frowning version that Toby most likely forgot to put in later on. Also, interestingly, an overworld Amalgamate sprite of this character, like the Amalgamate version of the Royal Guards seen above.


Various early concept sketches of potential Hard Mode enemies, only three of which went used.


Various random enemy concepts by Temmie, none of which ended up in the final.

UNDERTALE-monstrr 2 .png

Yet more Temmie monster designs. The teethy guy ended up in the final, sitting at a booth in Grillby's.

UNDERTALE-Monstrr .png

Guess what? More monster designs by Temmie, yay! The slimy cleaning dude would be used in the MTT Resort, and Toby states that he liked the bird and broccoli unicycle designs.


Various NPC designs by Temmie, who would've guessed? The cute rock at the top-left would be used in extra tiny form in Snowdin.


Elderly NPC design by Temmie.


Placeholder of... something. Toby's commentary is not helpful here.

UNDERTALE-npc generics .png

Various placeholder NPC designs by Toby, the left of which was actually used both in the MTT Resort and in greyscale form for one of the Gaster Followers.

Someone likes art

Unused artsy NPC design by Temmie... or Toby. Toby does not provide helpful commentary here. Maybe she was related to the Art Club?

UNDERTALE-morenpcideas fleshedout 1.png UNDERTALE-morenpcideas fleshedout 2.png

Various NPC ideas by Toby, along with a couple sprites. Of these, only the orange fish and Onion-san would end up in the final.

HOLY [Cungadero] KID, I CAN'T BE A [BIG SHOT] IF I DON'T HAVE ANY [Fifty Percent Off] ARMS !! UNDERTALE-npc ideas moreflesh2.png

Yet more NPC ideas by Toby, including Mr. Sunshine from earlier, a rat who is an obvious parody of Templeton from Charlotte's Web, and some clams. Interestingly, Clam Girl here is the only appearance of "fun event" content in the entirety of the art book.

Most interestingly, however, is the design in the top-middle of the first image, with the censored name. Many have speculated that this is a very, very early version of Spamton from Deltarune, based on the similar slick-backed hair, pointy nose, tiny appearance and constant smile, along with the hastily cut off speech bubble and the aforementioned censored name. We may never know for sure, however...

UNDERTALE-npc ideas 3.png UNDERTALE-npc ideas 4.png UNDERTALE-npc ideas 5.png

Even more NPC designs by Toby. The only one of these to be included in the final is the dude holding the Spider Donut. The haniwa-esque monster-in-a-box was going to be included, but there weren't enough boxes to make it work, and apparently Big Stomper was "really popular" according to Toby. While the cube characters don't appear in the final game, they do bear some similarity concept-wise to ICE-E.

UNDERTALE-undertale monsters1.png

Many different Hotland monster designs by Magnolia, with only Vulkin and Gyftrot (who was changed slightly and plopped in Snowdin instead) ending up in the final. The seagull was a ploy by Magnolia to have Toby include a seagull in the final game, as she loves drawing seagulls.


UNDERTALE-battlemockup1.png UNDERTALE-battlemockup2.png UNDERTALE-battlemockup3.png UNDERTALE-battlemockup4.png

Various mockups of the battle system by Toby, including some simple placeholder designs, and the creepy Toriel from earlier. Most notably, there were more options for the main choices, such as Check, Talk (which would generally be merged into ACT), Magic (which was completely scrapped) Goods (which became ITEMS) and Run (which would be combined with Spare and turned into the MERCY option).

UNDERTALE-battleBG3.png UNDERTALE-battlemockuptemplate.png UNDERTALE-battlemockuptemplate2.png UNDERTALE-battleparts.png

Various tries at figuring out the final design of the battle interface, most notably showing off the unused Energy magic mechanic. Along with this, there are early versions of the final's main choices, the Spell icon actually going unused in the final game's files. The flavor text in the second image, another reference to Gunstar Heroes, would later be reused in the fight with Lemon Bread.

UNDERTALE-menumockup1items.png UNDERTALE-menumockup1status.png UNDERTALE-menumockup1cell.png UNDERTALE-menumockup1save.png

Various mockups of the overworld menus, including an early spelling of Undyne's name, wowee!. Most notably, SAVEing was originally a menu option that could be chosen anywhere, and it would track how many kills the player has, rather than the stats screen showing it during a Genocide run. Also the cell phone was originally gonna be Frisk's friend, but this idea was scrapped for being "really bad".


Loading screen design by Temmie that Toby removed because he preferred the loading screen to look shitty.


Mockup of the demo's instruction manual surprisingly drawn by Temmie on a trackpad.


Mockup of the dating sim sprites during Papyrus' date. Don't worry, Aaron is just a placeholder.

UNDERTALE-parallax bg.png

Every major boss fight was supposed to have a different unique background, such as this floating one for Asgore (which actually was programmed). In the end, all but Undyne's were scrapped.

UNDERTALE-coolbus.png UNDERTALE-deadfish.png UNDERTALE-elephant.png UNDERTALE-funflag.png UNDERTALE-hoopflame.png UNDERTALE-lioncage.png UNDERTALE-unicycle.png UNDERTALE-reverse unicycle.png UNDERTALE-pool of water.png UNDERTALE-ramp.png

All of these sprites were meant for the very end of Papyrus' "really cool regular attack", which originally would've had bone attacks and then devolve into tons of ridiculous things. Ideas include an entire circus and a row of 19 buses (which is a reference to the Homestar Runner short, Strong Bad Email #87 - Mile). This was scrapped for "every reason", according to Toby.




Temmie's very first sketches of the game's intro. In the PDF version of the art book, Toby explains that the intro was originally going to have Frisk fall down into the Underground instead of Chara, however Temmie accidentally drew one stripe on their shirt instead of two. Instead of changing this, Toby decided to work it into the story, and have the intro tie into the cutscene during Asriel's boss fight.

UNDERTALE-TOGETH.png UNDERTALE-thumb4nolinever.png

Slightly more finished versions of the intro by Temmie. These were actually used as placeholders in the GAMETEST_7 demo mentioned earlier.

Scrapped Flowey Cutscene


-> if you defeat asgore in one hit

you win?

(burrows into the ground)

credits play with goofy sitcom theme
song music

Storyboard for a never-implemented cutscene that would've occurred if the player somehow managed to defeat Asgore in a single hit. In the final game, the only time this happens is during the Genocide Route, where the outcome is far more serious. Unused Flowey faces meant for the scrapped cutscene are also still left in the final game.

(Source: @tobyfox)

Pre-Asriel Fight

UNDERTALE-asrielscene1.png UNDERTALE-asrielscene2.png UNDERTALE-asrielscene3.png UNDERTALE-asrielscene4.png

The cutscene before the Asriel fight was so complicated, that Toby decided to make a rough storyboard of it. The end results are... interesting, to say the least. Of note is that Papyrus' "pepis" text, a reference to a fake swear word used as an in-joke among Toby's circle of friends, bears an uncanny similarity to the "pipis" sign that accompanies the enemy/attack of the same name in Deltarune.

Asriel's Flashback

UNDERTALE-Sketch Asriel Concept.png

Temmie's original storyboard for the Asriel flashbacks. Toby came up with different ideas later on, shown below.

Undertale Flashback Storyboard 1.jpgUndertale Flashback Storyboard 2.jpgUndertale Flashback Storyboard 3.jpg

Storyboards for Asriel's flashbacks to his life with Chara near the end of his battle in the True Pacifist route, plus some concept portraits of Asriel himself. According to Toby, several planned scenes had to be cut from this sequence in the final game for timing purposes; indeed, of the scenes shown here, the only ones present in-game are Asriel encountering Chara after they fall into the Underground and Asriel & Chara holding bouquets of flowers. Toby's notes, from left to right and top to bottom, read as follows:

eat pie
read books
play in the flowers

they're all wrapped up in bandages, like mummies.

3 poses:
- asriel holding flowers, chara holding too many
- them eating pie, chara holding a knife → knife next to chara
- them looking at stars, parallel to earlier

The contents of these notes also confirms that "Chara" is indeed the canon name for the Fallen Human that the player names at the beginning of the game.

(Source: @tobyfox)



Concepts for the logo of the game. The artist is not listed in the art book.


Drawing made by Temmie right after the demo released for the Kickstarter, showcasing a few early, silhouetted versions of characters that would appear later.