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Prerelease:Donkey Kong Country (SNES)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Donkey Kong Country (SNES).

Early Concepts


These early sketches of Donkey Kong are from 1993, and have more slim limbs. This was before Miyamoto suggested adding a tie.

SCES 1994 Promotional Video

Used for promoting DKC and the Super Game Boy, here are some differences between this build and the final version:

  • 13:25 - Ropey Rampage with no lightning or rain.
  • 13:34 - Poison Pond rendered with blue water/background.
  • 13:51 - The banana counter goes above 100, on Ropey Rampage (rain). No lighting changes to the Kongs either.
  • 14:09 - Klump is not defeated by DK.
(Source: DKC Atlas)

Dumb Drum Battle

Doesn't that room look familiar, eh?

Boss Dumb Drum would originally have been fought in a room much like the bonus rooms, however he was moved elsewhere in the final game. The original room still exists in the ROM (room ID 21), but without the boss itself.

Early Naming Sheet

Donkey Kong Country concepts.jpg

A naming sheet posted by Gregg Mayles on Twitter dated March 8, 1994 reveals that the game was originally called Donkey Kong's Monkey Mayhem, Candy Kong was originally Honey Kong or Blondie Kong, King K. Rool was Kommander K. Rool, Rock Kroc was Krocrock, Slippa was Mr. Hister, and Clambo was Ms. Clamity.

Unused concepts revealed in this sheet include an eel named Mobo, a yeti named Frozone, fish named Bloop and Gloop, a "nasty beetle" named Veedub, a Kremling named Klanger, a robot Kremling named Krocbot, and a statue Kremling named Krumble. It also shows two unused Animal Friends: an owl named Hooter and a mole named Miney.

Despite being cut from the original game, Shuri, Puftup, and Kloak made it into Donkey Kong Country 2.