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Prerelease:Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES).

1995 Trailer

Trailer Final
Donkey Kong Country 2- Diddy Kong's Quest-title.png Donkey Kong Country 2- Diddy's Kong Quest-title.png
  • The game's subtitle is "Diddy Kong's Quest" instead of "Diddy's Kong-Quest".
  • The word "QUEST" appears in the treasure chest.
  • The title screen has an animation showing the treasure chest opening to reveal "QUEST". This animation has an effect of letting light out of the chest, brightening up the screen.
  • Diddy opens his mouth a little wider in the final game, and his eyes were shifted a bit to look at the Kremlings in the background.
  • Kruncha doesn't turn red when jumped on.
  • Topsail Trouble and Kreepy Krow have dark blue clouds in their background rather than dark grey. This palette exists, unused, in the final version.
  • Either Kreepy Krow uses the level layout and boss AI of Krow's Nest, Krow's Nest uses the palettes of Kreepy Krow, or the bosses are one and the same at this point.
  • DK Barrels appear to be breakable even both Kongs are present (as seen in the Hornet Hole footage). This is consistent with Donkey Kong Country, but in the final game, DK Barrels can only be broken when a Kong is missing.

Early Footage

A 1996 episode of the public-access show Flights of Fantasy (better known under its rerelease title Gaming in the Clinton Years) included early footage of Donkey Kong Country 2 (starts at 4:40 in the video at right), showing several unfinished gameplay mechanics:

  • New Kong behaviors not present in the first Donkey Kong Country seem to not have any partner coding, instead defaulting to the partner Kong walking in mid-air to follow the player Kong. These behaviors include hanging from Squawks, climbing ropes, and riding Rattly.
  • Swimming in non-underwater stages containing water does not appear to have been implemented yet, as Dixie drops to the floor when jumping into water.
  • In the footage of the ship hold level, Klap-Trap, the four-legged crocodile enemy from Donkey Kong Country, can be seen. They were replaced with a similar baddy, Klampon, for the final version.
  • Bananas do not spin and are completely static.
  • The banana counter is absent, although collected bananas do move to where it would be.
  • Quawks is green, which can be seen in the Parrot Chute Panic footage. This makes him visually identical to Squawks. In the final version, Quawks was changed to purple to distinguish him from Squawks.

Why a 1996 episode includes prerelease footage when Diddy's Kong Quest came out in late 1995 is anyone's guess.