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Prerelease:Doom II: Hell on Earth (PC)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Doom II: Hell on Earth (PC).

To do:
The Steam page for Doom II uses early prerelease screenshots.
  • Image 1 is MAP15, and uses the dark sand flat for the city's streets instead of grass.
  • Image 3 is also MAP15, on the rooftop of the southwest building. It uses the Doom E1 skybox and has a marble texture instead of green slimebricks (like the July 29th version).
  • Image 4 is MAP16, and has different textures (white pebbles for the floor, and the Doom 1 gargoyle face texture for the plasma rifle platform (present in July 29th version)).
Many more prerelease screenshots can be found here.

Early Monster Sprites

Doom2-earlyarach01.png Doom2-earlyarach02.png

An early Arachnotron which looks more like a scaled down Spider Mastermind. It's armed with a chaingun, which is consistent with its attack in the beta executables. The sky is from Episode 1 of Doom.


The Revenant here is very rough, seemingly using its raw, unedited model captures. The shotgun is using the super shotgun's muzzle flash sprite.