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Prerelease:Fighting Vipers (Arcade)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Fighting Vipers (Arcade).


Location test flyer

Fighting Vipers location test flyer

Several screenshots are shown here, including the early HUD (with plain-text character names rather than stylized), and Jane's name as Dominique. Tokio and Honey are also not yet in the roster at this point.

(Source: TAFA (images))

Electronic Gaming Monthly Preview

Electronic Gaming Monthly's Fighting Vipers preview

The article seems to consist of many of the same screenshots as the location test flyer, but the text (when not riddled with useless non-informative filler and puzzling character misgendering) has some interesting tidbits:

  • At this point, Jane's name change from Dominique seems to be final.
  • Honey is given an alternative name of "Mu"—possibly a placeholder name, as she looks to have been one of the last characters added to the game. (The Japanese character Mu, "無", means "nothing.")
  • Picky's shirt has a different color and design than the final.
  • Bahn's cape features more kanji script on it.

Armored Fighter

A very early concept version of Fighting Vipers, as seen in this Wayback archive of a page on AM2's old website.

(Source: FV2 The Official Web Site (images))