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Prerelease:Final Fantasy VII

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Final Fantasy VII.

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Developmental Timeline


  • Apr. - Development of Final Fantasy VII begins for the SNES, despite the developmental team focusing on Chrono Trigger.


  • Dec. - Final Fantasy VII resumes where Square hires 3D graphic design artists.


  • Jan - Development is shifted to the PlayStation.


  • Jan. 31 - Final Fantasy VII is released in Japan.
  • Aug. 31 - Final Fantasy VII is released in North America.



After Final Fantasy VI had finished development, Square had already begun work on Final Fantasy VII for the Super Nintendo. However, a lot of the staff were occupied with Chrono Trigger, and it became significant enough to the point where development on the sequel game was halted.



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  • This video is good for finding out more info about the tech demo.

Originally, Square developed Final Fantasy VI: The Interactive CG Game as a tech demo to test out new hardware, and what they wanted to do for the series' jump to 3D.

An early version of the Bahamut (Mega Flare) summon is shown firing at a city.

(Source: Shmuplations, weeatvideogames (Video))


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In 1995, Final Fantasy VII officially resumed development as Square recruited 3D graphic artists.

(Source: Archive.org)



Shift to PlayStation

Wanting to keep their price low for Final Fantasy VII and needing to use more space for their games, Square knew that the Nintendo 64 wouldn't be fit for their standards. Although they initially considered switching to the Sega Saturn and PC, Square officially announced on the second that they would be officially switching the development of their future games to the PlayStation instead. This would ultimately result in Nintendo shutting them out until the presidents of both companies had already left.