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Prerelease:JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain.

KnowledgeLand Preview

KnowledgeLand, released in Fall 1996, included a preview of JumpStart 3rd Grade. This preview predated the game's release by a few months.

Prerelease Final
JumpStart3rdGrade-BotleyFirstFloor-Prerelease.png JumpStart3rdGrade-BotleyFirstFloor-Final.png

Botley on the first floor of the Mystery Mountain Mansion.

  • Botley is colored and shaded differently, which has the odd effect of making his hands appear as though they are glowing. He also lacks the shadow beneath his feet.
  • In the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, the area where invention points are displayed uses a different yellow font for the numbers.
  • The staircase in the background is missing its stairs, instead having the appearance of a slide. While it's possible that it could turn into a slide as it does in the final, it doesn't have this appearance when Botley is standing in the spot shown here.
Prerelease Final
JumpStart3rdGrade-PollyKitchen-Prerelease.png JumpStart3rdGrade-PollyKitchen-Final.png

Polly speaking to Botley via a monitor in the kitchen.

  • The monitor is noticeably smaller and less detailed. It also looks to be 2D.
  • Polly is slightly different.
  • Mort is absent.

Official Web/Manual Images

Knowledge Adventure's website featured some promotional images for the game circa 1997. Some of these would also appear in the game's digital manual in later releases, at differing resolutions.

Prerelease Final
JumpStart3rdGrade-PollyIntro-Prerelease.png JumpStart3rdGrade-PollyIntro-Final.png

From a brief scene towards the beginning of the game where Polly is seen in a secret chamber of sorts. The promotional image appears to be a downsized screenshot.

  • Polly has a different design. While largely similar to the final version, there are numerous differences, such as the shading, her hands being clasped together, and one of her pigtails being more visible. Additonally, she never makes quite the same facial expression in-game as the prerelease image shows.
  • The screen behind Polly is blank.
  • One of the levers is in a different position.
Prerelease Final
JumpStart3rdGrade-TransQuizzer-Prerelease.png JumpStart3rdGrade-TransQuizzer-Final.png

One of the first TransQuizzer missions.

  • Ms. Winkle's appearance is entirely different.
  • Polly has a different facial expression and her screen is zoomed in on her face more.
  • The two screens that display text are colored differently.
  • The text on the left side shows the entirety of Ms. Winkle's question for Polly, which is verbally spoken in-game. The final version opts to display a summary of her question instead.
  • Polly's answer has one very minor difference: an exclamation point became a comma.
  • No Quiz Disk can be seen in the TransQuizzer's slot.
  • Botley isn't peering over the TransQuizzer.


A promotional image which only appeared on the Knowledge Adventure site depicts Mort in the Time Machine, which is odd given that he never shows up there in-game. The Time Machine displays the date, location, and image that pertains to the first mission, during which the player rescues Cosmo-Bot instead.