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Prerelease:Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (Arcade)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (Arcade).

Norimaro Preview

The kancho animation that allegedly riled Marvel to demand Capcom for its deletion.

A Japanese promotional video (right) shows the creation of Norimaro, and prominently features his creator, Noritaro Kinashi, meeting the Capcom staff, recording his voice for the character, and doing silly things.

At 7:50, a pre-release version of the game is shown, in order to display the progress on Norimaro. This version features various differences from the final version, most of which revolve around him:

  • The intro (8:04) is different. There is no music, no announcer, and no Marvel Comics logo. Ryu and Cyclops do not appear jumping in the air before the first Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter title. Also, the Japanese text scrolls up instead of showing up, and there are different clips for the characters. The scene with Apocalypse and Cyber-Akuma is absent.
  • At 8:40, the character select screen is shown. Norimaro's select picture is different, showing the first frame of his idle stance instead of him holding his glasses. The animation he does when he's selected is also different (it's the same as his "calling assist" animation in the final game).
  • The HUD is slightly different, while the timer is red and starts at 39 seconds. Norimaro is facing the opposite direction in it.
  • There seems to be no music in this build, other than the versus screen and the victory themes.
  • At the versus screen, two black rectangular boxes appear to form the "VS" logo, this seems to be a glitch. Also, the "2P" icon during a super jump is different.
  • Norimaro changes:
    • Norimaro is not named in-game (this is because his name was chosen on a mail contest, shown earlier in the video). However, the name "NORIO" appears when he wins.
    • Some of his animations, such as his standing HP or his taunt, are still unfinished. He also lacks a secondary color, and he doesn't have a voice yet (Noritaro Kinashi is shown recording his voice later in the video).
    • Some of his moves are slightly different, as he doesn't fall after his QCF + K move. Further, his Hyper Strong Miracle Treasure hyper combo has him throwing stuff in an arc rather than throwing it randomly, and he doesn't taunt after ending the move.
    • Infamously, he has a throw that was removed from the final version, where he shoves his fingers up the opponent's rear, a Japanese prank called kancho. Despite the staff loving the idea, this move was supposedly removed at Marvel's request.
    • His Ultra Variety Private Memories hyper combo doesn't have the pose at the beginning or at the end of the move, but it has a lot of different animations! It's hard to notice them due to the video quality, but instead of sitting in a bathtub he was sitting on a stool while washing himself; he was dressed as Kamen Norider (Noritake Kinashi's Kamen Rider parody) instead of Mega Man; the frame where he's cooking breakfast had him naked except for the apron; and there's a completely removed frame where he seems to be wearing a schoolgirl outfit.

The sprites for Norimaro's kancho throw are not present in the final game. The same is true for the alternate version of his rush hyper, though a small portion of the stool-sitting frame remains in the final ROM, but the others seem to be removed/replaced.

Tokyo Game Show Preview

Later in the above video (42:21), at the Tokyo Game Show 1997, a later revision of the game is shown. Norimaro is now voiced and finished, and the game is very close to the final version, though there are some minor differences.

  • The majority of the music is the same as the final game, at least what's heard in the video, though the music does not change when there are 10 seconds left. Ryu also has his X-Men vs. Street Fighter theme, possibly as a placeholder.
  • Norimaro crawls on the ground after tagging in, his Hyper Strong Miracle Treasure hyper combo has some of the stuff he throws remain on-screen, and he has a different win pose (the same pose shown at the end of his Ultra Variety Private Memories hyper combo in the final game; said move is sadly not shown in the video).
  • Ken's Shippu Jinrai Kyaku hyper combo does not have his feet covered in flames, nor does it cause "burn" effects on the opponent.
  • Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu hyper combo costs 1 super bar, like in X-Men vs. Street Fighter. In the final game, it costs 3 bars, a full super meter.
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