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Prerelease:Mega Man (NES)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Mega Man (NES).

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Bond Man

The 2018 event Rockman Unite[1] displayed early materials from the game.

Elec Bomb

Early sprites of Elec Man and Bomb Man.

Pre-release Final
Early tiles

Early tiles
Mega Man 1 Enemy Tileset.png

There are several changes between the tileset sheets and the final version:

Disk Line Details
5 0 Blaster and Killer Bomb are unchanged.
1 The electric hazard had a device with an unique design with the enemy sprites. In the final version it is a block with the stage tiles. The Metall details were moved to the next line due to the increase of electricity tiles.
2 Metall had one extra frame. In the final it was replaced by CWU-01P's bubble (starting).
3 An unused cannon hazard (which slighly resembles Wily Machine's cannon) was replaced by CWU-01P's bubble (increasing). As its size was reduced, Adhering Suzy was moved from line 6. Bunby Heli has no changes.
4 The tiles of Mambu with closed eyes were removed, and one frame from Gabyoall was replaced by the item Yashichi.
5 Like the electric hazard, the horizontal fire hazard had an unique device instead of being part of the background. The flames were moved to the next line, and in its place is some tiles from the wave in CWU-01P's stage. Pepe has no changes.
6 The early Suzy was bigger and took more space. In the final it was shrunk and moved to line 3, and the horizontal flames from line 5 took its place. Screw Driver has no changes other than having two tiles moved to the next line.
7 Except for two tiles from Screw Driver being moved from line 6 to the end on this line and replacing an unknown tile (maybe a projectile for Kamadoma?), nothing changed.
6 8-B Pickelman had walking frames removed and a few tiles moved to different positions. In its place is one of the Appearing Blocks.
C This line is unchanged.
D Sniper Joe tiles are unchanged, but the extra Watcher tiles with the eyes closed were replaced by its projectile and the item Magnet Beam.
E-F Sniper Joe had no changes.
7 0-1 Visible tiles are unchanged.
2 Springer tiles after Crazy Razy were removed.
3 Springer tiles were replaced by frames from the lift that were in the next line.
4 Lift frames were moved up and a few tiles were deleted. In its place are tiles for the pause menu.
5 The spiked enemy was deleted, and Foot Holder was modified.
6 Foot Holder and Bombombomb had some changes.
7 Bombombomb had some changes. Except for the last tile, Super Cutter is the same.
8 8-F In the final version this blank space includes Big Eye, Changkey, the vertical fire hazard, a second Appearing Block, CWU-01P's bubble (complete), and the remaining tiles from the wave in CWU-01P's stage. It also includes Rock (from the ending) and a few tiles of Wily.

Early Stage Select Screen

Pre-release Final
MegaMan-Early Stage Select Screen.png Nesmegaman1-select.png

The back of the US box shows an early version of the Robot Master selection screen. The final adds "SELECT STAGE" to the text in the center, and makes "PRESS START" more flush.