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Prerelease:Minecraft: Java Edition

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Minecraft: Java Edition.

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Minecraft was initially developed by Markus "Notch" Persson after being inspired by Infiniminer. The base code was developed in one week and was based on a cancelled game, RubyDung. The game would be tested in the TigIRC chat room on May 16, 2009, and public reception would be received the next day on the TIGSource forums. The game quickly gained popularity and features continued to be added to the game. After the game reached 1.0, Notch handed development duties off to Jens "Jeb" Bergensten.


Changed Content
Content that was added, but changed before their official release.

Cave Game tech test

The YouTube video Cave game tech test (original has been region-locked in all countries) was the first glimpse the world got of Minecraft, then going by the name Cave Game. This version has never been released to the public. The version shown in the video is from May 13th, 2009, but is an updated version of the first build of the game from May 9th, 2009.

Worlds are 256x64x256 blocks large, split into 16x64x16 chunks (originally 8x8x8,) and are made up of only two blocks (technically three blocks, but air wasn't listed as a block internally): Grass, which has the same texture on each side and only generates on tiles that are lit, and Cobblestone, which has a very aggressive texture. Lighting has been implemented at this point, but only has 2 light levels. "Caves" generate until a few blocks above the last layer of cobblestone, creating something akin to a ravine. Blocks cannot be placed, there is no hotbar nor inventory, and you can't fly, although you can destroy blocks. The only entity that exists is the player, which has no visible model and is 1.7 blocks tall compared to the current height of 1.8 blocks.

Unreleased Content

Dirt Slab

To the left are the slabs, to the right are some weird-looking grass/slab things.

In early versions of Minecraft, Notch tried out dirt slabs, so they would be a half-block lower than grass and make the world feel more "smooth." However, this caused errors with dirt spawning in places like underground, leaving odd gaps.

Inventory Screen Mockup

This later became reality in December 31st, 2009. Although, not of this color scheme, and with the 9 hotbar slots.

In a screenshot of what appears to be 0.26 SURVIVAL TEST, Notch made a mockup of an inventory screen; the armor slots seem to match up with Notch's unfinished game Legend of the Chambered, and although the "stats" section was implemented in some Indev builds, they served no function and were eventually removed.


What's that wooden speck in the background?

This would have worked just the way you would imagine, a stand for reading books. Dinnerbone worked hard on it, and got far into it, until he encountered numerous bugs and decided to scrap it. In 2013, on his Reddit AMA, he was asked if he would revisit it, and he replied he tried, but it was still buggy, and "didn't feel right".

Over 5 years later, the Lectern would finally be implemented into the game in Snapshot 18w44a, albeit with a drastic redesign, functioning the same as how it was described in the past.

Dyed Planks

Dyed Plank's textures.

Dinnerbone posted a poll on whether or not he should add Dyed Planks to the game. The poll won, but Dinnerbone cancelled the idea sometime in development when he realised he had to add new slabs and stairs as well. The blocks were replaced with Hardened Clay.

Sky Dimension

Minecraft-Sky Dimension.png

Notch was planning to add a Sky Dimension for the Beta 1.8 update, which you had a chance of going to when you fell asleep. This feature was never implemented, but in Beta 1.6 and Beta 1.7, data in the code for this dimension was present. With the use of mods, it was possible to access this dimension. In 1.0 it was replaced with the End. The End dimension is still referred to as "sky" internally.


Screenshot 2023-10-17 215154.png

Firelies were intended to be added in 1.19, aka the Wild Update, being planned as food for frogs. However, Mojang later decided to remove them, as they found out that some fireflies are poisonous to frogs, a decision that was widely criticized by the community. The behavior related to frogs was repurposed for use with the Slime and Magma cube.