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Prerelease:Neighbours From Hell

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Neighbours From Hell.

To do:
Finish adding final screenshots and descriptions.

Early Xbox Images

Some common things you'll see is the timer having a slightly different design, the rage points icon being slightly further to the left and also showing 0 or 1 rage points when the minimum required to display a number in the final game is 2, different coin counts for the levels, slightly different object placement, and some impossible scenarios that were likely caused by the developers messing with debugging tools.

Another thing to note is the pre-release screenshots have way higher bit depth than what can be seen on the actual Xbox screenshots.


Prerelease Final
  • The location of the monk, gong, and his bowl are slightly different.
  • The location of the claw machine is further away from the right wall.
  • Olga is next to the neighbor, which isn't possible in this level, as she's always sitting in the rickshaw here.
  • 1 rage point visible in the HUD, which usually stays blank until there's 2 or more.


Prerelease Final
  • The breadbox icon has a placeholder cheese icon. The thought bubble is also way more detailed.
  • Rottweiler's mother is not present.
  • The soap flake box and trash can locations are different. The trash can is located where it would be on the PC version.
  • There are 6 coins instead of 7.
  • The neighbor is looking through the window at the birds, which never happens.
    • At that, the birds normally are there for a brief moment when Woody places down bread crumbs, and quickly fly away.
  • The "TAKE" button is still visible even though it'd be hidden when the grabbing animation is being played.
  • The ironing board is in a slightly different spot.


Prerelease Final


Prerelease Final
  • Instead of pressing B to "STOP SEARCHING", it just says to press A to "CONTINUE" in the final build.
  • Still has three columns in the search minigame. In the final game at this point you have four.
    • More detailed thought cloud is visible again as well.
  • 8 obtainable coins instead of 7.
  • Shows 0 for rage points, usually it's blank until you get 2.
  • The barkeeper has a green glass next to him, which isn't present in the final game. Though the thought clouds in the final game still display it when interacting with him.
    • By this point, to have the bucket next to him already taken away, the barkeep is supposed to be passed out from alcohol.
  • The water tap is in a slightly different spot.
  • The crab hole is in a different spot too, and has a crab on the outside. Normally they jump back in the hole when Woody is nearby.
  • Olga is awakened and angry, which in the final game only happens when the neighbor destroys her kid's sandcastle.


Prerelease Final
  • Has a lot more coins to get than in the final build.
  • The death icon (skeleton) in the lives display doesn't show until after the ghost flying away animation has played and the Failed screen shows up in the final build.
  • Shows 1 rage point which normally doesn't happen. The minimum is 2.
  • The vending machine still has chili in it, even though by that stage the neighbor is supposed to have taken it out already.
  • No visible flowers next to the cement, the dead fish is in a different spot too.
  • There are more rocks on the cliff that separates the zone to the left.

Do It Yourself

Prerelease Final
  • The computer room is lit up, despite the only source of light being broken.
  • Far more golden coins than in the final build, of course.
  • Woody is seen laughing after a trick has been played. In the final game, he only laughs after setting up a trick.
  • The door in the living room that leads to the bedroom is missing.
  • Neighbor's mother isn't visible either.