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Prerelease:Parodius (NES)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Parodius (NES).

EGM Issue 13

An early screenshot with a different background and HUD than the final game.

Konami New Games Advertisement

A 1990 Japanese advert that includes two pictures of the game, the first being a more complete version of the above EGM screenshot.

The second picture shows the midboss Undersea Kitty-Achako passing by islands, which it doesn't do in the final game but does do in other versions (such as the SNES one). Interestingly, Kitty-Achako has two paws here; it has three in the final.

Game T-V 1990 Autumn Ascii Video Magazine (for rental only)

A rental-only VHS tape that includes early footage.

An intro not present in the final game.

The gold bell is used as the cursor for selecting manual or auto weapon update. The final has the boxes flash instead, with the bell used to select the difficulty.