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Prerelease:Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.

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Several screenshots were included in development documents used to help translate the games showing an earlier stage of development.

Documents Final Game
PokeFRLG EarlyIntro.png PokeFRLG FinalIntro.png

Oak's sprite was redrawn in the intro. A couple of the hiragana letters were readjusted, most notably with the "て" (te) character. The gradient in the background is also smaller.

Documents Final Game
That's one big trainer. PokeFRLG MainChar Final.png
Documents Final Game
Honey, I shrunk Gary. PokeFRLG Rival Final.png

Screenshots featuring early sprites for the male playable character and the rival. Notably, the rival's sprite looks much closer to the original games's appearance. Also, the final game does not give any suggestions for the player's name, unlike Pokémon Red and Blue. Interestingly, in the documents screenshots, the names suggested for the player belong to Blue and the names suggested for the rival belong to Red.

Documents Final Game
PokeFRLG Oak FameChecker.png PokeFRLG Oak FameChecker Final.png

Oak's pose changed slightly in the final game, with brown hair instead of grey, and different coloured clothes. The document image uses the test message テストです……… (This is a test).

Documents Final Game
PokeFRLG PokeDude.png PokeFRLG PokeDude Final.png

The Poké Dude character who gives tutorials to the player via the Teachy TV key item has had his hairstyle revamped in the final version, with visible sideburns added.

Documents Final Game
PokeFRLG OakAndPokeDex.png PokeFRLG OakAndPokeDex Final.png

A screenshot of the character reading a sign in Oak's lab reveals a few changes: As seen in the Fame Checker screenshot, Oak was originally supposed to have grey hair instead of brown. The Pokédex also shared the same design as the one in Pokémon Red and Blue.

Documents Final Game
PokeFRLG BulbasaurBack.png PokeFRLG BulbasaurBack Final.png
Documents Final Game
PokeFRLG SquirtleCharmanderBack.png PokeFRLG SquirtleCharmanderBack Final.png

The Kanto starters still use the backsprite from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Under the "What will ___ do?" text, there is the string おや Ver200 meaning Parent Version 200.

Documents Final Game
PokeFRLG RedSafari.png PokeFRLG RedSafari Final.png

Red's back sprite is using the overworld palette here instead of the final lighter palette. The sprite of Venonat in the documents is unique and has not been seen before. The options for "bait" and "rock" are also different.

GBA Lineup 2004 Trailer

This video that comes from a Japanese GameCube Promo Disc "Interactive Multi Game Disc January 2004" It shows minor differences such as: Oak's Intro Sprite and Trainer Red's back sprite having slightly different palette. Pokémon Emerald actually uses the early FR/LG back sprite palettes for the Multi Link Battles.

CoroCoro Comics Magazine Scan

FRLG CoroCoro 2004 1.png

An issue of CoroCoro Comics Magazine from January 2004 shows several early things such as an early grass tile. It also shows an early bag sprite of the Teachy TV, with the sprite of Primo having a different haircut.