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Prerelease:Pokémon X and Y

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Pokémon X and Y.

Despite being announced 10 months before their expected release, Pokémon X and Y were in development for a total of 3.5 years, before the Nintendo 3DS was even unveiled![1] Even so, the games were still being worked on throughout 2013, made evident by several minor changes made between the builds seen in early footage and screenshots and the final release.

Development Timeline


  • May - Development for the game starts.


  • Jan 8 - The games were fully unveiled.



Pokémon Direct January 2013 announcement

This teaser trailer was first shown in a special Nintendo Direct announcement on January 8th 2013.

General differences include:

  • The male protagonist's room is not as blue as the final game.
  • Several places have different textures and some of the camera angles are different. Most notably, Route 3 isn't in a face-down view and Lumiose City is textured differently.
  • The target Pokémon spins around more when being hit by Aerial Ace.
  • There is a different NPC standing next to the statues in Anistar City's Gym.
  • Malva is not present in the Blazing Chamber. This was likely done to prevent spoilers.
  • At around 0:20 a minor glitch occurs where the player's sunglasses remain static in place while the player is swinging.


Early Menu Screen


On May 14th 2013, several screenshots were released, several of which depicting an earlier version of the Pokémon menu screen. Differences include:

  • Froakie appears to be twice as tall as it is in the final version. The same is seen to be true for the other starters in other screenshots, so it's likely that Pokémon appeared to be a fixed height in the menu rather than scaled to display their height.
  • The Pokémon is holding a "???" item. No such item appears in the final, so this could be early "No Item" text.
  • The "A" in the type icons is more square than it is in the final.


E3 2013

Fairy Wind Gardevoir

During the E3 trailer shown at E3 2013, a Gardevoir was shown using the move Fairy Wind. In the final game, neither Gardevoir nor its pre-evolutions can learn this move by any means.

Shiny Gogoat

A Shiny Gogoat appears in footage shown during the E3 Developer Roundtable at E3 2013, which differs greatly in coloration from the Shiny Gogoat seen in the final release of the game.

Early Version Final Version
Gogoat shiny pre.png PkmnXY-Final Shiny Gogoat.png


Early Move Animations

Oblivion Wing

In an early screenshot shown on the official Pokémon X and Y website, Oblivion Wing is shown to be lacking the background change and detailing to the beam seen in the final release.

Early Version Final Version
PkmnXY-Early Oblivion Wing.png PkmnXY-Final Oblivion Wing.png
Focus Blast
To do:
Find captures of the final versions for comparison.


In a trailer showcasing Mega Mewtwo Y, the Pokémon uses Focus Blast. The background appears red, while in the final game, the background is blue.