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Prerelease:Ristar (Genesis)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Ristar (Genesis).

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There's a VHS tape with early sprites and other assets when it was Feel.

Ristar went through some interesting changes during development, most notably that Ristar himself originally wasn't a star.

(Source: Sega Retro)


Sonic1prerelease rabbitconcept.png

The concept for Ristar dates as far back as 1990 with the development of Sonic the Hedgehog, where one of the proposed ideas was a rabbit that could grab and throw things with his ears. While this was rejected, the basic idea of grabbing things would be revisited for Ristar.

When development on the game itself began, Ristar was a spherical creature named "Feel" who didn't even look like a star. Two different designs were made for this creature. The prototype below would combine the two designs into one.


Sometime after the Feel prototypes, the decision was made to redesign the character. The redesign resulted in the creation of Ristar. This design is near-identical to the final, save for the lack of gloves and shoes.

Feel Prototype

Feel Ristar (July 1, 1994 Proto) Ristar (Final, Japan)
FeelTitle.jpg RistarTitleProto701.png Ristarjpscreen.png
  • The title screen is completely different, though the basic concept is the same. Notably, the planetoid design on the Feel title screen matches the one seen in the July 1, 1994 Ristar prototype.
Feel Ristar (Final, Japan)
FeelCard.jpg RistarCard.png
  • The round title card had Feel on it. Ristar is apparently a little shy, as he doesn't appear here in the final.
Feel Ristar (Final, Japan)
FeelRewope.jpg RistarRewope.png
  • Planet Rewope/Automaton was almost completely redone visually. The level design in this section is identical, though.
Feel Ristar (Final, Japan)
FeelOnaclove.jpg RistarOnaclove.png
  • The HUD is a bit different. Lost health is represented by empty stars, the score counter has a different font and the life counter doesn't have Feel pointing at it.