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Prerelease:Roblox (Windows, Mac OS X)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Roblox (Windows, Mac OS X).

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Development Timeline


  • November/December − Roblox begins development.


  • January 30th - The Roblox domain is purchased.
    • March 23rd - Roblox is incorporated in Delaware.
    • June 30th - Testing officially begins, and the earliest 2 known users are created.
    • July
      • David Baszucki and Erik Cassel create their accounts.
      • An account simply called "greg" is made, marking the first non-admin account made.
      • The earliest known game, Spasmotron vs. Wimpotron2, is made.
    • November 5th - The earliest known model, "child on skateboard" is made.
    • Date unknown - Controllers are added, which would be a feature until early 2009.


  • February 11th − Beta testing officially begins.
    • Around March - Screenshots from the patent are taken around this time.
    • May
      • The first Roblox patent is filed.
      • ROBLOX account created.
    • June
      • The "Steer the Spheres" contest begins.
      • Roblox is first released to the public for about a month.
      • John Doe and Jane Doe accounts created.
    • July 14th - Roblox presumably closes to allow a massive overhaul to begin.
    • October 22nd-27th - The Morgan McGuire screenshots were taken around this time.


  • February 27th - Minigames are removed, a glitch causes all users prior to February 28th to have this date as their join date.
    • March
      • The Builderman account is created.
      • 23rd - v0.2.123 is released.
      • 24th - v0.2.135 is released.
      • The starter place is updated, changing its name from "room_environment_blue" to "(Player)'s Place".
    • April
      • Roblox completes beta testing. The game is unofficially released.
      • 14th - v0.2.144.0 is released.
    • June
      • 5th - v0.3.030 is released, adding multiplayer.
      • 10th - v0.3.041 is released.
      • 16th - v0.3.046 is released.
      • John Shedletsky joins the Roblox staff as the first Roblox employee.
    • July
      • Earliest known footage of Roblox recorded by Shedletsky, demonstrating the bomb item.
      • Jumping is added.
      • 14th - v0.3.070 is released.
    • August
      • Roblox servers are moved.
      • 16th - v0.3.147 is released.
    • September
      • Roblox is officially released.
      • Multiplayer games can now be made by anyone.
      • 28th - v0.3.218 is released.
    • October
      • Searching for Places, People, and Models was added.
      • 25th - v0.3.230 is released.
      • The earliest known video of Roblox on YouTube, called "Chaos Canyon Firefight" is uploaded.
    • November
      • Places could now be set to be for friends only, or for everyone.
      • 12th - v0.3.245.0 is released.
    • December
      • The Roblox Blog is created, all future updates are posted there.
      • Roblox reaches 10,000 users.
      • Roblox Badges (Official ones, not player-made ones) first appeared.
      • 1st - v0.3.252.0 is released.
      • 2nd - v0.3.253.0 is released.
      • 20th - v0.3.264.0 is released.
      • 28th - v0.3.263.0 was released, possibly on accident, or as a rollback due to a bug. v0.3.266.0 is released the same day.

Videos and Media - Early Development

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ROBLOXPrerelease 2005Logo.png

At this time, ROBLOX was just beginning to be playable. A setpiece was created, and would become the avatar in later builds. Compared to the more recent versions, it had a bigger, circular head, and their torso was split in two to add a stripe. The character was supposedly in a vehicle and you needed to drive them over to another block in order to exceed.

Where's my face?

ROBLOX - Chaos Canyon Firefight

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ROBLOXPrerelease 2006Logo.png

This version of ROBLOX is the first publicly visual video from this time. Differences include no animations, your entire character model being interactable with the environment unlike the present where your arms and legs aren't interactable. An early zoom in and out option is also available at the bottom right of the screen. A top bar showing Help... Fullscreen Exit are the only options in this build of the game. There is a different camera for zooming in and out as well as walking. There is also an early health bar at the right-hand side of the screen. Places needed to regenerate because it would reduce lag in the game. There is also an early cursor. This build is still very early and was needed to be worked on. No shaders were in the game either than the shine of the sun reflecting off the character. There weren't any animations either. Surprisingly, the sun already had sun-rays at this point in development. The moon was also visible in the day and wasn't transparent. It wasn't until November once the game had its first trailer.

ROBLOX - Game Trailer

Another early version. This one includes more early icons we don't get to see in the more recent releases. We can see that Toolbox and Edit Mode were also added in for ROBLOX Studio. We can also now hear sounds from the game. The music used in this video is The Great Strategy, composed by badliz in 2005. At this time, the game was more complete.

Roblox August Trailer

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A trailer from August 2007.