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Prerelease:Splatterhouse (2010)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Splatterhouse (2010).

To do:
YouTuber "Kung Fu Man" has plenty of early cutscenes. Also add info detailing what's different in these videos, compared to the final release.

Besides the terrible first impressions.

Early Trailer

Lots of differences here.

  • No cartoon outlines.
  • Rick's model is different, looking like the CGI cutscenes. You can see his eyeballs.
  • Early bosses like Wickerman, Nazi-Base Expirement 765, and Doll.
  • Early enemies like Clawface, Human Centipede?
  • Early designs for enemy.
  • Early areas like Shanty Town, Island of Thule, and House.
  • Glowing Tertratoids seen in house, when they don't appear until the circus in the final game.
  • Splatterkills are completely different.
  • Unused mailbox weapon.

Early Gameplay

  • Rick's model looks worse.
  • Wickerman in church.
  • Early logo and HUD.
  • Early Albino Footsoldiers.
  • Mini-cutscene when regaining arm.
  • Footsoldiers using the Dogpile ability, which goes unused in the final.
  • When the Footsoldier gets beheaded, it absolutely destroys the framerate.
  • Better view of Clawface.

  • Bottle Rocket Games.
  • Main menu lacking the faceless.
  • Debug text can be seen in the top-left for a brief moment.
  • Jump nodes were blue sparks instead of skull horseshoes.
  • Early circus.


  • Showcasing high-detail Zombie models and animations.

Early Cutscene

  • Placeholder Mirror Rick.
  • Ze doctor wearing slightly different clothing.