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Prerelease:Super Castlevania IV

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Super Castlevania IV.

Retailer Promo

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Differences in the stages

  • The name of the game was "Castlevania IV" without the "Super," which was added to make it sound more exciting.
  • The arrangement of the Bloody Tears track is more faithful to the original heard in Castlevania II: Simon's Quest.

Print Ads

Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 028 November 1991 page 003.jpg

From Electronic Gaming Monthly #28. The bottom-right screenshot depicts a slightly different stage 3-3:

  • The hills and structures in the background are different.
  • The middle background column is shorter. In the final game, it touches the bottom of the two-block platform that Simon is standing on.
  • The left foreground column was given a proper top in the final game.
  • The subweapon box in the HUD is a 4x3-tile rectangle. This was expanded to a 4x4-tile square in the final game.

Electronic Gaming Monthly 35 002.jpg

From Electronic Gaming Monthly #35. The middle-left screenshot of stage 4-2 features the same rectangular subweapon box as the screenshot of stage 3-3 above, but is otherwise identical to the final game.