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Prerelease:Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (Arcade)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (Arcade).

To do:
Find more prerelease videos, info, and images.

Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix began development in 1996 as "Street Fighter Kids", changing to its final Japanese name (Pocket Fighter) by the time of the game's announcement at E3 '97.


Attract Demo & Staff Roll Intermissions Development
Work-in-progress storyboards.
Gameplay Development
A look into the game's design document for some insight.
Flash Combo and Mighty Combo Development
The concepts that inspired the game's costumed combo system and one of Sakura's Mighty Combos.
Stage Design Development
Early and close-to-final designs of the game's stages.
Character Portrait and Graphic Design Development
Work-in-progress sketches of various characters.

Other Differences

SGFMMpreleasegemguage.png HUD

Pre-release Final
SGFMMArcPrereleaseBetaScreens.png SGFMMArcIngameFinal.png

The in-game HUD is different (as shown in the Capcom Nation Issue 1 Sampler Magazine). Character faces are on the top sides of the HUD (reusing their Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo sprites), the names are blue instead of green, the diamond in the timer is green, the health gauges and Mighty Combo gauges are different, and the Gem Gauges are different. Also, Move Commands don't appear on the gauges, there are no Stock Icons or items, and the shadows on the ground are missing.

Dee Jay's Bar Maximum

The sign to the toilet room in the background of this stage is black in pre-release screenshots. In the final game, the sign flashes yellow and red.