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Prerelease:Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

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Nintendo Power

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Scrooge200 has found more in this issue. The scans were from an Internet Archive item - can't remember which, but it should be linked in the TCRF Discord somewhere.
Prerelease Final
YI-prerelease 1.pngYI-prerelease 2.png YI-prerelease 2-final comparison.png

Nintendo Power Issue 75 (August 1995) has two screenshots on Page 34 of what appears to be an early version of 2-2: The Baseball Boys. The first one doesn't directly correspond to a part of the level, but it most resembles the start of 5-1 from the prototypes. In the second screenshot, the Shy Guy-spawning pipe present in the final level is missing.

(Source: Scrooge200)

US Trailer

Features a build with multiple differences from the final game.

Yoshi doesn't swap colors in this build. This was likely a prerelease debug build where all of the levels are unlocked, with Yoshi not swapping colors until he reaches the Goal (probably how some of the prototypes have the same quirk).

World 4-1

Prerelease Final
YI World 4-1 Early.png
YI World 4-1.png

The early version of this level contains green grass, the tropical mountain background seen in World 2-5, and a blue sky. The final version uses red grass, the red sky-mountain background, and a sunset sky.

World 4-4

Prerelease Final
YI World 4-4 Early.png
YI World 4-4.png

The early version of this level uses a blue waterfall background and the brick castle tileset. The final uses the blue generic castle background and the blueish-gray fortress tileset.

Prerelease Final
YI World 4-8 Boss Early.png
YI World 4-8 Boss.png

Sluggy the Unshaven's room uses a blue sky and the brick castle tileset. The final version uses a dark-blue sky and the blueish-gray fortress tileset.

World 4-8

Prerelease Final
YI World 4-8 Early.png
YI World 4-8.png

The early version of this level uses the same tileset, but with a different palette. It also doesn't have the triangular-pattern flooring.

Prerelease Final
YI World 4-8 Room Early.png
YI World 4-8 Room.png

Hookbill the Koopa's room has a different palette and some enemies. The enemies were likely cut due to hardware limitations and/or to make it easier.

World 5-1

Prerelease Final
YI World 5-1 Early.png
YI World 5-1.png

The early version of this level has the sky-mountain background with a different palette for the grass and some objects missing. The final uses the pine tree and hills background with the palette changed for the grass.

(Source: Video Detective)