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Prerelease:The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Development Timeline

Screenshots and trailers released prior to the release of the game showed four different interface configurations, which are used here to demarcate the different periods of the game’s development.


OoT-Early Link.gif
From the game's conception to its unveiling at Shoshinkai in December 1995.


OoT-Early Stalfos Jan 97.png
A + B
October 1996 to April 1997, including the first look at the game in-engine at Spaceworld '96.
OoT-Sky Temple.png
A + C
May-July 1997. A more complex interface emerges and E3 happens.
OoT-Early Horse IGN.jpg
Early Sword on A
August-September 1997. A is B and B is A.
OoT-Child Temple of Time IGN.jpg
Sword on A (Part 1)
October-December 1997, including Child Link's debut and the Spaceworld demo.


OoT-Unicorn Fountain1.png
Sword on A (Part 2)
January-March 1998, featuring the unicorn fountain.
OoT-Child Zelda June 98.png
Sword on A (Part 3)
April-June 1998, including the game's showcasing at E3.
OoT-Serenade Cutscene 2 July 98.jpg
Sword on A (Part 4)
July-August 1998, beginning to take shape.
OoT-Ganondorf Oct98.png
Sword on B
September-November 1998. The interface is changed one last time as the game prepares for release.

Photos of Prerelease Carts

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E3 1998 Zelda Press Event (May 28-30) with Takashi Tezuka Ocarina of Time PAL Debug Cart - Steven Seventyeight
ZeldaOoT-Prerelease Cart Unknown2.png
ZeldaOoT-GCMasterQuest-Prototype Cart DebugBuild.png
Ocarina of Time (locked) at E3 1998
ZeldaOoT-Prerelease Cart E3 1998 flashcart.jpg
Oct. 14, '98 Press Event - 64 Power Iss. 12/1998 Oct. 14, '98 Press Event - Nintendo Accion Iss. 73
ZeldaOoTprotoCart 64Power-12-1998.png
ZeldaOoTprotoCart NintendoAccionIssue73.png
Oct. 14, '98 Press Event - 64 Power 1998 Interview with Miyamoto
ZeldaOoTprotoCart Oct. 14, '98.PNG
ZeldaOcarina 1998MiyamotoInterview protoCart.png

Info Yet to Be Incorporated

Fan Sites

Rescued from the OoT Notes page:

The following images are from a cutscene that is no longer present in the final. It seems to show a situation similar to "learning a song" cutscenes with Sheik backing away and Link running after him.

Shiek in ToT 1.PNG
Shiek in ToT 2.PNG

The medallion symbols around the perimeter are represented by the same colors as the unused medallion gi models. The white light medallion and black shadow medallion are easily visible, but it's hard to tell if the spirit medallion is yellow, though it is likely. It is unclear who is standing on the Forest(wind)Medallion, but given the point of development, it is likely Saria.

Beta Chamber of Sages.PNG



News Sites

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