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Prerelease:Tiny Toon Adventures

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Tiny Toon Adventures.

Famitsu #134

Weekly Famitsu - No. 134 June 28th 1991 0208 small.png

A preview found in the Japanese magazine's June 28, 1991 issue. A line at the bottom of the article mentions that the screenshots are work-in-progress.

  • Common to all screenshots is that the HUD has a clock symbol next to the timer. It was changed to a simple "T" in the final.
  • The timer seems to start at 300 when entering a stage. It starts at 200 in the final version.

FamitsuTinyToons stage1 3.png

From stage 1-3:

  • This particular room layout does not exist in the final version.
  • There are windows near the top of the screen. In the final version these windows are only used near the end of the scroll, where the ghost enemies spawn.
Pre-release Final
FamitsuTinyToons enemy.png TinyToons enemyfinal.png

This enemy looks quite different. Aside from its coloring, the stripes on its jacket are missing and the placement of its legs and arms differ.

Furthermore, the enemy appears to be jumping to a lower level. In the final version, this enemy only jumps in such a way if you slide underneath him.

Pre-release Final
FamitsuTinyToons stage2 1.png FamitsuTinyToons stage2 1 final.png

From stage 2-1:

  • The trees look different.
  • The quicksand may be larger in the early screenshot.
  • The clouds may differ.
Pre-release Final
FamitsuTinyToons stage2 2.png FamitsuTinyToons stage2 2 final.png

From stage 2-2:

  • The sea weeds look different.
  • This particular room layout does not exist in the final version. (The only reason there's a comparison shot here is to show how the sea weeds differ.)