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Prey (2017)/Typhon Hunter

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This is a sub-page of Prey (2017).

Prey: Typhon Hunter is a multiplayer hide-and-seek expansion for Prey (2017): one player takes control of Morgan Yu, while five others take the role of Mimics. It also includes a set of 4 Virtual Reality escape rooms.

Unused Textures

One of many very similar dev textures used by Arkane. This texture appears under multiple different names, most frequently Env_Standart_Master_Mat.

Prey17 TyphonHunter Env Standart Master Mat.PNG

Unused Geometry

Labeled YellowTulip_Ext_Blockout, suggesting that it's part of an early draft for the YellowTulip Mimic Hunt map.

Prey17 TyphonHunter YellowTulip Ext Blockout.png