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Proto:Action 52 (NES)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Action 52 (NES).

A prototype of Action 52 is known to exist, though it is not currently fully available. Notably, instead of Cheetahmen, the final game on the cartridge is called Action Gamemaster. This portion of the prototype was sold as a standalone reproduction cartridge under the title Cheetahmen: The Creation.

Action Gamemaster

Despite the title, the game still features the Cheetahmen: Apollo in level 1 and Aries in level 2.

Level 1 is a copy of level 5 of Ooze with minor differences. This includes the lack of the blue blob enemy as well as different colored bullets fired by the stationary enemies.

Prototype Ooze (Level 5)
A52-NES-Proto AG1.png A52-NES OozeLv3.png

Notably the level also uses an unique arrangement of the music from Ooze.

Action Gamemaster Ooze

Level 2 is a copy of level 3 of Robbie N The Robots. The enemy that is a palette swap of the player character in Robbie appears to be a scrambled version of Aries' sprite.

Prototype Robbie N The Robots (Level 3)
A52-NES-Proto AG2.png A52-NES RobbieLv3.png