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This page details one or more prototype versions of Antichamber.

Hazard Demo.png

Hazard: The Journey of Life is the original name for Antichamber when it was in the alpha testing stages. There are three versions of Hazard: two of them are Unreal Tournament 3 mods and need that game in order to run, while the other is a standalone demo.

The Unreal Tournament 3 mods are similar to Antichamber in terms of puzzles, but have different signs and a different gun. The standalone demo contains only one puzzle and the old version of the gun.


Standalone Demo Unreal Tournament 3 Mod
Hazard-TJoL-Demo Icons.png Hazard-TJoL-Mod Icons.png


Standalone Demo Antichamber
Hazard-TJoL-Gun.png Hazard-TJoL-GunNew.png