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Proto:Apocalypse II

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Apocalypse II.

The 1994 build of Apocalypse II is, surprisingly, near-identical to the 1997 one. The only differences are that the later build replaces the Psygnosis credits with ones for the developer.

1994 1997
ApocalypseII SNES 94 Psygnosis.png ApocalypseIISNES 97 TEPCO.png

Easily the more elaborate change.

1994 1997
ApocalypseIISNESTitle.png ApocalypseII SNES 97.png

"PSYGNOSIS 1994" was changed to "TEPCO 1997", and the copyright symbol was shifted a bit to the right.

(Source: SNES Central, Games That Weren't)