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Proto:Baby Boom

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Baby Boom.

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Two earlier prototypes were also included in the 2008 Sega prototype leak.

June 3, 1994

The game is in a much earlier state.

General Differences

  • Only one music track is available.
  • Unlike later versions, sound effects are playable in the sound test.
  • One can press Start and press Up or Down to go to different levels. To go to the selected level, press A. This tends to be inconsistent.
  • The player controls a rather cartoony glove rather than a crane.
  • Rather than picking the babies up by their diapers, the hand picks them up at their current frame of animation.
  • The art style is somewhat different and focuses more on a present-day setting.

Test Screens

Aside from the three regular levels available, there are a handful of test screens that can be selected from the main menu.

Baby Boom (Jun 03, 1994)-Password Screen.png

A password screen mockup, listed under "Level 4". It shows two possible ways a password could be entered.

Baby Boom (Jun 03, 1994) Bitmap Test.png

A bitmap test, listed under "Level 6".

A bonus round level can also be selected, but this crashes the game, likely because it's loading a room with 20 babies. However, it looks just like Level 1.

June 6, 1994

Rather than starting at a debug selection screen like the other two builds, this one immediately begins at Level 1. Aside from that, it's fairly similar to the June 3 build otherwise.