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Proto:Barkley, Shut Up And Jam: Gaiden/Item Differences

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Barkley, Shut Up And Jam: Gaiden.

Nearly every item, weapon, and armor in-game was changed in some way. Something worth noting is that some armor and shields leftover from RPG Maker 2003 are still in the prototype.


Every weapon that the characters start out with adds no power in the final.


Nearly every instance of Basketball was shortened to B-ball in the final game. Also, the Shimmerglobe can be equipped, where as in the final, it is fused with the Hell B-ball as soon as you defeat the 'boss' of Cuchulainn's Tomb.

Name Stats (Proto) Stats (Final)
Soccerball +5 Power +0 Power
Volleyball +9 Power +8 Power
B-ball +18 Power +26 Power
Spiked B-ball +24 Power +38 Power
Shimmerglobe +28 Power Removed
Mystic B-ball +32 Power +54 Power
Hell B-Ball +50 Power +90 Power
H/S Ball Not added +80 Power, double damage


The most powerful zaubers have a Brain bonus in the final.

Name Stats (Proto) Stats (Final)
Fire Zauber +6 Power +0 Power
Ice Zauber +10 Power +8 Power
Thunder Zauber +17 Power +20 Power
Time Zauber +23 Power +32 Power
Hell Zauber +29 Power +44 Power, +3 Brain
Snail Zauber +13 Power, +5 Guard +48 Power, +20 Guard, +4 Brain
Bloody Zauber +35 Power +60 Power, +3 Brain


Rusty Muscle is called "Dwarf Wisdom", the most powerful weapon in the proto was removed, and Dwarftear, the most powerful weapon in the final, isn't present.

Name Stats (Proto) Stats (Final)
Rusty Muscle +5 Power +0 Power
Dwarf Pride +9 Power +15 Power
Dwarf Warhammer +18 Power +33 Power
Dwarf Muscle +38 Power Removed
Dwarfbane +20 Power, +5 Guard +43 Power
Dwarfstear +28 Power +63 Power, +10 Guard
Dwarftear Not added +88 Power, +5 Guard


Many of the gun's were given alternate titles in the prototype. The ZX weapons were ZX-Laser, while the Mithril'braster was called the Mithril Gun'sblaster. A gun's was removed in the final.

Name Stats (Proto) Stats (Final)
ZX Zaubertech1 +4 Power +0 Power
ZX ZaubertechZ +9 Power +10 Power
Mithril'braster +14 Power +20 Power
Battlestech Gun +19 Power +30 Power
ZX ModelX571X +22 Power +36 Power
A4431063XZZ 305 +30 Power Removed
Egyptian Gun +39 Power +70 Power
F.I.N.A.L. G.U.N. +45 Power, +5 Brain, +5 Speed +72 Power, +10 Brain, +5 Speed


Except for the rags, all of the armor have different Guard statistics in the final. Two more were added.

Name Guard (Proto) Guard (Final)
Robe Not added +2


Jacket +4 +5
Jersey +6 +9
Referee Uniform Not added +14
Cyber-Tunic +14 +16
Trenchcoat +9 +17
Ultimate Wristband +12 +19
Zaubermancer's Garb +12 +24
Mithril Jersey +30 +26
Tek-Skeleton +16 +31
Falcon Johdpurs +32 +34
Shrekmono +39 +36
Tupperware Armor +22 +45


Two pieces of bling were added in the final, while two more were removed. The rest had their stats modified, except for the Backwards Cap.

Name Stats (Proto) Stats (Final)
Ace Bandage +4 Guard +7 Guard
Athletic Supporter +3 Guard, +3 Speed +32 Guard
B-Ball Moccasins +10 Guard, +15 Speed Removed
Backwards Cap

+3 Guard

Bapes +2 Guard, +2 Speed +2 Speed
Cyber Gauntlet +14 Guard +19 Power
Facemask +7 Guard +20 Guard
Goggles +5 Guard +14 Brain
Maureen's Ring Not added +1 Speed
Mithril Sweatband +16 Guard Removed
Nikes +4 Guard, +7 Speed +14 Speed
Pumps Not added +8 Speed
Sunglasses +2 Guard +2 Brain
Sweatband +2 Guard +6 Brain
Wrist Brace +8 Guard +6 Power


Several new items were added, while most of the Stat Boosts were removed. The rest were left alone (like the status-removing items), or had their stats changed.

Name Effects (Proto) Effects (Final)
Alcohol Not added Cures Aspergers
BBall Juice Heals 100 VP Heals 99% of VP to an ally
BBall Shard

Recovers 50% of BP to an ally

BBall Tear Restores all VP and BP to an ally Recovers 100% of BP to an ally
Chicken Dew Revives dead ally with 10% of VP Revives dead ally with all VP
Chicken Fry

Heals all VP and BP of all allies


Cures Glaucoma

Coach's Spirit Raises VP & BP by 5, and the rest by 2 Removed
Ecto Cooler Heals 40 VP Heals 66% of VP
Ecto Cooler? Heals 15 VP and 5 MP Heals 20% of VP and BP
Fstone Vitamin Not added Cures Parkinsons
Gatorade Gum Not added Permanently raises VP by 25

Cures Diabetes

Jam Spirit Permanently raises Guard by 5 Removed
Mysterious Potion

Permanently raises VP by 50

Protein Paste Not added Heals 33% of VP
Rags Not added Heals 66% of VP
Shooting Spirit Permanently raises Speed by 5 Removed
Slam Spirit Permanently raises Power by 5 Removed
Steroids Revives dead ally with 10% of VP Revives dead ally with 50% of VP
Team Spirit Permanently raises Brain by 5 Removed

Cures every status except death