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Proto:Burnout Revenge (PlayStation 2, Xbox)/Demo Builds

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Burnout Revenge (PlayStation 2, Xbox).

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
  • Finish ripping and adding all the sounds, strings and whatnot...
Title screen

This particular demo has a standalone version, and was also included in Madden NFL 06, Jampack Volume 13, Official PlayStation 2 Magazine UK 64, Official PlayStation 2 Magazine 97, Official Xbox Magazine UK 47 and Official Xbox Magazine 48.

Xboxes Madden NFL 06 demo is the earliest, with the executable being dated on May 29, 2005, the US standalone builds were compiled slightly later on June 9-10, 2005, OXM demo is dated June 17, 2005, Jampack and OPS2M demos are dated June 20, 2005, the PS2s Madden NFL 06 demo is dated June 21, 2005, OPS2M UK is June 30, 2005 and and lastly the OXM UK 47 is compiled on July 1, 2005 and EU Xbox standalone demo is compiled on July 2, 2005.

Most of the actual assets in these builds are from late May, and the very last July demo uses a full MainUS.bin string file from way later build, which is close but not identical to the one found in Alpha 7.

Various Demo Build Differences

Initial Loading Screen

The main few things that are different between the PS2 and Xbox Madden, Standalone and Magazine demos is the color of the initial loading bar, changing from yellow to red, to blue and then finally to white and pink.

Madden NFL 06 Earlier Standalone Later Standalone & Magazines
BRevengePS2-MADDEN initialload.png BRevengePS2-DEMO initialload.png BRevengePS2-OPMOXM initialload.png
Final (PlayStation 2) Final (Xbox)
BRevengePS2-FIN initialload.png BRevengeXBOX-FIN ntscinitialload.png

Title Screen

The title screen text differs between the PS2, Early Xbox and Late Xbox demo builds as well, with the Press Start string being longer in the PS2 demo, and the $Production string, being removed by this stage, since they used a more recent and full MainUS.bin string file. The ™️ symbol on the logo is also white in the late Xbox demo, just like in the final game.

PlayStation 2 Demo Earlier Xbox Demo Later Xbox Demo
BRevengePS2-DEMO startscr.png BRevengeXBOX-DEMO MayStartScr.png BRevengeXBOX-DEMO JulyStartScr.png

Legal Information

The legal information video was changed for the European demo builds.

American European


And the Burnout4 folder on the Official Xbox Magazine disc contains an image named B4.png which is similar to what's seen on the Title Screen, but the logo is way more saturated. The OXM UK disc also has a pics folder with a smaller resolution version of the same picture.

BRevengeXBOX-DEMO B4.png BRevengeXBOX-OXMUK pics-Burnout4.png

General Differences

This will be mostly focusing on the PlayStation 2 demo, but the Xbox demo may be mentioned every now and then as well. There's not really that many differences between these two anyway.

  • The .XBE's $$XTIMAGE (TitleImage.xbx) resource file which holds the Save Icon uses an earlier version of the logo.
Early Final
  • The loading screen and its animations are different. Said loading screen is used in the Alpha7 Prototype.
The PlayStation 2 image is an animated gif. Click on it, to see the full loading amination.
BRevengePS2-DEMO Loading.gif BRevengeXBOX-DEMO loadscr.png
  • When a car is hit, various parts break and fall out of it.
  • The cars are rather different, including leftovers from Burnout 3: Takedown.
    • The taxi model has a different model, most visible with the rear lights and the presence of additional text on it.
  • An early version of the ranking system is present, which is rather similar to the one in Burnout 3.
BRevengePS2-DEMO rankscr1.png BRevengePS2-DEMO rankscr2.png

Debug Quick Start Menu

Debug quick start menu
Debug progression sub-menu

A debug quick start menu can be enabled by replacing the main menu with it, using one of the codes below. The playable game modes are Road Rage, Burning Lap, Eliminator, Car Viewer, 2P Race, 2P Traffic Attack, and 2P Road Rage.

Standalone Demos

PlayStation 2
SLED-53512 SLED-53637 SLUS-29153
10388B64 0000CF48 10388514 0000CEE8 10399064 0000CE28
0029D0A4 1890 002A23E4 1720

Magazine Demos

PlayStation 2
Jampack, OPS2M 97 Madden NFL 06 OPS2M UK 64
10389A64 0000D2A0 103C03FC 0000DD80 1038A1E4 0000D398
OXM 48 Madden NFL 06 OXM UK 47
0028450C 1BC0 002B3130 20F0 0029D418 1970

(Source: SuperType1, Edness)

Unused Gamemodes

Road Rage

BRevengePS2-DEMO RoadRage.png

Road Rage is based off of the basketball game "Horse" and taking down an opponent adds a letter of "BURNOUT" to the HUD. If all the letters are collected, the timer freezes and the player gets a Triple Scoring bonus, and if the player crashes, all of the letters are taken away. Otherwise, the timer counts down starting from 3 minutes until the event ends.

Traffic Attack

BRevengePS2-DEMO TrafficAttackStart.png
BRevengePS2-DEMO TrafficAttack.png

In Traffic Attack, single or multiplayer, you're given 100 seconds to get as many points as possible. The timer bar uses a red to green gradient, instead of a red to yellow, like in final.

Burning Lap & Eliminator

BRevengePS2-DEMO BurningLap.png
BRevengePS2-DEMO Eliminator.png

These two events aren't too different from the final version. Burning Lap simply counts up until you reach the finish line, and Eliminator, as expected, eliminates the last place every 30 seconds.

Unused Menus

To do:
Add codes for these for both PS2 and Xbox

While most of the regular menu data has been excluded for these demo builds, two of them did survive. The menus are labelled as OPENINTERFACE/XBOXLOGIN and CONNECTINGPERSONA.

Early/Unused Sounds

Changed Sounds

Several sounds are different, including the engine running, boosting, and Takedowns.

Filename Early sound Final sound Additional information
Slightly shorter in final, and has a small additional sound at the start.
The sound used for Takedowns.

Unused Sounds

Has some leftover/unused sound files as well.
All of the sound data in FE.AWD, which includes sounds such as Main Menu and Online Menu sound effects, is identical to Burnout 3: Takedown.

Filename Unused sound Additional information
An unused countdown sound that ticks down for 10 seconds, with some ambient sound and a heartbeat in the background and ends with a small explosion. Likely meant for ending events with a timer. What's used in this build instead is the same small countdown sound heard in the final game, but being increasingly pitched higher as the timer reaches closer to 0.
Placeholder beep sound for the crowd that would be heard in Crash events.
Quite an unusual sound. Unsure what this might've been intended for. The file header indicates it should be 44094Hz, yet it sounds way too sped up. Sounds like a siren when halving the speed & pitch.
Placeholder Takedown(?) sound found in multiple sound containers, that just has white noise.

Early Videos

The Criterion logo clip is different. It also doesn't have the scene mentioning Rabin Ezra's death, since it's about 4 weeks before it happened.

Early video Final video

Unused Videos

MAINMENU.m2v is an interesting little video. It shows off a car driving through an early version of Motor City. It is worth noting that this video was used in the game's menu when the game was called Rush Hour.

(Source: SuperType1, Glitchedblood)

Early/Unused Graphics

Boost Bar

The boost bar has a different design, which can be seen in the final game’s tutorial videos. Present in GLOBAL.TXD\boost_base.

Early Final
BRevengePS2-DEMO GLOBAL.TXD-boost base.png BRevengePS2-FIN GLOBAL.TXD-boost base.png

EA Trax

While there is no EA Trax available in the demo, its texture is a scaled down version of that in Burnout 3. Present in GLOBAL.TXD\EATrax.

Early Final

Medal Icons

There are two slightly different variants of the medal texture. One present in GLOBAL.TXD, and another in FEMAIN.BIN\b4medalicon and INGAME.BIN\b4medalicon.

Early Final
BRevengePS2-DEMO GLOBAL.TXD-medal bronze.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO b4medalicon-Medal B.tif.png BDominatorPS2-FIN GLOBAL.TXD-medal bronze.png
BRevengePS2-DEMO GLOBAL.TXD-medal silver.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO b4medalicon-Medal S.tif.png BDominatorPS2-FIN GLOBAL.TXD-medal silver.png
BRevengePS2-DEMO GLOBAL.TXD-medal gold.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO b4medalicon-Medal G.tif.png BDominatorPS2-FIN GLOBAL.TXD-medal gold.png

Results Flags

As seen further above, the race results page displays the American flag due to Motor City being based in Detroit. INGAME.BIN\demo_results\* has three additional flags for Italy (Eternal City), Japan (Eastern Bay), and Switzerland (White Mountain) that are unused.

flagsIT.tif BRevengePS2-DEMO INGAME.BIN-demo results-flagsIT.tif.png
flagsJP.tif BRevengePS2-DEMO INGAME.BIN-demo results-flagsJP.tif.png
flagsSW.tif BRevengePS2-DEMO INGAME.BIN-demo results-flagsSW.tif.png

Crash Pickups

GLOBAL.TXD also has a bunch of crash pickups from Burnout 3. Most of these pickups can be seen in a trailer made for an earlier build of this game.

Vehicle Textures

The texture layout for most the player vehicles are different, some even having colors that aren't present in the final game.

Early Final
Factory R160 ST (HIGH\US\CAR1A.BGV\DT_RC_1A)
BRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Alpha.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Palette1.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Palette2.png
BRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Palette3.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Palette4.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Palette5.png
BRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Palette6.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Palette7.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Palette8.png
BRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Alpha.pngBRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Palette1.pngBRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Palette2.png
BRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Palette3.pngBRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Palette4.pngBRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Palette5.png
BRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Palette6.pngBRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Palette7.pngBRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT RC 1A-Palette8.png
Factory R175 DX (HIGH\US\CAR1B.BGV\DT_RC_1B)
BRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Alpha.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Palette1.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Palette2.png
BRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Palette3.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Palette4.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Palette5.png
BRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Palette6.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Palette7.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Palette8.png
BRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Alpha.pngBRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Palette1.pngBRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Palette2.png
BRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Palette3.pngBRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Palette4.pngBRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Palette5.png
BRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Palette6.pngBRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Palette7.pngBRevengePS2-FIN HIGH-US-CAR1B.BGV-DT RC 1B-Palette8.png
Criterion M-Type ST (MEDI\AS\CAR1A.BGV\TK_MU_1A)
BRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Alpha.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Palette1.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Palette2.png
BRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Palette3.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Palette4.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Palette5.png
BRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Palette6.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Palette7.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Palette8.png
BRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Alpha.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Palette1.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Palette2.png
BRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Palette3.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Palette4.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Palette5.png
BRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Palette6.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Palette7.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-AS-CAR1A.BGV-TK MU 1A-Palette8.png
Factory M-Type ST (MEDI\US\CAR1A.BGV\DT_MU_1A)
BRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Alpha.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Palette1.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Palette2.png
BRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Palette3.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Palette4.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Palette5.png
BRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Palette6.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Palette7.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Palette8.png
BRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Alpha.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Palette1.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Palette2.png
BRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Palette3.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Palette4.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Palette5.png
BRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Palette6.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Palette7.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR1A.BGV-DT MU 1A-Palette8.png
BRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Alpha.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Palette1.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Palette2.png
BRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Palette3.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Palette4.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Palette5.png
BRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Palette6.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Palette7.pngBRevengePS2-DEMO MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Palette8.png
BRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Alpha.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Palette1.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Palette2.png
BRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Palette3.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Palette4.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Palette5.png
BRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Palette6.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Palette7.pngBRevengePS2-FIN MEDI-US-CAR2A.BGV-FL MU 1A-Palette8.png

Online Placeholders

All of these are found under CAFE.BIN\stdctrl\* and none of them have a final counterpart, one that uses the same filename at least. Only inputText.tif survived in the final game, also as an identical placeholder.

Filename Unused texture
toggle.tif BRevengePS2-DEMO CAFE-stdctrl-toggle.png
slider.tif BRevengePS2-DEMO CAFE-stdctrl-slider.png
scrollbar.tif BRevengePS2-DEMO CAFE-stdctrl-scrollbar.png
inputText.tif BRevengePS2-DEMO CAFE-stdctrl-inputText.png
imageHolder.tif BRevengePS2-DEMO CAFE-stdctrl-imageHolder.png
icon.tif BRevengePS2-DEMO CAFE-stdctrl-icon.png
button.tif BRevengePS2-DEMO CAFE-stdctrl-button.png

Early/Unused Text

Starting Bonuses

String ID Early String Final String
87017E17 Burnout 3: Takedown saved game detected. Burnout 3 Takedown saved game detected.
1E082FAD $1000 Bonus to help get you started! Congratulations! You've been awarded a new car for Crash Mode!
AB639064 The Madden Van has been delivered and is now available to buy in your garage CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'VE WON THE MADDEN VAN!

Grand Prix Event Names

Early names for all the Grand Prix events.

String ID String
3C5B8825 Detroit Vs Rome Grand Prix
31B6EAFC Florida vs Detroit Grand Prix
10E03E69 Hong Kong vs Rome Grand Prix
1D0D5CB0 Los Angeles vs Hong Kong Grand Prix
A86A4596 National Park vs Hong Kong Grand Prix
B768ADF0 Rome vs Hong Kong Grand Prix
84D1F3DA Switzerland vs Tokyo Grand Prix
A587274F Tokyo vs Switzerland Grand Prix
676168F5 Ultimage Grand Prix
D052FCFA World Grand Prix

Crash Course Holes

Cutscene clips for these holes can be found in the slightly later Alpha 7 build, though the strings here aren't present in that build.

String ID String String ID String String ID String String ID String String ID String
CB1E0087 Detroit Hole 1 Easy B9AB93AE Hong Kong Hole 1 Easy 66D92F20 National Park Hole 1 Easy 211A4B8B Rome Hole 1 Easy E2A703AE West Coast Hole 1 Easy
B5AF7C3A Detroit Hole 1 Hard C71AEF13 Hong Kong Hole 1 Hard 1868539D National Park Hole 1 Hard 5FAB3736 Rome Hole 1 Hard 9C167F13 West Coast Hole 1 Hard
1F335344 Detroit Hole 2 Easy 6D86C06D Hong Kong Hole 2 Easy B2F47CE3 National Park Hole 2 Easy F5371848 Rome Hole 2 Easy 368A506D West Coast Hole 2 Easy
61822FF9 Detroit Hole 2 Hard 1337BCD0 Hong Kong Hole 2 Hard CC45005E National Park Hole 2 Hard 8B8664F5 Rome Hole 2 Hard 483B2CD0 West Coast Hole 2 Hard
06286205 Detroit Hole 3 Easy 749DF12C Hong Kong Hole 3 Easy ABEF4DA2 National Park Hole 3 Easy EC2C2909 Rome Hole 3 Easy 2F91612C West Coast Hole 3 Easy
78991EB8 Detroit Hole 3 Hard 0A2C8D91 Hong Kong Hole 3 Hard D55E311F National Park Hole 3 Hard 929D55B4 Rome Hole 3 Hard 51201D91 West Coast Hole 3 Hard
B669F4C2 Detroit Hole 4 Easy C4DC67EB Hong Kong Hole 4 Easy 1BAEDB65 National Park Hole 4 Easy 5C6DBFCE Rome Hole 4 Easy 9FD0F7EB West Coast Hole 4 Easy
C8D8887F Detroit Hole 4 Hard BA6D1B56 Hong Kong Hole 4 Hard 651FA7D8 National Park Hole 4 Hard 22DCC373 Rome Hole 4 Hard E1618B56 West Coast Hole 4 Hard
AF72C583 Detroit Hole 5 Easy DDC756AA Hong Kong Hole 5 Easy 02B5EA24 National Park Hole 5 Easy 45768E8F Rome Hole 5 Easy 86CBC6AA West Coast Hole 5 Easy
D1C3B93E Detroit Hole 5 Hard A3762A17 Hong Kong Hole 5 Hard 7C049699 National Park Hole 5 Hard 3BC7F232 Rome Hole 5 Hard F87ABA17 West Coast Hole 5 Hard
7B5F9640 Detroit Hole 6 Easy 09EA0569 Hong Kong Hole 6 Easy D698B9E7 National Park Hole 6 Easy 915BDD4C Rome Hole 6 Easy 52E69569 West Coast Hole 6 Easy
05EEEAFD Detroit Hole 6 Hard 775B79D4 Hong Kong Hole 6 Hard A829C55A National Park Hole 6 Hard EFEAA1F1 Rome Hole 6 Hard 2C57E9D4 West Coast Hole 6 Hard
6244A701 Detroit Hole 7 Easy 10F13428 Hong Kong Hole 7 Easy CF8388A6 National Park Hole 7 Easy 8840EC0D Rome Hole 7 Easy 4BFDA428 West Coast Hole 7 Easy
1CF5DBBC Detroit Hole 7 Hard 6E404895 Hong Kong Hole 7 Hard B132F41B National Park Hole 7 Hard F6F190B0 Rome Hole 7 Hard 354CD895 West Coast Hole 7 Hard
1ADCBBCE Detroit Hole 8 Easy 686928E7 Hong Kong Hole 8 Easy B71B9469 National Park Hole 8 Easy F0D8F0C2 Rome Hole 8 Easy 3365B8E7 West Coast Hole 8 Easy
646DC773 Detroit Hole 8 Hard 16D8545A Hong Kong Hole 8 Hard C9AAE8D4 National Park Hole 8 Hard 8E698C7F Rome Hole 8 Hard 4DD4C45A West Coast Hole 8 Hard
03C78A8F Detroit Hole 9 Easy 717219A6 Hong Kong Hole 9 Easy AE00A528 National Park Hole 9 Easy E9C3C183 Rome Hole 9 Easy 2A7E89A6 West Coast Hole 9 Easy
7D76F632 Detroit Hole 9 Hard 0FC3651B Hong Kong Hole 9 Hard D0B1D995 National Park Hole 9 Hard 9772BD3E Rome Hole 9 Hard 54CFF51B West Coast Hole 9 Hard

Directions and Events

Since none of the events are playable except one, all these strings go unused.

String ID String String ID String String ID String String ID String
9B62E7B2 Eastbound Burning Lap A8119FBA Northbound Burning Lap B01B5BAE Southbound Burning Lap BC81C21F Westbound Burning Lap
C681258D Eastbound Burning Lap D7CF032B Northbound Burning Lap B4EB958D Southbound Burning Lap C65D8CCA Westbound Burning Lap
4AAB4D2B Eastbound Burning Lap 87BDCA0C Northbound Eliminator CCE00887 Southbound Burning Lap 27298D42 Westbound Burning Lap
8DE1C58B Eastbound Eliminator 8A09E69D Northbound Eliminator F44C8D23 Southbound Burning Lap 1FEB2018 Westbound Eliminator
0C7A2B8A Eastbound Eliminator C8E9486A Northbound Eliminator 4F454078 Southbound Burning Lap 28838A92 Westbound Eliminator
1BFFCFC7 Eastbound Eliminator D654F404 Northbound Eliminator 507EA40B Southbound Burning Lap 2CAFEDF6 Westbound Eliminator
22D5127E Eastbound Eliminator F5D77A0C Northbound Eliminator 6CC6CE70 Southbound Burning Lap 7B1AB725 Westbound Eliminator
845753DB Eastbound Preview Lap 326EEB09 Northbound Eliminator D2339C17 Southbound Eliminator C938DD75 Westbound Preview Lap
A357943C Eastbound Preview Lap 90C567FE Northbound Preview Lap D4F763A1 Southbound Eliminator D3343724 Westbound Preview Lap
95154CE7 Eastbound Race 1B35339E Northbound Preview Lap E2B982E0 Southbound Eliminator FA7C109B Westbound Preview Lap
B1D46544 Eastbound Race 67CBCA81 Northbound Preview Lap EAEC9E7F Southbound Eliminator 8FCF989A Westbound Race
ECE19957 Eastbound Race 69BE0854 Northbound Preview Lap F6169448 Southbound Eliminator AB0EB139 Westbound Race
7E3D42E8 Eastbound Race 8ABCA492 Northbound Race 10561F91 Southbound Eliminator C6BE6E80 Westbound Race
96987212 Eastbound Road Rage 944A178B Northbound Race 2941E0A5 Southbound Eliminator 24D7280B Westbound Race
9B117C0E Eastbound Road Rage CEEB721F Northbound Race 2B7AEC6D Southbound Eliminator 380FC603 Westbound Race
37006443 Eastbound Road Rage ECD62CB1 Northbound Race 4EDEB757 Southbound Eliminator 8C42A66F Westbound Road Rage
3E4BBBAC Eastbound Road Rage EEE21D24 Northbound Race 5F0737C1 Southbound Eliminator 9644DB55 Westbound Road Rage
83E5F562 Eastbound Traffic Attack 01AAA4FE Northbound Race 6D5D395F Southbound Eliminator D67465CB Westbound Road Rage
ADA47A01 Eastbound Traffic Attack 2F43DAD0 Northbound Race B3084CB7 Southbound Preview Lap 1AB21AB4 Westbound Road Rage
0C3C6C50 Eastbound Traffic Attack 57A9CC10 Northbound Race 63A908A4 Southbound Preview Lap 492B2703 Westbound Road Rage
11EF10F1 Eastbound Traffic Attack BF7F6756 Northbound Reverse B7C99983 Southbound Race 676AA860 Westbound Road Rage
1216760E Eastbound Traffic Attack 8A627825 Northbound Road Rage C8170512 Southbound Race C40ADD0C Westbound Traffic Attack
26BF32C0 Eastbound Traffic Attack B2B8D07B Northbound Road Rage CAC2BF4D Southbound Race 16E6B82D Westbound Traffic Attack
BF0CFCEA Northbound Road Rage 3658E0E9 Southbound Race 7F9E210C Westbound Traffic Attack
C427046E Northbound Road Rage 4D73186D Southbound Race
C61335FB Northbound Road Rage B63C4652 Southbound Race
D4A475A2 Northbound Road Rage 9D0C80C9 Southbound Road Rage
FAD8D84C Northbound Road Rage D08812C6 Southbound Road Rage
3A68E195 Northbound Road Rage E0020C31 Southbound Road Rage
6635F30C Northbound Road Rage E6C6F387 Southbound Road Rage
DEE7BC97 Northbound Traffic Attack EA8700C7 Southbound Road Rage
E229FB16 Northbound Traffic Attack 17090B78 Southbound Road Rage
F48FFEA6 Northbound Traffic Attack 20B235E8 Southbound Road Rage
3EF1C4FE Northbound Traffic Attack 66A2553C Southbound Road Rage
50F6D8F9 Northbound Traffic Attack 7CEF2771 Southbound Road Rage
648C082D Northbound Traffic Attack A63088DA Southbound Traffic Attack
65985C36 Northbound Traffic Attack A67B87AD Southbound Traffic Attack
C0110F8E Southbound Traffic Attack
C609597F Southbound Traffic Attack
18937AF8 Southbound Traffic Attack
3A96ACED Southbound Traffic Attack
3DA78C8A Southbound Traffic Attack
7F42884B Southbound Traffic Attack

EA Trax Placeholders

These strings are found in the full string file from the July Xbox demo. There are 44 song placeholders, even though the final build had 41 songs.

String ID String String ID String String ID String
8B7E7BB7 Artist 1 D9863099 Song Title 1 A23F2339 Album 1
12772A0D Artist 2 408F6123 Song Title 2 3B367283 Album 2
65701A9B Artist 3 378851B5 Song Title 3 4C314215 Album 3
FB148F38 Artist 4 A9ECC416 Song Title 4 D255D7B6 Album 4
8C13BFAE Artist 5 DEEBF480 Song Title 5 A552E720 Album 5
151AEE14 Artist 6 47E2A53A Song Title 6 3C5BB69A Album 6
621DDE82 Artist 7 30E595AC Song Title 7 4B5C860C Album 7
F2A2C313 Artist 8 A05A883D Song Title 8 DBE39B9D Album 8
85A5F385 Artist 9 D75DB8AB Song Title 9 ACE4AB0B Album 9
8C5768F8 Artist 10 50D39D7C Song Title 10 867E8787 Album 10
FB50586E Artist 11 27D4ADEA Song Title 11 F179B711 Album 11
625909D4 Artist 12 BEDDFC50 Song Title 12 6870E6AB Album 12
155E3942 Artist 13 C9DACCC6 Song Title 13 1F77D63D Album 13
8B3AACE1 Artist 14 57BE5965 Song Title 14 8113439E Album 14
FC3D9C77 Artist 15 20B969F3 Song Title 15 F6147308 Album 15
6534CDCD Artist 16 B9B03849 Song Title 16 6F1D22B2 Album 16
1233FD5B Artist 17 CEB708DF Song Title 17 181A1224 Album 17
828CE0CA Artist 18 5E08154E Song Title 18 88A50FB5 Album 18
F58BD05C Artist 19 290F25D8 Song Title 19 FFA23F23 Album 19
587A3B3B Artist 20 84FECEBF Song Title 20 5253D444 Album 20
2F7D0BAD Artist 21 F3F9FE29 Song Title 21 2554E4D2 Album 21
B6745A17 Artist 22 6AF0AF93 Song Title 22 BC5DB568 Album 22
C1736A81 Artist 23 1DF79F05 Song Title 23 CB5A85FE Album 23
5F17FF22 Artist 24 83930AA6 Song Title 24 553E105D Album 24
2810CFB4 Artist 25 F4943A30 Song Title 25 223920CB Album 25
B1199E0E Artist 26 6D9D6B8A Song Title 26 BB307171 Album 26
C61EAE98 Artist 27 1A9A5B1C Song Title 27 CC3741E7 Album 27
56A1B309 Artist 28 8A25468D Song Title 28 5C885C76 Album 28
21A6839F Artist 29 FD22761B Song Title 29 2B8F6CE0 Album 29
41610A7A Artist 30 9DE5FFFE Song Title 30 4B48E505 Album 30
36663AEC Artist 31 EAE2CF68 Song Title 31 3C4FD593 Album 31
AF6F6B56 Artist 32 73EB9ED2 Song Title 32 A5468429 Album 32
D8685BC0 Artist 33 04ECAE44 Song Title 33 D241B4BF Album 33
460CCE63 Artist 34 9A883BE7 Song Title 34 4C25211C Album 34
310BFEF5 Artist 35 ED8F0B71 Song Title 35 3B22118A Album 35
A802AF4F Artist 36 74865ACB Song Title 36 A22B4030 Album 36
DF059FD9 Artist 37 03816A5D Song Title 37 D52C70A6 Album 37
4FBA8248 Artist 38 933E77CC Song Title 38 45936D37 Album 38
38BDB2DE Artist 39 E439475A Song Title 39 32945DA1 Album 39
F1209CBD Artist 40 2DA46939 Song Title 40 FB0973C2 Album 40
8627AC2B Artist 41 5AA359AF Song Title 41 8C0E4354 Album 41
1F2EFD91 Artist 42 C3AA0815 Song Title 42 150712EE Album 42
6829CD07 Artist 43 B4AD3883 Song Title 43 62002278 Album 43
F64D58A4 Artist 44 2AC9AD20 Song Title 44 FC64B7DB Album 44


While using the quickstart menu, a couple of strange things happen.



This game mode should load normally but in the quickstart menu, the game spawns the car in a coordinate out of bounds. Crashes on real hardware after the cross button is pressed.

Traffic Attack


Same as Race game mode but all money targets are set to $0. However, Multiplayer mode works fine, it is probably missing data for single player. Crashes on real hardware after the cross button is pressed.