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Proto:Color a Dinosaur

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Color a Dinosaur.

A very early build of Color a Dinosaur has been circulating the internet. Only five dinosaurs have had their art implemented, while all the other dinosaurs are either a garbled mess or a duplicate of the first dinosaur.

Title Screen

Prototype Final
Coloradinosaur prototitle.png Color a Dinosaur-title.png

The game didn't have a proper title screen yet, so it just went under the name "Paint Me!"


Prototype Final
Coloradinosaur menuproto.png Coloradinosaur menufinal.png

None of the dinosaurs had proper icons, and instead had self-labeled placeholders. The "Choose a Picture!" text was dropped in the final.


Prototype Final
Coloradinosaur dinoproto.png Coloradinosaur dinofinal.png

In the prototype, the background by default is black and the outlines are white. These were swapped in the final. On a side note, the ground behind the dinosaur is shorter in the prototype.