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Color a Dinosaur

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Title Screen

Color a Dinosaur

Developer: FarSight Studios
Publisher: Virgin Games
Platform: NES
Released in US: July 1993

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DummyIcon.png This game has unusual dummy files.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

Following this game's release, every single other developer realized they couldn't compete and immediately shut down. And can you blame them?


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Norton Utilities

For whatever reason, this game appears to contain a big honking chunk of Norton Utilities 7 starting at 0x078C8.

You specified option DOS=$d2K. 
There is only $u3K of$s01DOS memory available.
Omit option DOS or try DOS=$u4K.
<bh:00>You specified option EXT=$d2K. 
There is only $u3K of$s01EXTENDED memory available. 
Omit option EXT or try EXT=$u4K.<bh:00>
You specified option EXP=$d2K. 
There is only $u3K of$s01EXPANDED memory available. 
Omit option EXP or try EXP=$u4K.<bh:00>You specified option DOS=$u2K. 
There is only $u3K of$s01Conventional DOS memory available.  
Specify DOS to use it all.
<bh:00>You specified option DOS=$u2K,$u3K.
Norton Cache cannot$s01dynamically free DOS memory for Windows.
Omit the MINIMUM$s01cache size specification (eg. DOS=$u2K).
<bh:00>You specified option EXT=$u2K. 
There is only $u3K$s01of EXTENDED memory available.  
Specify EXT to use it all.<bh:00>
You specified option EXP=$u2K. 
There is only $u3K$s01of EXPANDED memory available.  
Specify EXP to use it all.<bh:00>
You specified option EXP=$u2K,$u3K. 
Due to the design of$s01the Microsoft Windows Virtual Memory Manager, a disk cache$s01cannot use expanded memory while Windows is running. 
Omit the$s01MINIMUM cache size specification (eg. EXP=$u2K), 
or use$s01extended memory for the cache (eg. EXT=$u2K,$u3K).
<bh:00>You specified option EXT=$d2K.  
There is NO extended$s01memory available on your system.  
Omit option EXT.<bh:00>
You specified option EXT.  
There is NO extended$s01memory available on your system.  
Omit option EXT.<bh:00>
You specified option EXP=$d2K.  
There is NO expanded$s01memory available on your system.  
Omit option EXP.<bh:00>You specified option EXP.  
There is NO expanded$s01memory available on your system.  
Omit option EXP.<bh:00>There was a previous error accessing Expanded Memory.
$s01Reboot your computer and try again, or omit option EXP.<bh:00>Norton Cache requires a LIM EMS 4.0 expanded memory manager$s01to use expanded memory.  
Omit option EXP or upgrade your Expanded$s01Memory Manager.
<bh:00>Norton Cache canno

More appears at 0xCDD8. We could include more than this excerpt, which begins at 0xE87E, but much like this game, there's really no point.

NDOS Revision A 7.0 NDOS, Norton Utilities version 7.0,
Copyright 1993 by Symantec Corporation  %s=%c:\%s 
%s version %u.%u
DOS OS/2  DR-DOS     DOS Revision %c     OS/2 Revision %u 
DOS is in %s HMA ROM low memory  PROMPT  COMSPEC _cdpath unlabeled
Volume in drive %c is %-12s Serial number is %04x:%04x
No PATH %12Lu bytes free
%12Lu bytes total DOS RAM
%12Lu bytes total EMS memory
%12Lu bytes total EXTENDED memory
%12Lu bytes free XMS memory    (HMA free)  (HMA in use)  
%12Lu bytes total environment
%12Lu bytes total alias
%12Lu bytes total history
%12Lu bytes total disk space
%12Lu bytes used
      chars ³ � or � Selects ³ + Marks  - Unmarks ³
      ENTER to run ³ Page %2u of %2u 
      Marked: %4u files %6luK %s is %s %s (%s) is %s
GLOBAL: %s Timer %d  on: %s
off: %s    Elapsed: %u%c%02u%c%02u.%02u
 %2u%c%02u%c%02u%c %u%*1s%u%*1s%u  
New date (%s):   
New time (hh:mm:ss):   Active code page:   %u
Prepared code pages:  Confirm system reboot CON No UMB regions
defined, switches ignored
Invalid region number or size "%s", ignored