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Proto:Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back/September 29th, 1997 build

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

The September 29th, 1997 prototype of Crash Bandicoot 2 is a review version of the game dated weeks before the final NTSC-U release version. It was released on May 1st, 2021.

Debug Features

Warp Room Codes

In the warp room, three button combinations can be inputted:

  • Press Right, Down, Down, Left, Down, Circle, Square, Triangle = Give all colored gems, and unlock the elevator.
  • Press Right, Down, Down, Left, X, Circle, Circle = Holding R2 brings up the Cortex hologram, in order of appearance, each time a new one is triggered.
  • Press Right, Down, Down, Left, Down, Circle, Triangle, Circle = Turn off cheats.

General Differences

Main Differences

  • Demo mode lacks the "Demo" text flashing on-screen.
    • The string appears on-screen in Sewer or Later, Bear It, and N. Gin demos, but the text is black and doesn't flash.
  • Demo inputs are different.
  • After a demo ends, it returns to the SCEA screen.
  • Skipping a demo will put the player into the warp room, instead of to the title screen.
  • It's totally impossible to skip the opening cutscenes. However, you can pull up the HUD if you want.
  • Music volume is defaulted to 75% as opposed to 100% in the final game.
    • Analog calibration option is called "Analog Pad" instead of "Calibrate".
    • There is no centering options.
  • Crash flashes white after being hit or when invincible. His back texture won't flash, though.
  • Skipping Crash's dances will also skip the hologram cutscenes.
  • Leaving a level prematurely after collecting the crystal will make Crash leap out triumphantly of the portal even if he has earned nothing.
  • You need to hold L2 instead of Triangle to go back to a boss battle.
  • If you hold R2 you can skip the boss battle when going to the next warp room. Skipping Cortex will softlock the game, though.
  • Crash's dance lacks sound effects.
  • Polar makes a very different sound.
  • The death route platform moves very quickly.
  • If you have any crystals or gems, and use a secret exit, Crash won't take them out of his pocket in the warp room.
  • The gem of a secret level will be invisible when Crash takes it out of his pocket in the warp room.
  • The boost pads only trigger if you run or stand on them. Spins and slides make them useless.
  • Leaving a boss level prematurely after having defeated them will make Crash return on the current warp room of the boss, instead of the next one.
  • Exiting the game via warp room will return to the Sony Computer Entertainment intro instead of the title screen.

River Levels

  • The ? indicator on the bonus is sideways. The same applies to the bonus exit.

Polar Levels

  • Hitting the iron crate hazards turns Crash into an angel.
  • Crash twirls one time instead of two.

Alpine Levels

  • The player can move while jumping out of the diggable soil, helped even further by the fact that these two animations are longer.
  • Boxes don't automatically break when Crash touches them while dug.

Night Jungle Levels

  • The checkpoint letters are dark.

Level Differences

Warp Room

  • On the load/save screen, Crash doesn't animate at all, except for blinking.
  • "Please wait" has two dots instead of three.
  • When you access the secret warp room, the level slot graphic will show empty files, instead of the last level you were.
  • Even when saving to your own save file, you get the "Overwrite?" prompt.
  • The elevator has a larger hitbox.
  • The clear gems for Totally Bear and Totally Fly are placed behind the portal frames.

Turtle Woods

  • If you get the box gem from the level without getting the blue gem, the X/0 total box hint won't display next time you replay it.

Snow Go

  • There are some unfinished models along the walls, in the fall part to the red gem.

Hang Eight

  • Draw distance is not set up very well, allowing you to see several black triangles during the blue gem transitions.

Snow Biz

  • The red gem platform is a little far to the right.
  • There is also some ice crystals embedded in a wall of the left side.

Air Crash

  • In the secret area of Air Crash, the waterboard can embed itself partially into the walls.

The Eel Deal

  • The bonus exit platform is misplaced.

Komodo Bros.

  • The swords thrown in the air in the cutscene are missing. It also lacks any sound effects or voices.
  • Skipping the cutscene won't skip the brothers' performance, causing the player to be able to move while they are still in the cutscene animation.
  • The cutscene replays every time you respawn.
  • If you enter the fight with two masks, you'll get temporary invincibility.
  • You can spin on Komodo Joe in order to push him.
  • There are no sound effects for Komodo Joe spinning or sitting down.
  • Komodo Moe has no voice when being hit by Komodo Joe.

Plant Food

  • The timer continues even if you are inside the bonus area and it will reset if you lose there, unless you fall into a hole.
  • If you make it to the end with both all boxes and still within the time, you only get the yellow gem. You must kill yourself to get both gems.

Bear Down

  • There are black textures in the edge of the snow stairs.

Road to Ruin

  • The bonus platform is on the right side.
  • The end death route platform is misplaced.


  • In the hidden area, the lowest metal box near the second Aku Aku crate is missing.
  • You won't lose your invincibility when you exit the hidden area.

Totally Bear

  • The snow has a greenish color.
  • Crash makes Polar's footprints.

Hangin' Out

  • The wall textures after the last wire mesh segment has a grey tone.

Totally Fly

  • Crash doesn't spawn in the center of the platform.

Diggin' It

  • The area right after the bonus lacks the holes. The final game has several pits on both sides of the path, and there was only one boost pad.

Cold Hard Crash

  • Icicles do not trigger TNT crates.
  • There is no mask in the topmost box of the death route.


  • The color sometimes gets messed up on the last moving pillar.


  • The first diggable soil has the old grey texture color in the right edge.
  • The electric fence before the second checkpoint is not rendered properly, and part of the hole ahead is covered by a glitched floor.

N. Gin

  • Several sound effects are missing.
  • N. Gin's voice volume is too low.
  • If destroying both arms at the same time, the healthbar will lose only one point instead.

Spaced Out

  • In green gem route, a hole is missing between the first two shrinkrays.

Dr. Neo Cortex

  • The box tally shows a weird negative number of seven digits covering the life counter.


  • There is no crab on the beach in the normal ending.
  • There are no stars in the space background during the 100% ending.
  • The credits start with "Crash Bandicoot...", while in the final game it was changed to "Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back".
  • Missing Joe Pearson in the first Special Thanks row.
  • Missing David Siller and Terry Smith in the Special Thanks list from Universal Interactive Studios row.
  • "Sony Computer Entertainment Inc." lacks a line break.
  • Missing Chris Deering in Special Thanks list from SCEI.
  • Missing "Head of Internal Testing", "Lead Testers", and "Testers" rows.
  • American Exitus is credited in an unique row called "Production Design". In the final game, it was moved to the "Character Design and Art Direction".
    • Removed Joe Pearson from "Character Design and Art Direction" list.
  • The Soundtrack row uses a colon after it instead of "By".
  • The Sound Design tow is separated by a colon instead of "By".
  • The voice cast list is called "Voice Characterization" and credits only Brendan O'Brien instead of having single rows for each character.
  • Missing "Animation Reference" row.
  • The last Special Thanks row is called "Thanks" only.
    • Removed Tom Boyd, Dan Burnash, and Kojiro Umemura from the list.
  • Cortex doesn't laugh at the end of the 100% ending.

Soundtrack Differences

To do:
Upload clear versions.

One of the biggest differences is the music. Almost all levels have slightly different music tracks:

  • Hard path jungle music has slightly different instruments, and volume is different.
  • The warp room theme has missing instruments.
  • The title theme is slightly different.
  • The snow level themes have some different instruments, volume and tracks. The death route themes are glitchy and cut off one of the instruments due to too many instruments being played at once.
  • The bonus river theme lacks one instrument, and the death route theme has a higher-pitched instrument.
  • The normal boulder theme is slightly different, its death route counterpart is slightly different too.
  • The normal sewer is slightly different, and more similar to Josh Mancell's pre-console mix at the end. The bonus theme uses a wrong instrument, which makes it hard to hear without getting an earbleed.
  • The Komodo Bros. theme is slightly different.
  • The alpine levels have one extra clean guitar instrument not present in the final game, and all of its themes are slightly different. Most notably the death route.
  • The N. Gin theme differs slightly.
  • The dynamo levels have high release applied to some of their instruments.
  • The space levels are glitchy and have cut-off notes.

Save Information

The information stored on a memory card when saving the game differs in this version compared to the final NTSC-U release.

Info Sep 29 Final
Product Code ASH2-94900 SCUS-94154
Identifier 00983802 00992731
Region 0x5243 America