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Proto:Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back/Snow Go Demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.

The second and only public demo of Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back released to the American audience, available on some demo compilation discs. It features Snow Go as a playable level. The modification date of the files suggests that this demo is dated around August 22nd, 1997.

General Differences


  • The warp animation doesn't make any sound effects.
  • Crash only has the sigh idle animation. The shivering and breathing on his hands to warm them in snowy and rainy levels is missing.
  • You can perform a slide move while spinning, which results in the spin move being cancelled.
  • When Crash takes damage, his invincibility frame shares the same flashing visual effect as Aku Aku invincibility state, rather than becoming invisible.
    • Like in Crash Bandicoot, Aku Aku flashes when Crash takes damage as well.
  • No sound plays when Crash defeats enemies with Aku Aku invincibility.
Demo Final
  • The snow footstep sound effect is different.
Crash 2 Snow Go Demo DDA Mask Bug.png
  • The body slam move cannot break crates above Crash.
  • Sliding over a TNT crate will make you get stuck inside it.
  • The Nitro detonator doesn't make the explosion sound effect when triggered.
  • The box counter will not disappear after you collect the gem and lose a life, meaning that if you break all the crates again, the gem will respawn.
  • The exit portal does not emit a sound effect.
  • There is a smaller gap between each didgeridoo sound effect when Crash turns into an angel, causing it to play three times as opposed to two.
  • Nitros do not instantly hit the player when affected by certain actions, meaning that it's possible to jump on one and carefully jump away from its explosion radius unharmed.
  • If Crash receives a free Aku Aku mask after dying repeatedly and then dies while invincible, Crash will respawn doing the leap up animation and will continue flashing as if he still had Aku Aku invincibility. However, Crash won't gain invincibility frames during this state until it ends, so hitting a Nitro or TNT crate will cause him to take multiple hits at once due to the constant harm caused by the explosions - which can cause instant death even if he is carrying Aku Aku masks.

Pause Menu

Although not normally accessible, as pressing Start does nothing, the pause menu can be restored by hacking.

Demo Final
Crash 2 Snow Go Demo Pause Menu.png Crash 2-Final Pause Menu.png
  • Selectable options are colored gray with a gradient. The highlighted option, level name and completion percentage do not occasionally flash white.
  • The crystal is slightly to the left.
  • The gem stats area has a lighter background.
  • The clear gem is smaller and the colored gems are slightly to the right.
  • Only the audio option exists. As a result, there is no sub-menu with screen centering or analog calibration settings.
  • The crystal and gem count automatically increases whenever any of them are grabbed.
  • Pressing Start to unpause the game while hovering over the audio output option will toggle it.

Level Differences

Snow Go

Main Level

Demo Final
Crash 2 Snow Go Demo Red Gem.png Crash 2-Final Red Gem.png
  • The level layout differs in the red gem area. The floor is larger, featuring a mirror in the scenery, and with a seal on it. This was altered later on, as you can get the gem by high-bouncing onto the seal and belly-flopping in mid-air. While it is still possible to collect the gem early in the final game, it requires some skill and a bit of luck.

Bonus Round

  • There is a blue crystal cluster next to the three suspended crates that was removed in the final game.

Secret Path

Using hacks, it's possible to access the secret path:

  • Wall textures are overall darker, using a more intense green tone.
  • There is no wall in the background reflected by the first ice mirror.
  • The first outline iron crate is placed lower.
Demo Final
Crash 2 Snow Go Demo Secret Route.png Crash 2-Final Snow Go Secret Route.png
  • The UV mapping of the wall is incomplete in the final segment.
  • There are some unfinished models along the walls in the fall part to the red gem.

Soundtrack Differences

Level Demo Final Notes
Snow File:Crash2-Demo SnowTheme.ogg
Some different instruments, volume and tracks.
Snow (Bonus) File:Crash2-Demo SnowBonusTheme.ogg File:Crash2 SnowBonusTheme.ogg
Snow (Hard) File:Crash2-Demo SnowHardTheme.ogg
The theme is glitchy and cut off one of the instruments due to too many instruments being played at once.

Unused Content

Level Names

By using a memory viewer, it's possible to see all the strings of text used in the pause menu:

  • Bee-Having is called "Bee Haven".

Unused Animations

  • The animated Aku Aku model used in the hints feature of the Japanese localization is present in the level file, even though the model can only be found in the final NTSC-J release.
  • Crash's dance animation is also present, for some reason. It's possible that it was planned as an extra idle animation for the NTSC-J release, similar to how Crash has an extra idle animation in the NTSC-J version of the first game.
    • He would eventually perform his dance as an idle animation while in the warp room in the sequel.

Falling Icicle Sound

Despite having no falling icicles, Snow Go has an unused and unique sound effect for falling icicles hitting the ground, whereas in the final game they simply share the Nitro explosion sound.