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Proto:Creatures (Windows, Mac OS Classic)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Creatures (Windows, Mac OS Classic).

Creatures was originally developed for DOS and codenamed Albia. One prototype version dates back to March 22, 1994, when Maxis was considered to be a potential publisher for the game. At this time, Creature Labs was still working under Millenium Interactive.

It was released as part of the 2021 Creatures Community Spirit Festival.

General Differences


  • The game runs on DOS, using VGA Mode 13h. The game uses pixel art instead of a physical diorama.
  • Norns can't die in this prototype.
  • To switch between Norns, one must approach another Norn, then drag a scanning above the active Norn to the desired Norn.
  • To change which commands are recognized, the player can click on the blackboard.
  • A hot-air balloon is present.
  • The player can see the stats by switching screens on the bottom, but with little indication as to what changes these.
  • Day and night cycles can be noticed.
  • Within the prototype, there are seven BRN files - one for the selected Norn (Adam), two Grendels, two other Norns, and two 'sides'.

Debug Programs

The prototype comes with two programs to visualize data with the help of the Borland Graphics Interface.


  • BRAINMAP - This maps out the neural network for each of the .brn files present in the prototype. To show the graph, enter the .brn file to view (with the extension) and press any key once it discovers the concepts.


  • WATCHDAT - The player can see the evolution of a Norn as stored by WATCH.DAT

Development Text


SpriteFile::Init: Can't open sprite file
Object::Object() - too many objects in ObjectLib[]!
MaxiBook::PlotPage() - can't open book file