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Proto:Deltarune/Chapter 1 Demo (2018)

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Deltarune.

To do:



Deltarune-spr ralseib idle enemy.gif
Unused Enemies and Encounters
"See you in the next hell, losers!" –Ralsei
Deltarune-spr darktalkbt-0.png
Unused Text
Is that a cut on your face, or part of your eye?

Debug Mode

Download.png Download Deltarune .bps patch
File: DELTARUNE_debug_mode_bps_patch.zip (238 B) (info)

Patch this .bps into your data.win or use a hex editor and edit the following locations in data.win.

  • 3E8144 and 3E8138: Set to 01. Enables debug mode.
  • 3E8568: Set to 00. Disables the "dogcheck", allowing you to enter rooms above 130 via save file editing.
  • 404450, 404468, 51DAA8, 52436C, 524370: Set to 1800, 1801, 94, 00, and FFFFFFFF respectively. Fixes the crash when warping into room_flowershop_2f.
  • 46C04C: Set to 0000. Enables the kingcutscene debug display.
  • 480A84: Set to 00000000. Enables the Starwalker hotkey.
  • 4C6230: Set to 01. Enables the Jevil chain debug display and hotkeys.

Enabling debug mode will show a few additional things during the game:

  • The frames per second will be printed in the top-left, in red.
  • Areas with enemies will have a red and cyan box to the upper-left and lower-right of your character.
  • In the King fight room, the values of several variables will be displayed in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • In the Jevil fight, a red square will be shown on Jevil's neck.

Additional hotkeys are available as well, some of which are reused from the previous game.

  • O: Sets the FPS cap to 3.
  • P: Sets the FPS cap to 60.
  • Z and other "action" buttons: Displays a small rectangle in front of you for one frame, indicating the "interaction" hitbox.
  • R: Restarts the game. No need to press it 7 times.
  • S: Opens the save dialog anywhere. Using it will usually unlock your movement, if it was locked by a script.
  • L: Immediately reloads your save.
  • D: When held down, pushing 3 through 9 will teleport you to various rooms starting at the dark world to the middle of the game. The plot and party variables are updated to bring the story to the correct position.
  • J: When held down, pushing 6 through 9 will teleport you to various rooms, the first 2 to a broken battle test room, and the other 2 to the two end game bosses.
  • W: When held down, pushing 2 through 6 will teleport you to various rooms near the end of the game. The plot and party variables are updated to bring the story to the correct position.
  • C: When held down, text will automatically advance as if you were using the Wrist Protector item.
  • Ins: Moves you to the previous room by internal order.
  • Del: Moves you to the next room.
  • F10: Takes a screenshot and saves it within the DELTARUNE folder.

Additionally, there are various context-specific debug commands.

During the 'CONTACT' intro:

  • Backspace: Skips to Kris's room.

In the light world:

  • F: Sets the FPS cap to 58.

When fighting the Starwalker:

  • Backspace: Dispels the Starwalker (though does not make the original Starwalker appear).

In an elevator:

  • 0: Plays the elevator moving animation, though does not change the room you are taken to by exiting. Also moves backwards through the background colors (see 2).
  • 1: Starts the elevator moving animation, but never stops it. In the upper elevator, this prevents you from moving and thus softlocks the game.
  • 2: Changes the background color; grey (CC basement) -> lighter grey (CC ground floor) -> white (CC top floor) -> purple (Jevil's prison) -> peach -> cyan

When fighting Jevil:

  • Down: Decreases 'condition' by 1. This starts the 'head chain' animation, if it's not already playing. If it is playing, this has different behaviour.
  • Up: Increases 'condition' by 1. If the head chain animation is playing, this will stop it. If the rotate/fade animation is playing, this has different behaviour.
  • Space: Increases the distance at which Jevil's head is swinging, during the 'head chain' animation.
(Source: Original TCRF research)
(Source: NathaanTFM (offsets to change for debug mode and dogcheck bypass), ExperimentT (additional keys))

Development Text

At the start of lang_en.json and lang_ja.json are the following strings, respectively:

  "date": "1540902565549",

  "date": "1540902546049",

These are millisecond-specific Unix timestamps corresponding to October 30, 2018 at 12:29:25.549 and 12:29:06.049 UTC, respectively. They presumably represent the last times that the files were generated before release.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Allcaps Asset Names

The window captions used throughout the game use upper and title case variously, to denote context; the 'light world' sections use title case (e.g. "The Beginning", "The Return") and the 'dark world' sections, along with everything else, use upper-case (e.g. "THE DARK", "CONTACT", "DELTARUNE").

Internally, most of the game's assets are named using a similar though distinct convention of upper/lower case. Unlike the window captions, the "Dark World" assets, like the "Light World" assets, use lower case, abbreviated prefixes (in Undertale, these were the only prefixes used). Allcaps prefixes/names are only used in the following contexts:

  • CONTACT and everything associated with it.
  • The logo screen and main menu (both versions of it).
  • The game over ("FAILURE") screen.
  • The dogcheck room.

These are effectively all of the "out-of-bounds" sections of the game, as it were, with the exception of the ending credits.

Below is a full list of the used prefixes:

Type Normal prefix Allcaps prefix Notes
Sound snd AUDIO
Music mus Most of the music doesn't use a prefix, but the few that do use these.
Sprite spr IMAGE
Background bg
Script scr "UNUSED" is the only allcaps script. One would have expected the "PROCESS" prefix to be for scripts, but the only things that use it are two objects.
Font fnt
Object obj DEVICE
PROCESS As mentioned above, this seems like it should logically be the script prefix.
Room room PLACE "ROOM" is also used once, for ROOM_INITIALIZE (room 0, the startup room, which immediately sends you to PLACE_CONTACT, PLACE_MENU, or room_legend, depending on save progress).

Variable names within allcaps objects also follow this convention, mostly being in allcaps as well, in addition to sometimes utilizing slightly more verbose terminology. One notable counterpart for a common local variable is EVENT, used in place of con (condition).

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Music


Dogcheck's back, baby, and with an all-new song. Setting your savefile to start you in a room under 1 or over 130 will play this chill tune while a sleeping dog replaces whatever you were trying to sneak into; we'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not that qualifies as "unused". Internally, this track is referred to as SONG_THAT_EMERGES_FROM_A_SLEEPING_DOG.


This track's name seems to imply that it would have been used around the "Thrash Machine" segment.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Sounds

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: snd_error


If the filename is to be believed, this was used as the sound that plays when you enter battle; the sound used in-game is called snd_tensionhorn.


Muffet's laugh from Undertale.


Pretty self-explanatory.


Also self-explanatory. This sound effect was taken from Undertale.


Flowey's hurt sound from Undertale.


Another Undertale sound effect.


A 'small' hurt sound. Also from Undertale.


The mouse hole sound effect from Undertale. Note that there is an unused armor called MouseToken. Later used in Chapter 2 for the Annoying Mouse Room puzzles.



Susie roaring.


An echoing text sound for Toriel, used in a cut part of CONTACT immediately before Kris wakes up. Despite this dialogue being spoken by Toriel, the sound is actually a slowed down and echoed version of Susie's text sound.


Papyrus's dialogue sound from Undertale. Papyrus does not appear in Chapter 1 of Deltarune, and as such has no dialogue.


What appears to simply be a duplicate of Alphys's (used) text sound.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Items


ID 5 10 14
Full name BrokenCake
Battle name Favwich
Full description Though broken, it seethes with power.
A master smith could fix it.

壊れてもなお すさまじい気を発するケーキ。
An enormous salad... but, it's just
lettuce, so it's worthless. +4HP

You'd think it tastes perfect.
Heals 500HP.
Battle description Heals
Target type Individual Individual Individual
Usable Yes Yes Yes
Use text * ~1 used the BROKEN CAKE! * ~1 used the GIGASALAD!
* ~1は
* ~1 used the FAV SANDWICH!
* ~1は
Character comments Susie (No comments) Why this!? 意味わかんねー! (It's SO good!)
Ralsei Let's be healthy! ヘルシーだね! K-Kris!? I...
Value 5 10 10
Notes This was replaced with key item #3 (BrokenCake), the main difference being that the key item cannot be consumed or sold. Effectively identical to the ReviveMint, though with a far lower value.
(Source: Original TCRF research)


ID 4 8
Name EverybodyWeapon Trefoil
Description It felt right for everyone. Mossy rapier with a clover emblem.
Increases $ found by 5%.
Attack +12 +4
Defense +6 0
Magic +8 0
Ability (No ability.) Deltarune-spr dmenu items-7.png Money Earned UP
Value 150 250
Characters Kris
Susie Uhhh... Ok. That tacky thing? No!
Ralsei A perfect fit! Not my shade of green...
Notes Probably for dev purposes; the weapon is fairly overpowered and is able to be used by multiple characters (unlike any other weapon). This weapon also does not have an icon, unlike the others (given that it is not a sword, axe, or scarf). Despite the description and ability, this weapon does not actually increase the D$ earned from battles.

In addition to these unused weapons, there are also several stats that are not used by any weapon:

  • weapondf: DF; defense. This stat is taken into account by the game, and is simply unused due to the fact that none of the weapons in the game increase defense (...other than the EverybodyWeapon). This is used in Chapter 2 by the BounceBlade.
  • weaponbolts: Bolt speed. This is not fully coded in, though would probably have altered the 'bolt speed' (which has a constant value of 8), which determines the speed at which the 'bolt' (the moving bar that appears when attacking) travels. Set to 1 for all weapons.
  • weaponstyle: It is unclear what the 'weapon style' stat would have been used for. On startup, it is set to a default value of "Normal", though this is overwritten by the stats of individual weapons ("?" for all weapons, and " " for the null weapon). The game checks the stat when displaying the EQUIP and POWER menus, though does not display it or do anything else with it.
  • weapongrazeamt: Graze amount. Adds to the amount of TP gained when 'grazing' bullets with your SOUL. Set to 0 for all weapons.
  • weapongrazesize: Graze size; TP range. Alters the range at which you can graze bullets. Set to 0 for all weapons.
(Source: Original TCRF research)


ID 3 6
Name Pink Ribbon MouseToken
Description A cute hair ribbon that increases
the range bullets increase tension.
A golden coin with a once-powerful mousewizard engraved on it.
Attack 0 0
Defense +1 0
Magic 0 +2
TP range +20 0
Ability Deltarune-spr dmenu items-7.png TP Range (No ability.)
Value 100 120
Characters Kris
Susie Nope. Not in 1st grade anymore. This guy's... familiar? こいつ…どっかで見たことあるな…
Ralsei Um... D-do I look cute...? Chu! Healing power UP! チュウチュウ! 回復パワーアップ!
Notes Almost identical to armor #4, White Ribbon, though with an actual ability (and with a lower defense boost). This was later used in Chapter 2, though with different use dialogue.

There are several stats that are unused by any armor:

  • armorbolts: Bolt speed. As with the weapon equivalent, this is completely unused (not even coded in), and would presumably have altered bolt speed (i.e. the speed of the moving bar when attacking). Set to 0 for all armors.
  • armorgrazeamt: Graze amount. Adds to the amount of TP gained when 'grazing' bullets with your SOUL. Set to 0 for all armors. Used by the TensionBow in Chapter 2.
  • armorgrazesize: Graze size; TP range. Alters the range at which you can graze bullets. Used by the unused item Pink Ribbon, and also used in its used counterpart. Set to 0 for all used armors in Chapter 1.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Light World Items

Light World items, which use Undertale‍ '​s inventory system, are not segregated into separate types of items.

When you return to the Light World at the end of Chapter 1, the game checks what your equipped Dark World weapon is. If it is the Spookysword, your Pencil will be replaced with the Halloween Pencil. If it is the Trefoil (unused; see above), your Pencil will be replaced with the Lucky Pencil. There is no other way to obtain these items, leaving the Lucky Pencil unused.

ID Name Description AT Use text
7 Lucky Pencil
* "Lucky Pencil" - Weapon 1 AT
* Covered in green clovers and

* 「ラッキーエンピツ」 - ぶき AT1
* ぜんたいに みどりのクローバーと
  にじの えが かかれた エンピツ。
+1 * You equipped the Lucky Pencil.
* ラッキーエンピツを そうびした。

Additionally, when the Ball of Junk is dropped, all items, weapons, and armors in your Dark World inventory (i.e. not including equipped weapons/armors or key items) will be deleted. Since the player is unable to return to the Dark World in Chapter 1, this behavior cannot be seen in said chapter.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Old Items

These items are defined in scr_itemdesc_b and scr_itemdesc_oldtype. Nothing is present of them other than their descriptions. The formatting of the descriptions (with manual line breaks) indicates that these descriptions probably predate the addition of automatic line wrapping to Deltarune‍ '​s dialogue system; this along with the style of the descriptions appears to indicate that these items probably used Undertale‍ '​s inventory system, or a system much more like it than the final one.

ID Full description Battle description Notes
1 * "Dark Candy" - Heals 60 HP
* Black and red star that
tastes like marshmallows.
An early version of Dark Candy. Note that according to the descriptions, it originally healed 60 HP instead of 40.
2 * "Life Dew" - Revive Ally (Weak)
* Glowing dew...
* It refreshes your SOUL.
Presumably the predecessor of the ReviveMint.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Spells

ID 1 5 6
Full name Rude Sword
Red Buster
Dual Heal
Battle name RudeSword
Full description Deals moderate Rude-elemental damage to
one foe. Depends on Attack & Magic.

敵1体に 中程度の暴属性ダメージ
Battle description Rude
Heal All
30 HP
Cost 125 (50% TP) 0 (0% TP) 0 (0% TP)
Target type Enemy Enemy None
Use text * ~1 cast RUDE BUSTER!
* ~1は&  ルードバスターを発動した!
* ~1 used RED BUSTER! * ~1 cast DUAL HEAL!
Notes Very similar to Rude Buster, though with a few differences. Rude Sword does not take magic into account (despite the description), resulting in lower damage than Rude Buster. Unlike every other spell, Rude Sword has a different name in-battle. Also worth noting is Rude Sword's use text; similar though not quite identical to Rude Buster's * ~1 used RUDE BUSTER! (the Japanese text is identical to the used version). This spell uses the otherwise-unused animation spr_attack_mash1 (see below).

Rude Sword can be cast (as "Dual-Buster") in the fight with the unused enemy monster1.

Rude Sword's full description in English is identical to Rude Buster's, though the description in Japanese is slightly different; cf. the used version (which removed a space, added a 。, and slightly changed some text):


These spells are not technically unused, though they can only be cast via ACT options in the King fight in Chapter 1 and the Queen/Berdly fight in Chapter 2; they are never actually directly available as spells. As a result, the names, descriptions, and costs of the spells are left unused. Their use text is not unused.

Additionally, the spell Heal Prayer has behavior defined for the overworld, where it will heal a party member by 100 HP – in the final game, TP is set to 0 at the end of a battle, making it impossible to cast spells in the overworld and thus leaving this behavior unused.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Rooms

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: room_empty, room_DARKempty, room_battletest
  • Room 4, room_torroom, is an empty (all-black) room. Assumedly it would be Toriel's room in her house, but the door is locked.
  • Room 7, room_town_northwest, is an empty black room as well. It was presumably the area behind the closed-off gates within the town.
  • Room 11, room_town_apartments, is an empty black room as well, though larger than room_torroom. It may have been for the apartments in the town, which cannot be entered.
  • Room 131, PLACE_DOG, is the dogcheck room. If you edit your save file to start in a room number lesser than 1 or greater than 130, you will instead be taken to this room, where a sleeping dog serenades you with chill music.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Graphics

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
  • spr_checkers_idle_white
  • Tilesets
To do:
  • Unused sprites that are identical to their used versions:spr_chainking_toss_old, spr_face_jock1 through spr_face_jock8 (🤔), spr_face_king[7], spr_hammerguy_powerup_old, spr_jigsawry_wounded, spr_king_liftlancer_old, spr_susie*_party, spr_tile_darkgrass_old

Dark World

Ralsei's Manual

Textures that appear to be of the manual given to you by Ralsei at the beginning of the game; but this time, it's actually readable. This appears to have been cut earlier in development, as evidenced by the several notable differences between its contents and the final demo:

  • The game's keys were not going to be rebindable; this is evident in the 'CONTROLS' section, as well as the 'ATTACKING' section.
  • There was going to be a 'TALK' button in the overworld menu, allowing you to talk to the other members of your party at any point.
  • There was not going to be a SPARE button in-battle. Instead, the 'ACTING' section indicates that you would have had to turn all enemy names yellow, at which point the battle would automatically end.
  • There was some kind of in-battle dog button. Unused sprites for this button are present, indicating that it was likely going to appear in-game, probably as an Easter egg.
  • Attacking was going to require a different button to be pressed for each character; aside from making things quite a bit harder, this would not have meshed well with key rebinding.
  • TP was not going to be discarded after a battle, and could be restored at SAVE points. Because of this, spells could be cast in the overworld. Also, on a more minor note, the 'POWERS' button was renamed to 'POWER'.

There is no Japanese-language version of the manual, indicating that it was removed before localization started. Also notable is that the attack bar graphic in the ATTACKING section is a placeholder complete with a rough icon of Kris, in style with the rest of the placeholder graphics.

The design on the final page of the manual would later be re-used as an Easter egg within the official Ralsei plush produced by Fangamer. Seemingly made using crayons, the drawing can be found on a piece of paper inside the plush, along with the text "I'm looking forward to meeting you!"

There is also unused functionality for the manual in the form of the object obj_ralseibook; the manual can be restored in-game by modifying the "use item" script to create an instance of this object:

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Vs. Ralsei

Deltarune-spr ralseib idle enemy.gif What if we hugged 😳 in the dark world 😳? Deltarune-spr ralseib shock enemy.png

Three enemy sprites for the cut Ralsei fight. The first of these is just a mirrored version of Ralsei's normal idle battle sprite, while the third is seemingly a mirror of an earlier version of one of Ralsei's battle sprites (lacking the green outline around the head). The blushing version of the idle sprite is unique to the Ralsei enemy.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Early Trees

Early Final
Deltarune-bg treetiles.png Deltarune-bg treetiles new.png

Early, more diversely-colored but less pretty versions of the trees that appear throughout the game.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Early Purple/Dark Grass

Early Final
animated lines dot jpeg Deltarune darkgrass final.gif

Early version of the grass in the Field of Hopes and Dreams.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Sleepy Rudinn

Deltarune-spr diamond overworld sleepy1.png
Me too, Rudinn

"Tired" overworld sprites for Rudinn.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Complete Timer

Deltarune-spr hourglass switch on-8.png

The timer for the glow-tile puzzles, with the arm having completed a full revolution. In-game, the timer immediately switches to its 'off' sprite when this happens.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Broken Box

Deltarune-spr npc block broken.png

A broken block that would have been used in the box puzzle, in particular circumstances.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Pink Flame

Deltarune-spr forest pinkflame.gif

A pink flame that would have appeared in the Scarlet Forest, if its sprite name is to be believed.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Vandalized Clubs Icon

Deltarune-spr suitsicon vandal-2.png

A vandalized version of the clubs icon; the other three vandalized suits are used in the Clover suits puzzle.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Early Malius Animation

Early Final
Deltarune-spr hammerguy hit old.gif
Deltarune-spr hammerguy hit.gif

An earlier, somewhat more MS Paint-esque version of Malius's swinging animation. Notable is that in the demo, the idle animation for Malius is in the same style as the original "old" sprite, not the second sprite. Strange that Toby would update this to be 'more' inconsistent, but maybe the idle animation will be fixed later along the line.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Lancer w/ Mustache

Ho ho! I am not Lancer, I'm just a sweet little boy!

Lancer with a mustache, facing right. A left-facing version of this sprite is used in the Thrash Your Own Ass room, though this right-facing version is not. Even when leaving the room to the right, he continues to face left. This is used in the bakery in Chapter 2.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Early Starwalker Bell

Early Final
Deltarune starwalkerswitch early.gif Deltarune starwalkerswitch final.gif

An earlier, placeholder version of the bell used to dispel the Starwalker.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Elevator Floor Numbers

Deltarune-spr elevator floornum-0.png
Deltarune-spr elevator floornum-1.png
Deltarune-spr elevator floornum-2.png
Deltarune-spr elevator floornum-3.png
Deltarune-spr elevator floornum-4.png
Deltarune-spr elevator floornum-5.png

A set of floor numbers clearly intended for a Card Castle elevator. Note that they include the prison, though do not include a floor 5 (where the shop, SAVE point, and elevator are in the final game).

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Small Dialogue Portraits

Deltarune-spr smallface a2.png

Deltarune-spr smallface s0.png

More wonderful faces. These are used as placeholders for the 'small' dialogue portraits used for Susie before the second K.Round fight. The art style (and quality) of Ralsei's portrait closely resembles Toby's concept art of him.

Rather interestingly, the portrait for Ralsei here is prefixed with an a, rather than an r (as all of his other portraits are). Also perhaps of note is how Ralsei and Susie's faces are colored – Ralsei's face is in black and white, as is normally the case with Lightner characters (though Ralsei is a Darkner), whereas Susie's face is colored, as is normally the case with Darkner characters (though Susie is a Lightner). This is reversed from their usual face sprites, though it is entirely possible that this is just a coincidence.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


DELTARUNE-Spr joker dance reverse.gif

Jevil dancing, facing... backwards. It might have been intended for Jevil's final stage where he can be pacified and there are many "ghost" Jevils surrounding him.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Old Devilsknife

Early Final
Deltarune-spr jokerscythe big.png Deltarune-spr joker scythebody.png

An unused, probably placeholder earlier version of Jevil's 'scythe' bullet. This older version has an associated bullet object, which is used by the unused bullet patterns 55, 56, 57, and 58.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

King of Spades

Deltarune-spr king battlepose.png

An unused overworld sprite for the King, presumably intended for the cutscene immediately before the battle. Note the discolored spade. The 'blue' in this sprite is also a slightly different shade to the blue in the used sprites.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Fountain Cutscene

Deltarune-spr krisd bright-0.png
Deltarune-spr krisd bright.gif
Deltarune-spr krisr bright-0.png
Deltarune-spr krisr bright.gif
Deltarune-spr krisl bright-0.png
Deltarune-spr krisl bright.gif
Deltarune-spr susier bright.gif

White silhouette sprites are used for Kris and Susie during the fountain cutscene (albeit with some real-time embellishment). However, the above sprites are not used at any point during the cutscene (or at least not in full, in the case of Susie's right-facing sprite).

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Exasperated Susie

Deltarune-spr susier headhand.png

A static sprite of Susie with her head in her hand.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Blushing Ralsei

Deltarune-spr ralseid blush-0.png Deltarune-spr ralseid blush.gif

If you stand close to Ralsei on the overworld for a few seconds, he will start blushing. However, he has no code for facing him from downwards. Adding the condition to the game without further modification will just use his normal downwards-facing sprite, meaning that although the game would count him as blushing, it will not be visible. Despite this, a blushing downwards-facing Ralsei sprite is present in the game's files, indicating that the aforementioned oddity is a mistake.

Deltarune-spr ralseir blush.gif Deltarune-spr ralseil blush.gif

Furthermore, since Ralsei stops blushing as soon as you move, the full versions of the other blushing walking sprites are left unused.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Death Animation

Located in the data.win file for the demo, under the filename obj_deathanim, is an unused death animation for enemies where they dissolve into a red mist, similarly to how defeated monsters die in UNDERTALE. This animation would later be incorporated in the Chapter 2 demo with an added sound effect, where it plays if the player aborts the Weird Route by ending the Berdly rematch by using violence (since a recent patch) without using SnowGrave and then backtracks to use the spell on the Maus enemies that appear when touching the walls of the cheese maze.

(Source: Lil'Alien)

Light World

Beach Area


An early sketch of the beach area room_beach exists, in the same style as the unused Lab and Undyne's Room sketches from the previous game.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Flowershop Lights

Deltarune-spr flowershop lights.png

An unused Programmer Art™ sprite supposedly depicting some lights, corresponding to the seven flowers in the back room of the flower shop.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Full School

Full Image In-game
Deltarune bg building school 0.png Deltarune school ingame.png

The outside view of the school has fences to the left and the right hidden by trees, and what seems to be a door leading to the top of the building hidden out of the cameras view.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Eyeless Sans

Deltarune-spr face sans4.png

Sans's "eyeless" face sprite from Undertale – he does not have any dialogue in this game that uses this face.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Catty Face

Deltarune-spr face catty-7.png

An unused face sprite for Catty.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Toriel Faces

Deltarune-spr face t6-0.png
Deltarune-spr face t6.gif
Deltarune-spr face t7-0.png
Deltarune-spr face t7.gif

Unused Toriel face sprites from Undertale.

Deltarune-spr face torielglasses.png

Additionally, Toriel's glasses are present, which would (and should) be added over Toriel's face sprite when she's wearing glasses. They are unused, despite the fact that Toriel's overworld sprites indicate that she wears glasses for the entire game.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Kris Sliding

Deltarune spr krisd slide light(0).png

An unused downwards sliding sprite for Kris in the 'Light' World – there is nowhere in the Light World that Kris can slide. Even if the game is loaded to be using the Light World sprite for Kris in the Dark World, their Dark World sliding animation will be used instead.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Early Ending Sequence

Early Final
Deltarune dkris grabheart early.gif Deltarune dkris grabheart final.gif
Early Final
Deltarune dkris heartpull early.gif Deltarune dkris pullheart final.gif

Earlier, slightly less gruesome versions of the sprites in the ending cutscene still exist, under spr_dkris_grabheart_old and spr_dkris_pullheart_old. In general, the old versions lack shading that the final ones do. Kris has less bedhead in their early sprites, and they all lack the stripe on their shirt.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Deltarune-spr dkris ur-0.png Deltarune-spr dkris ur.gif

Also present is an unused up-right standing/walking sprite (a different up-right sprite is used when Kris reveals their knife, and they never walk in that direction). Used in Chapter 2.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Susie with Eyes Visible

Deltarune-spr susied eyes-0.png Deltarune-spr susier eyes-0.png Deltarune-spr susiel eyes-0.png
Deltarune-spr susied eyes.gif Deltarune-spr susier eyes.gif Deltarune-spr susiel eyes.gif

Susie's Light World sprites with her eyes visible. These were presumably intended to be used after Kris and Susie return from the Dark World, though her normal sprites are used instead until Chapter 2.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Deltarune-spr alphysu.gif

Alphys walking/talking upwards; she does not do so at any point in the game. Used in Chapter 2.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Deltarune-spr berdly dt-0.png Deltarune-spr berdly dt.gif

Berdly facing downwards (standing/talking); he does not face downwards at any point in Chapter 1. Used in Chapter 2.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Sans Walking

Deltarune-spr sans u-0.png
Deltarune-spr sans d.gif Deltarune-spr sans r.gif Deltarune-spr sans u.gif Deltarune-spr sans l.gif

A complete set of facing/walking sprites for Sans. In Chapter 1, he remains in a single place facing downwards (or left or right if you talk to him from those directions), leaving the upwards sprite and the rest of the used sprites unused.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Deltarune-spr undyne rt-0.pngDeltarune-spr undyne rt.gif

Deltarune-spr undyne lt-0.pngDeltarune-spr undyne lt.gif

Undyne facing/talking to the right and left. In-game, she is between two cars that prevent you from being able to talk to her from those directions. This is used in Chapter 2.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Hots Fireguy

Remember my name! I'll always remember that you remembered!

Unused sprites for Heats Flamesman Hots Fireguy. The sprite names seem to indicate that they were going to appear in Hometown during the car ride at the beginning of the game.

(Source: TheSpicyPickle123)


Talk Button

Is that a cut on your face, or part of your eye? The gash weaves down as if you cry. The pain itself is reason why.

Talk to friends, such as Ralsei. [1] [1] Source: Ralsei

The overworld talk button detailed in Ralsei's manual, along with its associated caption in English and Japanese.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Downwards Ability Icon

Deltarune-spr dmenu items-8.png

An unused icon for a weapon/armor ability. A diagonal-downwards arrow is used for the Devilsknife, though no weapon or armor, used or otherwise, specifies this particular image as its ability icon.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Turn UI

Deltarune-spr turnarrow.png
Deltarune-spr turnkris.png
Deltarune-spr turnralsei.png
Deltarune-spr turnsusie.png
Deltarune-spr turnturn.png

Unused UI elements for indicating whose turn it is.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Textless Fight Buttons

Early Final
Deltarune-spr btfight old-0.png
Deltarune-spr btfight-0.png
Deltarune-spr btfight old-1.png
Deltarune-spr btfight-1.png
Deltarune-spr btact old-0.png
Deltarune-spr btact-0.png
Deltarune-spr btact old-1.png
Deltarune-spr btact-1.png
Deltarune-spr btitem old-0.png
Deltarune-spr btitem-0.png
Deltarune-spr btitem old-1.png
Deltarune-spr btitem-1.png

Earlier versions of the FIGHT, ACT, and ITEM buttons in the battle menu, notably lacking their associated captions.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Dog Button

Deltarune dogbutton off.png Deltarune dogbutton on.png

A battle interface button depicting a dog with both a regular and a highlighted version. This button can also be seen in the unused manual, where the caption explains "A dog has eaten your commands. You can't do anything for the rest of your life."

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Attack Buttons

Deltarune-spr pressfront-0.png
Deltarune-spr pressfront-1.png
Deltarune-spr pressfront-2.png

The left halves of these sprites are used in-game, but the right halves are covered by another sprite that simply says "PRESS". The unused parts indicate that originally, as shown in Ralsei's manual, each character would have required a different button to be pressed to attack. This is more complicated than the final version, which simply requires the 'use' button to be pressed for each character. Also note that this old system clearly predated key rebinding, which it would not have meshed well with. Setting the debug flag 13 to true will re-enable this system.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Target Triangle

Deltarune-spr battletarget triangle.png

Some kind of triangular targeting reticule.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Attack Effects

Deltarune-spr attack mash1.gif
Deltarune-spr attack hit1.gif

Two unused attack effect animations. The first, spr_attack_mash1, is used by the unused spell Rude Sword (spr_attack_mash2 is used for Susie's normal attacks).

The second, spr_attack_hit1, is completely unused, and, curiously, is yellow. All other attack animations are color-coded to the character that uses them (Blue for Kris, purple for Susie, and green for Ralsei), but a yellow character wouldn't be introduced until Noelle in Chapter 2. Whether this is just a leftover asset meant for a later chapter or if Noelle was intended to be playable in Chapter 1 is unknown.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Heal Effect

Early Final
Deltarune-spr healsparkle.gif
Deltarune-spr sparestar anim-green.gif

An earlier, clearly placeholder version of the 'healing' sparkle effect; the final version is just a recolored version of the 'spare' sparkle effect.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Sword Effect

Deltarune-spr swordstar anim.gif

A 'sword' sparkle effect, similar to the spare/heal effects. It is unclear what this would have been used for. Also note that it may have been displayed in a different color.

(Source: Original TCRF research)



Guts. An unused "battle message" sprite (like the "Max"/"Up"/"Down" messages that sometimes appear when healing/taking damage in particular circumstances). It is possible that it would have appeared in a color other than white (like the other battle messages).

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Early Kris Attack Animation

Early Deltarune-spr krisb attack old.gif Deltarune-spr krisb attackready.png Deltarune-spr krisb attack old-0.png Deltarune-spr krisb attack-0.png Deltarune-spr krisb attack-1.png Deltarune-spr krisb attack-2.png Deltarune-spr krisb attack-2.png Deltarune-spr krisb attack-4.png Deltarune-spr krisb attack-5.png Deltarune-spr krisb attack-6.png
Final Deltarune-spr krisb attack.gif Deltarune-spr krisb attackready.png Deltarune-spr krisb attack-0.png Deltarune-spr krisb attack-1.png Deltarune-spr krisb attack-2.png Deltarune-spr krisb attack-2.png Deltarune-spr krisb attack-4.png Deltarune-spr krisb attack-5.png Deltarune-spr krisb attack-6.png

An older version of Kris's attack animation is present as spr_krisb_attack_old; its first frame was removed in the final version.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unarmed Susie Animations

idle attackready
Deltarune-spr susieb idle unarmed.gif Deltarune-spr susieb attackready unarmed.png

Alternate 'unarmed' variants of Susie's idle and ready-to-attack animations. There is also an unarmed version of her attack sprite, which is used, when Susie throws Ralsei in the second K.Round fight.

These three sprites are also used instead of the normal ones if Susie has no weapon during a battle, which is not possible. Note that there are no unarmed variants of Susie's ready-to-spellcast, spellcasting, acting, defending, hurt, unconscious, or victory animations, all of which show Susie with her axe.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Editor Sprites

Returning from Undertale, these mark where various events, doors, and other invisible objects are located.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Invisible wall sprites, in various shapes and sizes. The sprites suffixed by "dark" are twice the size (as is every sprite in the Dark Realm).

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Controller Objects

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
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Specifically: What exactly are the 84_* scripts, and what exactly does the 84_lang_helper object do?

Deltarune-Spr musicer(0).png

"Musicer" objects are (unseen) objects that control music playback in certain areas. This sprite is used for those objects (likely to make them easily-identifiable in the room editor).

Deltarune-spr 84 lang.png

This is the sprite used by obj_84_lang_helper, another unseen controller object. It appears wherever an English-language background sprite should be swapped for its Japanese equivalent (such as the Librarby, or Seam's shop). 8-4 Ltd. is listed in the credits for Deltarune under "Japanese Localization".

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Deltarune-spr placeholder.png

This sprite, spr_placeholder, is the default sprite of the object obj_npc_facing, which is used for most NPCs capable of facing different directions (hence the name). The sprite is likely present simply to make these objects identifiable in the editor – it is changed to an NPC's sprite upon creation.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Placeholder Kris Sprite

Deltarune-spr krisplace.png

An unused placeholder sprite for Kris, named spr_krisplace. It's used as the "default" sprite for hero game objects, while programming from the parent object tells the game which party member uses what sprites.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Deltarune Spr mainchara(0).png

Placeholder red square. Interestingly enough, spr_mainchara was the filename for Frisk's sprites in Undertale.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Placeholder Tiles

Deltarune-bg placetiles.png
Deltarune-bg temptile.png

Generic placeholder tiles. It's a stretch, but the placeholder tiles used here (at least the gray ones) are identical to the ones used in Mystery Man's room (who is commonly referred to as Gaster by fans) in UNDERTALE.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Sleeping Dog

Deltarune-spr dog sleep.gif

A sleeping Pomeranian that appears in the "dogcheck" room, where you are taken if you attempt to warp to a room number below 1 or above 130 with save file editing. It does have some sweet music, though.

Full Borders

DeltaCH1 Border 1.png DeltaCH1 Border 2.png DeltaCH1 Border 3.png

Console releases of the game add in three borders that are swapped between depending on what part of the game the player is in. These borders actually cover the entirety of a 16:9 display, but because the 4:3 game is shown in the middle, the center areas of these designs are obscured during normal gameplay.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Version Differences


The console release of Deltarune: Chapter 1 (there labeled as "version 1.01") so far seems to only have very minor and otherwise unnoticeable differences between the PC version.

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There could be more.


Similarly to the console release of Undertale, the console release of Chapter 1 includes three dynamic borders that the game switches between, Super Game Boy style: a generic black border, an autumnal border for the Light World, and a castle-themed border for Castle Town and the Card Kingdom.

DeltaCH1 Border 1.png DeltaCH1 Border 2.png DeltaCH1 Border 3.png

(Source: Original TCRF research)


This graphic had a single stray pixel to the left of the large spade removed in the 1.01 revision, although it's oddly back there in the 2021 Chapter 1 & 2 release. The stray pixel above the actual arena graphic is still in both versions, though.

1.00 1.01
DELTARUNE Bg cc arena 100.png DELTARUNE Bg cc arena 101.png
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Regional Differences

Toriel's Classroom

English Japanese
Deltarune Toriel Classroom Day EN.png

Deltarune Toriel Classroom Evening EN.png
Deltarune Toriel Classroom Day JP.png

Deltarune Toriel Classroom Evening JP.png

The writing on the whiteboard in Toriel's classroom is translated into Japanese.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Thrash Machine

English Japanese
DeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Banner EN.png
DeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Elegant EN.png DeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Lively EN.png DeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Cute EN.png DeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Hot EN.png DeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Cool EN.png DeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Gun's EN.png

DeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Corn EN.pngDeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Tuna EN.png
DeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Banner JP.png
DeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Elegant JP.png DeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Lively JP.png DeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Cute JP.png DeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Hot JP.png DeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Cool JP.png DeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Gun's JP.png

DeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Corn JP.pngDeltaCh1 Thrash Machine Tuna JP.png

The menu for creating the Thrash Machine is translated into Japanese, for the most part; the sole exception is the "GUN'S" stat, which is shortened to "GUN" in plain English. The "CORN" and "TUNA" writing scribbled on Susie and Lancer's versions of the Plain body and Tread feet are also translated into Japanese.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Jevil's Voice

Line English Japanese

Similarly to Flowey's "That's a wonderful idea!" line in Undertale, four of Jevil's voice clips are redubbed in the Japanese release, using Japanese equivalents of the English lines.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Librarby Interior

English Japanese

The Teenz-Own banner inside the Librarby is translated into Japanese.

(Source: Original TCRF research)