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Proto:Dr. Mario (NES)/April 27, 1990 Prototype

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Dr. Mario (NES).

Download.png Download Dr. Mario (April 27, 1990 Prototype)
File: Dr. Mario (April 27, 1990 Prototype) (28 KB) (info)

The April 27, 1990 prototype of Dr. Mario is very close to the final, but still has a few cosmetic differences.

To do:
  • Document the rest of the graphical changes.
  • Pick apart the program code to see if anything else is different.

Title Screen

Proto Final
Pre-DrMarioPrototypeTitleScreen.png Dr-Mario-Title-Screen.png

Largely the same as the final version, though Dr. Mario himself is not yet present, with an oddly-positioned Blue Virus taking his place instead. There's also an extra space between "2 PLAYER" and "GAME" that was removed in subsequent versions.

1-Player Game

Proto Final
DrMario-AprilProto-1.png Dr-Mario-0.png

Graphically, the game is identical to the final version, with a few notable exceptions:

  • Dr. Mario still retains his chunkier design from the PlayChoice-10 build.
  • The Yellow Virus has been given a proper mouth, though the 8×8 playfield tiles have not yet been modified to match.
  • There is no trademark (TM) symbol next to the Dr. Mario logo.