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Proto:Duke Nukem 3D (PC)/LameDuke/Episode 4

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Hard Landing is the fourth episode in Lameduke. It consists of various miscellaneous levels, one of which is a clone of the other. They don't seem to have a consistent theme, as the episode has the player suddenly go back into space, then head back to a city environment in the next level.

Some of the levels in this episode might be test or multiplayer levels, as none of them have proper exits, while two of them have the level of interconnectability one would expect from multiplayer levels.


O1 is the first level in Episode 4. The level features four buildings the player can explore in any order. It uses the burning city sky texture last seen in Episode 1. All of the buildings the player can check out have propane tanks that let the player blow chunks out of the buildings. It also features the first appearance of the cut Sonic Resonator weapon.

The level is divided into four buildings: the RPG building, the RPG ammo building, the Jetpack building, and the Pipebomb building.

The player starts facing the RPG building's entrance. To the left of the RPG building is a large group of Troopers with a Captain mixed among them. The right corner features a Shield powerup that can be obtained by using the Jetpack. The right side of the building has some propane tanks the player can blow up to create an alternate entrance to the RPG building.

The RPG building is fairly simple. When entering from the main entrance, the left side leads to an elevator that connects to a room with an RPG (hence the building's unofficial name), ammo for it, and some propane tanks in a corner. There is a mirror next to the elevator. The right side contains some Battery ammo. There are also some propane tanks near the entrance to the left side, along with a single propane tank to the right of the player after using the main entrance. All of the propane tanks in the building will blow parts out of the buildings when they are destroyed. When all propane tanks are blown up, the player will be able to take quite a bit out of the building, including a good chunk of the roof from the propane tanks just past the start of the left side.

In the center of the level is a reflective water surface that is between the next two buildings, the RPG ammo building and the Jetpack building.

The RPG ammo building starts in a triangle-shaped room that has an elevator in it. The elevator leads to a hallway that lets the player go either left or right. Going left will take the player back outside into an area with some RPG ammo (where the building's unofficial name comes from). The right side leads to a Plasma Gun, some Battery ammo, and propane tanks in a corner. Destroying the propane tanks will blow out the corner they are in, letting the player see the back of the level.

The Jetpack building can be accessed on the opposite side of the RPG ammo building's entrance. It starts with a room that has a Trooper, a reflective water surface, and an elevator. Taking the elevator up will send the player to a tight hallway that has a propane tank near the end of it and a mirror at the end of it. Blowing up the propane tank will blow a circular chunk out of the hallway and expose a square room that contains the Sonic Resonator, a weapon that was removed in the final game. However, it cannot be picked up. Past the mirror is a small, square room with a Trooper and a Jetpack (hence the building's name). The windows can be jumped out of and face the RPG building and the area on the right side of the Jetpack building.

The last building is the Pipebomb building. In the very back of the level is a brick building that has a fence covering the entrance, but the player can jump over it. Inside it is a pile of Pipebombs, a whole lot of propane tanks, and a Holoduke on an elevated portion of the building. Blowing up even one of the propane tanks will cause a chain reaction that ends in the complete destruction of much of the Pipebomb building's right side.

This level lacks an exit, forcing the player to use level select or quit.

Two screenshots of this level in later Duke Nukem 3D pre-release material. The first one features the interior of the RPG building, but with new Troopers and a Pig Cop inside it. Oddly, the roof is destroyed, but the propane tanks near the start of the left side are still intact. The article itself is dated to July 1995.

The second image shows the right side of the RPG building destroyed, but with two Pig Cops near it. There is an intact propane tank just inside the RPG building, which does not appear in the Lameduke version of O1. It also shows that the barrier surrounding the level has been changed to a futuristic-looking metal texture.

A variant of this level appears in this prototype's title screen. It shows the front of the RPG building, but the version of the level seen in the title screen has a concrete floor instead of a dirt one and seems to have a noticeable crack on the floor, unlike in O1.

Pre-release image O1
D3d latero1.png Ld o1 44.png
Pre-release image O1
D3d latero1 2.png Ld o1 6.png
Title screen O1
Ld 0482.png Ld titleremake.png


O2 is a very short level that features a simple corridor in a building that starts to explode as the player moves through it, culminating in some exterior-facing windows exploding, letting the player run through their remains into an empty lot below. The corridor features rooms covered by glass, which can be shot open, exposing very simple rectangular rooms with no details in them.

Of note is that the sequence only works correctly if the player walks through the hallway. If the player runs through it, they will be faster than the sequence, forcing them to wait a little bit for the exterior-facing windows to explode after reaching them.

To the right side of the level are two areas that cannot be accessed without the help of a level editor.

It lacks an exit.


O3 takes place in a small but interconnected space station. It is divided into three parts, the right, center, and left, with the Sonic Resonator path and the vents as side paths.

The player starts in an airlock on the right side. Behind the player are six Pistol ammo pickups and a door that leads into space. The door in front of the player when they start leads to the right side proper.

The right side consists of two doors that contain items when opened (one of which leads to both the vents and the Sonic Resonator path), a windows looking outside, a Jetpack near one of the windows, some Troopers, a teleporter that instantly warps the player to the left side, and a doorway that leads to the level's main path.

Heading into the doorway will put the player in the hallway that connects the three major parts together. Following it, the player will end up in the center area first. The center area is a large and somewhat roudned area. The end of it contains a large window looking outside, more Troopers, and a six pack of Coca-Cola and a Steroid pickup. There are two rounded stations in two corners of the room, one of which has a Plasma Gun.

Going back to the hallway and continuing to follow it will have the player end up in the left room. The left room has a Holoduke, the last Troopers in the level, a door leading to a room an RPG and another Coca-Cola six pack, and another airlock area. This airlock contains Battery ammo.

The Sonic Resonator path can be entered by either going into the room containing a lot of Coca-Colas in the right side and hopping into the odd-looking texture in the back of the room, or by using the Jetpack to fly up to the exposed vent in the center room. It is a small vent that leads to a tiny room that contains the Sonic Resonator.

The vents are a side path that can be entered by hopping into any of the grates found throughout the level. The vents contain the last Coca-Cola six pack and a Shield, along with an alternate way to enter and exit the level's various sides.

The player can also walk into space via the airlocks or by walking out of the various windows in the level. There's nothing to do in space. The Jetpack is required to get back into the space station if one heads out into space.

This level does not have an exit.


O4 is the last level in Episode 4. It is a slightly different version of O2 that was last modified a day before O2 was. The only differences are that the outside area the player escapes to has larger walls covering it and the sky is the space sky instead of the burning city sky seen in O2.

O4 O2
Ld o4 1.png Ld o2 6.png
O4 O2
Ld o4 2.png Ld o2 7.png