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Proto:Forza Motorsport

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Forza Motorsport.

Microsoft sure was busy putting something together that would rival Gran Turismo. The only thing that they wouldn't realize is that the game would have to be delayed three times and rushed to meet their deadlines. Some of these builds show.


Xbox-ForzaMotorsport-071102 Title-1.png
November 7th, 2002
The birth of a franchise, in a very primitive state.
Xbox-ForzaMotorsport-BroughtByT Subpage-1.png
September 14th, 2004
This page was brought to you by the letter T(rial).
Xbox-ForzaMotorsport-050305 Splash-1.png
March 5th, 2005
Close to completion, yet still has an abundance of differences, leftovers, debug features, and softlocks.